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Build a professional resume with an easy-to-use PDF resume template. Personalize these popular templates to stand out from the competition and get the interview.

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Resume Pdf Template

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When reviewing resumes for job applications, employers often prefer the resume to be formatted as a PDF — and for good reason. A PDF is universally readable and can be submitted “as is” for most job applications. Download one of our free resume templates in PDF or easily customize it using our Resume Builder and export it.

Resume PDF for different job titles

At My Perfect Resume, we have a large selection of resume templates ready to be exported as PDF. Choose your favorite design, edit it in our Resume Builder and download it, and you’ve got yourself a PDF resume — it’s that simple.

Registered Nurse

A solid choice for jobs across all industries, this template categorizes information in an orderly, easy-to-read fashion, with plenty of space to feature your work history in your PDF resume.

Data Analyst

The two-column layout of this organized, classy template allows you to fit in plenty of details for your skills and work experience sections. A spacious and clean design is a must if you want a resume template in PDF.

Customer Service Manager

The simple graphical elements and different color fonts give this potential PDF resume template a striking look while also making it easy for a hiring manager to scan all of your essential information.


This PDF resume layout works well for job seekers who can showcase extensive work experience. The monogram design also establishes a personal brand for the candidate.


This template stands out from standard black-and-white PDF resume templates thanks to its colorful header that sets your name and contact information apart from your career information.


Using a simple, minimal layout with a dash of color for the header and important sections, this template makes good use of space so you can have a simple resume sample PDF.


The color in this template’s header makes the job applicant’s name stand out, while the straightforward two-column layout allows plenty of space in this resume sample PDF for skills and work history.


This minimalistic design features strong, simple borders ideal for a PDF resume. This simple yet eye-catching design element sets off the applicant’s contact information and the summary statement.

Project Manager

This template makes the work dates stand out in your job history, making it a good choice for job candidates who want to show steady, continuous career growth.

Looking for a particular industry? Our resume examples page shows you the latest trends.

Free download: professional resume templates in PDF

Ready to create or update your resume? Start by downloading one of our free PDF resume templates. If you have a specific look in mind, browse our extensive resume template collection, which includes: professional, modern, simple and creative resume templates for other free alternatives. 


This editable resume template PDF features two columns with strong fonts and colors, where you can easily elaborate on skills and work experience.


This fillable blank resume template features clean lines and a streamlined look.


With its unique four-quadrant layout, this free downloadable PDF resume template is ideal for creative jobs.

Customer Reviews

Pros and cons of PDF resumes


  • Almost everyone can open a PDF resume. There is no guarantee an employer is using compatible software to open your resume. By sending a PDF resume, you know the recipients will be able to open the document, by using a web browser or free PDF reader, without any challenges.
  • One size fits all devices. After working hard on your resume, you want it to look as you envision. A resume template in PDF secures your vision by showing your PDF resume as you see it, without formatting issues, weird fonts or any other layout faux pas, no matter what device.
  • PDF resume templates are ATS-friendly. As long as your PDF resume is formatted and saved correctly (more on this in a bit), it can be easily scanned by applicant tracking systems (ATS) that employers use to review resumes. You can also use our Resume Builder to create and export your resume as a PDF — it’s quick and easy.


  • You’ll need the original Word version. Suppose you’re creating a PDF resume using Microsoft Word or another program. In that case, you’ll want to have the original document saved to easily edit your resume after being converted into a PDF format. Having a Word file and a PDF resume will make it easy for you to make any necessary changes to the editable document and create multiple PDF resumes. However, you can convert your document into an editable resume template PDF with programs like Adobe or through online dedicated websites.
  • Some recruiters prefer other formats. Even though PDF resumes are universally accepted, some job applications may request that you submit your resume in another format, such as a Word document, or by typing it out in their own application.
  • Fancy layouts can throw off ATS. Don’t use charts, graphs, images, text boxes, or overly fancy layouts in your PDF resume. Ostentatious PDF resume templates can throw off ATS scans and land your resume in the (virtual) trash before human eyes even see it. Save yourself time and hit the mark with one of our ATS-friendly resume templates you can convert to PDF.

Tips for writing a PDF resume

 Keep it simple.

This isn’t the time for unique symbols or fancy fonts. Use a PDF resume font that a human can easily glance through and an ATS can parse, such as Arial, Calibri, Garamond, Cambria, Georgia, or Verdana.

Use ATS Resume Checker for optimization

Want to confirm if your PDF resume is ATS-friendly? Our ATS Resume Checker can verify if your PDF resume template can pass the ATS test. You’ll also receive suggestions to improve and fix your resume as well as optimize the document to highlight your skills and careers. If you’re only looking for a quick layout scan without content feedback, copy and paste the text from your PDF resume into Microsoft Word or a blank text document. If the information copies over cleanly and is readable, you’re good to go.

Use and editable resume PDF template for easy updates

Converting your PDF resume to a different format like Microsoft Word for editing doesn’t always go smoothly, and restoring revisions to PDF can introduce new formatting issues. That’s why our Resume Builder lets you store all the resumes you create and allows you to conveniently update and download new versions in multiple file formats, including the PDF.

Highlight Your Skills with Tailored Keywords

Show you have what it takes by using resume keywords from the job description. Strategically incorporating tailored keywords, you increase your chances of getting noticed and considered for the job opportunity. Also, it helps your resume pass through applicant tracking systems (ATS) that scan for these keywords.

Incorporate professional links and social media

Enhance your job application with links relevant to the position. For example, add a portfolio, Twitter profile, GitHub projects, or a Bold.pro networking profile. Your social media presence can provide a deeper insight into your career, skills and professional interests.  Choose links that demonstrably enhance your application. Do not include any personal or unrelated links.

Utilize dynamic elements sparingly

Focus on your content. To add a personal touch, consider incorporating a subtle color scheme or using icons that represent different skill sets can add a touch of visual interest without overwhelming the document.

Proofread and validate your PDF’s accessibility

This involves checking for correct use of headings, alternative text for images, and proper tagging of links. Additionally, proofreading for spelling and grammar errors is essential to present a polished and error-free document.

 Optimize for mobile viewing

Use a clean and simple design with easy-to-read fonts and avoid using images or complex formatting. Bullet points and concise language will powerfully convey your skills and experience.

How to save your resume as a PDF file

If you’re creating or editing your resume using the following programs, follow these instructions for converting your document into a readable PDF. Remember, you can always make sure your final PDF resume is readable by copying and pasting some text from it into a new text or Word document to see how it looks.

Adobe Photoshop and InDesign

In Photoshop, go under File > Save As, and then choose “Photoshop PDF.” On the next screen, choose the PDF preset. “PDF/X-4” is a good option for a PDF resume.

Adobe Photoshop Indesign

For InDesign, the process is the same, except you will go under File > Export and then choose “Adobe PDF” for the format.

Microsoft Word

To convert a Word document resume into PDF format, go under File > Export. Choose the “Create a PDF/XPS document” option.

Microsoft Word

The PDF resume file should open automatically in Word for review once you’ve exported it.

Google Docs

Go under File > Download, and choose “PDF” as your download option.

Google Docs

Additional resources for your PDF resume template

Whether you’re downloading a free PDF resume template or using our Resume Builder, here are some expert resources you can use to build a compelling resume and cover letter:

    Key takeaways

    • A PDF format ensures your resume layout and formatting remain consistent across all devices and platforms.
    • A PDF resume format cannot be easily altered or edited by others without your knowledge or permission, providing an added layer of security to your personal information.
    • Using a PDF resume format with customized interactive elements, such as clickable links to your portfolio, enhances the visual appeal of your resume.
    • A resume PDF is compatible with most Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), which are used by many employers to manage job applications.


    How do I make my resume a PDF?

    To make a PDF resume, you need to export your resume’s current file format into .pdf. You can easily convert your file to whichever word processing software you have. All you need to do is open your document, click on the file editing button and choose to download as PDF, save as PDF or export as PDF depending on whether you’re using Microsoft Word, Google Docs or your computer’s operating system. If using our Resume Builder, once you finish your resume, you can choose to download your resume and click the PDF file format option. This option will also give you the ability to quickly edit your resume by simply logging in to our Resume Builder and changing your PDF resume.

    How can I check if a PDF resume is ATS-friendly?

    The most convenient way to verify if your PDF is ATS-friendly is through our ATS Resume Scanner. Our Resume Scanner can confirm if your PDF resume is ready for the ATS-test, provide suggestions to improve your layout and help you customize your resume to the industry and career level you’re seeking. 

    How to save a resume as a PDF?

    To save a PDF resume, simply follow the steps above on How to save your resume as a PDF file. Our Resume Builder also gives you the option to download your resume in multiple formats, including PDF. It also saves a copy of your resume, allowing you to customize your resume for each application without starting a whole new document.

    Where can I get good resume templates for free?

    We have an array of free resume templates at your disposal for any job or industry. Our free resume templates are professionally designed and have easy-to-follow tips so you can create the best resume content. For example, the free creative resume templates are particularly fit for copywriters, creative directors and video editors. Free modern resume templates offer a sleek, streamlined look ideal for social media managers, administrative assistants and writers alike. Our free professional resume templates are a top-of-the-line option for more traditional roles such as economists, business analysts or doctors.

    How can I download a free resume template?

    Downloading free PDF resume templates is easy! Just click on the free downloadable resume template of your choice and it will automatically download to your computer. Our free resume templates can be edited in Word. If you download a free PDF resume template, you can edit it using Adobe or a program that allows you to convert the PDF to a Word document.

    Does Adobe Acrobat have resume templates?

    Yes, Adobe Acrobat offers PDF resume templates you can use and even customize. You do have to pay a yearly fee to use this program, which also has a steep learning curve if you’re not trained in graphic design or have expert computer skills. You can find a varied selection of resume templates that are super easy to customize in our Resume Builder.

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