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What does a CV stand for, and why might you need one?

CV stands for curriculum vitae. It’s a comprehensive overview of your work experience, skills and educational achievements, and is sometimes used instead of a resume when applying for jobs.

You might need a CV for academic, medical, scientific or research positions, as they include more information about the applicant’s educational background, including awards, grants or scholarships, research projects and important publications — that’s why this page has a dedicated section of CV examples for these industries.

CV vs. resume

In the U.S., a CV and a resume mean different things. A resume is usually one-to-two pages long and documents your work experience and skills — most job applications require a resume.

On the other hand, a CV is a comprehensive document that can be as long as necessary and exclusive to a few industries. Employers want to see everything you have achieved, so having a 10-page CV isn’t uncommon.

Outside the U.S., a CV has the same function as a U.S. resume.

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