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If you’ve never written a resume or if you haven’t updated your current one in a while, you might be on the hunt for a great resume template to write or update your resume. Great idea! Resume templates make building a resume easier, and when combined with a matching cover letter template, help you get your job application into the hands of a hiring manager much faster.

At My Perfect Resume, we have more than 40 professionally designed ATS-friendly and recruiter-approved resume templates to choose from, including resume templates for Google Docs.

Here, we’ve listed our favorite Google Docs resume templates and an additional five Google resume templates free to download to your Google Drive and edit.

Plus, we’ll cover:

Why use a Google Docs resume template

Professional resume templates are extremely useful for creating effective resumes quickly and easily. They provide a framework for which to organize the contents of your resume into a precise structure with specific headings, making it easy for employers to see your qualifications at a glance.

Resume templates for Google Docs help you make a great impression because they ensure that your resume is formatted correctly and that you use an appropriate resume font. Professional templates also come in a variety of attractive styles to give your resume a unique and eye-catching look.

See also: Resume examples are a good resource for inspiration and guidance when writing a resume. We have more than 800 examples for all types of jobs!

What makes a good resume template for Google Docs

A good Google Docs template is:

  • Customizable. A great resume is one that is tailored to the specific job for which you are applying, so a good Google Drive resume template is one that you can easily change to match the prerequisites for various jobs.
  • Professionally designed. You don’t want to use just any template for Google Docs. Use a template crafted by qualified experts — like the free Google resume templates on this page — to create a polished resume.
  • ATS-compliant. It’s not enough to use a template that is visually appealing and easy for a hiring manager to read. Your Google resume template must be easy for an ATS to scan. That means it should be clear, use appropriate fonts and have 1-inch margins on all sides. It should be free of tables, charts and graphics.
  • Arranged in one of three standard resume formats. A Google Docs resume format will not deviate from the three commonly used resume formats: chronological, functional and combination. All three formats contain the same sections but in different arrangements.
  • Organized into five specific sections. A good Google Docs resume template will provide spaces for: contact information, a resume summary or objective statement, work history, skills and education.
  • Easy to use. A resume template should make your life easier, not more difficult, so a good Google Docs resume template is one that is easy for anyone to customize quickly.

5 original resume templates for Google Docs

My Perfect Resume’s expert resume makers have created the following free resume templates for Google Docs to make it easy to create a resume for any job and industry. Copy any of the templates below and fill them out in Google Docs. All of our Google templates come with built-in sections for a resume summary or objective statement — vital sections for a professional resume.

Charismatic Google Docs resume template

My Perfect Resume’s expert resume designers created this ATS-friendly and recruiter-approved free resume template for Google Docs. Notice how the thin color lines divide each perfectly organized resume section, from the resume summary to the education section for maximum readability. Experienced job seekers with jobs in computer software, such as SQL developers or in Architecture, such as CAD designers, favor this design.

For more options like this template, browse our library of free modern resume templates.

Professional resume template for Google Docs

Show off your expertise with My Perfect Resume’s “Professional” resume template for Google Docs. It’s a classic resume design, perfect for lawyers, English teachers and loan officers. It’s easy to add optional sections to this Google template with just a few clicks in our Resume Builder.

We have dozens of similar free professional resume template options where this came from.

Acclaimed resume template for Google Docs

Standing out from the crowd is easy with our stylish “Acclaim” Google docs template resume design. This template features the job seeker’s initials at the top and is perfect for candidates in media or creative industries, like social media managers, marketing coordinators and graphic designers.

We offer dozens more free creative resume templates if you’re interested in similar options.

Essence resume template for Google Docs

This minimalistic and unique “Essence” design is another creative Google Docs resume template from My Perfect Resume’s professional resume designers. Go ahead and change the color of the customizable header to make a unique Google Docs resume all your own. Job applicants with a variety of job titles, including massage therapists, cookscopywriters and sales associates use this resume style.

Insightful resume template for Google Docs

As you can see, this simple resume template for Google Docs is anything but basic. With your name emphasized in all caps, a thick, customizable border line under the header and left-aligned section headings, this free Google Docs resume template is  sure to get you noticed. Its sophisticated and elegant style can work for job seekers of all career levels and titles, from entry-level back-end developers and customer service representatives to experienced bookkeepers and facilities managers.

But wait! There’s more. Check out our free basic resume templates page for similar options.

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How to make a resume in Google Docs

Creating a Google Docs resume is easy if you have a good Google Docs resume template.

Here’s how:

Sign up for a Google account.

To use a Google Docs free resume template, you must first sign up for a Google account if you haven’t already. Then, go straight to Google Docs.


Choose an editable Google Docs resume template.

Click “template gallery” at the top right. You’ll find yourself on the Google Docs resume template page, where you will find Google resume templates under the “Personal” category.

Choose Resume

Edit the resume Google Docs template.

Click the design you want to work with. The template will open up in the Google Docs platform, ready for you to fill it in. You can change your Google resume’s name by clicking “Resume” in the title.

Edit Google Template

Save or share your resume.

When you’re finished writing and editing your Google Docs resume, you can either share it directly as a Google Doc via the “Share” button at the top right or download it by going under File > Download. You will have several file format options, including Microsoft Word (.docx), RTF, PDF and plain text. Always use the file format specified in the job description, but if none is specified then save your resume as a .doc or .docx.

Share Resume

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How to upload or copy a resume in Google Docs

You’re not limited to Google Docs resume templates for creating resumes in Google Docs. You can upload a resume template from Microsoft Word or create a resume using our Resume Builder and import it into Google Docs. Just follow these steps to do so:

Load a preexisting resume into Google Docs.

If you want to load a preexisting resume into Google Docs, go to the Google Docs homepage and click “Blank” under “Start a New Document,” then click File > Open.

Load Existing

Choose your file or drag it into the upload box.

On the next screen, choose “Upload.” You’ll then select your file or drag it into the upload box.

Choose Your File

Edit and save your Google Docs resume.

After you open your Google resume, you can edit and save it as you would another file in Google Docs.

Edit Save

More resume templates for Google Docs

We want you to have lots of options, so we’ve compiled a list of five more Google resume templates you might like.

GDOCs Design Resume

This Google Docs resume template checks all the boxes: It’s attractive, easy to use, free of graphics or tables, is clear, clean and easy to read. Plus it’s ATS-friendly!

Design Resume

GDOCs Simple Resume

Another clean design from GDOC, this Google Docs resume download is versatile and the black-and-white color scheme makes it oh, so easy to read.

Simple Resume Design

Resume Template byThe MAMDesign

This simple yet elegant Google Docs resume template is perfect for anyone, whether you’re a restaurant chef or a health care support worker

Resume Template Design

2023 Clean Resume Template from Get Landed

The Clean Resume template from Get Landed is exactly that: clean and easy-to-read. While it’s not a free resume template, the makers boast that it’s customizable and employer approved. A win for any job seeker!

Clean Resume Template

Best Professional Resume Template from Get Landed

Here, Get Landed offers a customizable Google Drive resume template ideal for aspiring accounts payable specialists, patient coordinators, pharmacists and entertainment directors.

Best Professional Template

3 Tips for using Google resume templates

  • Always include a resume summary if you have at least one year of experience and you are applying for a job in the same industry, or a resume objective statement if you are applying for your first job or changing careers. If the Google Drive resume template does not include a summary or objective, then edit it to add one.
  • Tailor the template for the job. Create a new Google Docs resume every time you apply for a new job so that your qualifications always match the specific job requirements. It’s the easiest way to beat ATS and stand out to hiring managers.
  • Proofread your Google resume more than once. A great resume template for Google Docs will only take you so far. If your resume is full of grammatical and spelling errors, typos, or the formatting is off even a little bit, it won’t matter how pretty your resume looks. Hiring managers tend to reject resumes that contain errors.

Google Docs resume templates key takeaways

You should have everything you need to create a resume with a resume template for Google Docs. But before you leave, take these key points with you.

  • A good Google Docs resume template is customizable, professionally designed, ATS friendly, easy to use, organized in one of three formats and has five specific sections.
  • There is no official resume builder for Google Docs, but you can edit any of the resume templates on this page in Google Docs or use them with the My Perfect Resume Resume Builder to create a professional resume fast.
  • A resume summary or objective statement are critical sections for a Google resume because they provide a concise overview of your qualifications so that hiring managers want to learn more about you. Our Google Docs resume templates all provide space for a professional resume summary or objective.
  • An attractive Google resume template is only as effective as its content. Ensure your resume is formatted precisely, is customized for every job, emphasizes your job-relevant qualifications and is error free.

Resume templates for Google Docs

Is there a Google resume builder I can use with my Google resume template?

There is no official Google resume builder, but you can copy a resume template for Google Docs from this page and edit it within Google Drive or upload it to our Resume Builder to build a professional Google Docs resume in minutes.

Are My Perfect Resume templates for Google Docs ATS compliant?

Yes! All of our Google Docs resume templates are ATS-friendly. Our template layouts are professionally designed, well-organized, correctly formatted and use only acceptable resume fonts to ensure your Google resume makes it into the hands of recruiters and hiring managers.

Should I add my picture to my Google resume?

While it’s true that some Google resume templates allow for headshots and other images, we do not recommend using them because they can make it difficult for an ATS to scan your resume. Besides that, some hiring managers do not accept resumes containing photographs because they might be accused of bias based on age, race and gender.

Can I use any My Perfect Resume template in Google Docs?

You can use any of the resume templates My Perfect Resume has provided on this page for a Google Drive resume template. They are all ATS-compliant, customizable and formatted appropriately.

How to create a resume on Google Docs free?

To create a resume on Google Docs for free, go to your Google Docs template gallery and choose a resume template or copy any of the resume templates on this page and edit it in Google Docs.

Do I need a resume summary or resume objective on every Google Docs resume I make?

You should include a professional resume summary or a resume objective statement on your Google Docs resume template because it provides an introduction to your resume and highlights your critical job-relevant skills, accomplishments and experience, convincing hiring managers to read the rest of your resume.

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