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Use our free professional CV examples, written by Certified Professional Resume Writers, as inspiration to build a CV that wows hiring managers.

  • 30% higher chance of getting a job‡
  • 42% higher response rate from recruiters‡
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An example of a curriculum vitae is an essential tool for crafting an impressive CV, whether it’s your first attempt or you’ve written numerous ones before. A well-crafted CV example serves as a template to construct a professional CV tailored for the next phase of your career. To assist in this process, we have compiled a guide featuring over 300 professional CV examples, covering a wide range of industries and career stages.

Search job title-specific CV examples written by experts

We have hundreds of CV examples written by Certified Professional Resume Writers. We provide these examples free to jobseekers so you have the resources you need to land your dream job.

Top CV examples by job title

Assistant professor CV example

James Wright is an assistant professor in sociology. He is interested in a tenure-track position and needs a CV to showcase his extensive academic credentials. James needs a professional-looking assistant professor CV that guides the eye to his research and publications.

This is a great assistant professor CV example for James because:

  • His extensive academic credentials take center stage in a dedicated section for publications.
  • Presents all his information in an elegant template that guides the eye to his academic achievements, published work and research. 
  • It emphasizes how he has become an expert in his field through a robust education section.

Customer service officer CV example

Margaret Smith has learned about data, CRM software and conflict resolution during her time in customer service. With her Certified Client Service Professional designation in hand, she is ready to move on to a tech company as a customer service officer.

This customer service officer CV example is good for Margaret because: 

  • Her work history highlights how she has grown in her career and how she uses her skills in her professional accomplishments.
  • The career summary explains what she brings to the table by combining hard and soft skills. 
  • The skills section showcases the latest customer service tech skills first to help her impress the hiring manager.

Accountant CV example

Omar Williams has eight years as an accountant under his belt and is seeking an employer better suited for his career. He needs a professional, easily customizable CV to apply at a company where his career will thrive.

This accountant CV example is good for Omar because: 

  • It helps him customize the accomplishments easily with each job application.
  • Each section is thorough, showcasing his growth in the field in a short amount of time. 
  • His personal statement highlights his professionalism, willingness to learn more and commitment to the profession.

Doctor CV example

Dr. Olivia Johnson is making a name for herself as an expert in fertility. She has made panels and conference rounds to present her research and findings. Dr. Johnson needs a CV to highlight her contributions to the field and engagement in the community to advance her medical career and to use as an introduction for presentations.

This doctor CV example is good for Olivia because: 

  • It has a dedicated section to highlight her findings from her fertility research, her conference participation and public speaking engagements.
  • The education section shows her continued training in the field. 
  • The professional template is elegant and each section is beautifully displayed to guide the reader’s eye.

Registered nurse CV example

Jeff Amaro is always seeking to improve his career by completing training sessions and gaining nursing certifications. He wants to relocate and look for a position where his training will be put to good use while he decides which is the next step of this career path.

This registered nurse CV example is good for Jeff because: 

  • It highlights his diverse and vast experience in the nursing field. 
  • His balanced skills section showcases the special care he brings to his patients while focusing on the technical knowledge he brings to the employer. 
  • The professional history section is thorough and shows how he has successfully used his skills to excel as an RN.

CV examples by industry

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  • Business operations CV samples
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  • Computer software CV samples
  • Copywriting CV examples
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  • Data and systems administration CV samples
  • Dentistry CV examples
  • Education CV examples
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  • Law CV samples
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  • Sports CV examples
  • Statistics CV samples
  • Teaching CV examples
  • Training and development CV examples
  • Travel CV examples
  • Web development CV examples

Accounting CV samples (7)

Whether you are an accountant trainee or an experienced cost accountant, we have examples of a CV to help you display your effective time management and complex problem-solving skills.

Administrative CV examples (10)

Administrative assistants and CEOs alike benefit from our curriculum vitae examples showcasing strong decision-making and organizational skills.

Architecture CV examples (2)

These examples of good CVs are full of ideas for highlighting your accomplishments from the drawing board to the boardroom.

Aviation CV samples (3)

If you are not sure how to write a curriculum vitae, use these CV examples for professionals in the aviation industry as guides.

Banking CV examples (4)

Our professional CV examples can help prepare you to write an impressive CV for a job in banking.

Billing and collections CV examples (1)

This is a good CV example for anyone pursuing a job in billing and collections. Tailor it to your target job and let your coordination skills and financial acumen speak for themselves.

Business operations CV samples (8)

Choose a professional CV example from the sample CVs below for ideas to spruce up your existing CV with fresh skills and a new style.

Civil engineering CV examples (2)

Our CV writing samples for a job in civil engineering help get you on the right track to a new job doing what you love.

Computer software CV samples (15)

Programmers and developers from every specialty use our examples of curriculum vitae to write eye-catching and effective CVs.

Copywriting CV examples (7)

You write for a living, but that doesn’t mean you know how to write a CV for a job application. That’s what the following examples of professional CVs are for.

Customer service CV samples (6)

Choose an example CV below to avoid common CV writing mistakes and make your conflict resolution and interpersonal skills shine.

Dance CV samples (1)

No matter your dance specialty, this curriculum vitae example can inspire you to write a CV that makes hiring managers turn their heads.

Data and systems administration CV samples (11)

Use the example CVs below as guides to showcase your analytical and leadership skills on your data and systems administration CV.

Dentistry CV examples (2)

Use good examples of CVs in the dental field to display your active listening skills and technical knowledge to advance in your career.

Education CV examples (3)

A sample academic CV can boost your CV writing skills and give you fresh ideas for showcasing your qualifications.

Electrical CV samples (3)

Use our electrical CV format samples for guidance on how to format your CV correctly.

Electrical engineering CV examples (7)

These electrical engineering curriculum vitae examples focus on technical skills such as design techniques and research and feature intangible qualities like listening and problem-solving.

Energy CV samples (2)

If you are in the energy field and need help crafting a CV that gets interviews, check out these examples of a good CV for your industry.

Engineering CV examples (9)

If you are in the engineering industry, use these CV samples for guidance on how to make your qualifications shine.

Entertainment CV examples (3)

Follow our CV examples to see how best to display your superb acting skills and knowledge of camera functions and operations.

Fashion CV samples (1)

This example of a CV will help you style your CV as well as the clothes you design.

Film CV samples (4)

Take a cue from these good CV examples for film and show off your creativity and communication skills.

Finance CV examples (16)

We have great curriculum vitae examples to help you showcase your analytical and decision-making skills. Choose a finance job application CV example below to get started!

Food service CV samples (6)

If you work in the food service industry and you are unsure how to write a CV for a job application, choose a sample curriculum vitae below to build a stellar CV in no time!

Graphic and web design CV examples (3)

Notice how these professional CV examples for graphic and web design balance technical knowledge and intangible abilities such as creativity.

Healthcare support CV samples (3)

Use one of our sample CVs for health care support professionals as inspiration for writing an impressive curriculum vitae.

Hospitality CV samples (2)

Explore our examples of CVs for the hospitality industry for fresh ideas on using action verbs to emphasize your work experience and skills.

Human resources CV examples (3)

We have the perfect CV examples to help you display your interpersonal and communication skills, time management and attention to detail.

Information technology CV samples (10)

CV examples for jobs in information technology can show you how to present skills on your CV.

Inventory management CV examples (2)

These examples of good CVs for inventory management will help jump-start your job application.

Janitorial CV examples (3)

If you are unsure how to make a CV work experience section, you will find a good CV example here to show you how.

Law CV samples (3)

The following professional CV examples for law CVs emphasize important industry skills such as communication, critical thinking and patience.

Library and museum CV samples (2)

Follow our curriculum vitae examples to see how best to display your organizational skills and in-depth subject matter expertise.

Logistics CV examples (4)

Note how these examples of CVs feature a mix of skills such as leadership, problem-solving and time management.

Maintenance CV examples (3)

Look to our samples of curriculum vitae for ideas on creating a high-quality maintenance CV.

Mechanical engineering CV examples (9)

Find a CV example for a job in the culinary field from this list of sample CVs and see how to marry your technical expertise with your people skills.

Mechanics CV samples (2)

If you are not sure how to write a CV for a job application, let our CV samples for mechanics work lead the way!

Media and communication CV examples (2)

Emphasize your written, verbal and listening skills like the job candidates in these professional resume examples.

Music CV examples (3)

These sample CVs will help you compose an effective CV to beat the competition.

Nursing CV samples (5)

We have examples of professional CVs to help you display your interpersonal skills, time management, attention to detail and empathy.

Pharmaceutical CV examples (6)

Follow our curriculum vitae examples for ideas to present your education and people skills.

Photography CV samples (1)

Write a picture-perfect CV every time with the help of our example CVs.

Physical therapy CV examples (1)

Use this CV template example to build an effective CV for your job application.

Production CV examples (6)

A CV example from the following list will help you produce a professional CV.

Psychology CV samples (2)

These examples of CVs for psychologists provide ideas for presenting your qualifications compellingly.

Purchasing CV examples (4)

Use our purchasing CV examples to learn more and find inspiration for your own CV.

Quality control CV examples (3)

Find a CV example for your quality control CV and create a uniquely

Retail CV examples (1)

A CV example can help you build an excellent CV to jump start your retail career.

Safety and security CV examples (4)

Our safety and security CV examples will show you how to create a CV to standout from the candidate pool.

Sales CV examples (10)

Emphasize your sales accomplishments and interpersonal skills, like the CV samples below, to showcase your selling expertise.

Sciences CV examples (1)

This sample curriculum vitae can help you showcase your extensive, specialized science knowledge, publications and research, among other additional sections.

Social services CV samples (9)

Highlight your strong problem-solving approach, empathy and procedural skills like the professionals in the social services CV examples below.

Sports CV examples (3)

Kick your CV into high gear with our examples of good CVs below.

Statistics CV samples (5)

These CV examples show how to present your keen analytical mind and superb research skills effectively.

Teaching CV examples (18)

These professional CV examples for a teaching job focus on interpersonal skills such as communication, enthusiasm and cultural competence.

Training and development CV examples (2)

Create an irresistible training CV with these sample CVs as guides that show you how it’s done.

Travel CV examples (2)

Use the example CVs below to guide you through writing a customized CV for a career in the travel industry.

Web development CV examples (4)

Need some fresh ideas to spruce up your CV? Look no further! Our examples of a good CV are here to assist you.

More popular industries

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CV examples for career stages

English Literature CV Example Zoom

Student CV sample

  • Emphasize your field of interest with a thorough education section.
  • Include specialized coursework, research, awards and presentations. 
  • Add extracurricular activities, honors and other languages to help you stand out.
Social Worker CV Example Zoom

Recent college graduate CV sample

  • Write a CV statement to introduce yourself, career aspirations and important skills. 
  • The education section should take center stage and include important coursework and projects.
  • Add relevant experiences like internships or part-time employment.
Warehouse Manager CV Example Zoom

CV example for an experienced candidate

  • Use a CV sample for the role you are seeking and to learn more about current industries hiring trends.
  • Highlight your extensive professional experience through your quantifiable accomplishments.
  • Pay special attention to trainings, conferences and certifications you’ve completed during your career.
Paralegal CV Example Zoom

CV sample for an academic, medical or legal candidate

  • Choose a professional template, like this CV example, to write an elegant CV that uses white space to your advantage. 
  • Take advantage of the CV length and write thorough sections for your professional experiences, publications, research and training, among others. 
  • Focus on your professional accomplishments and specialized skills to attract the hiring manager’s attention.
Copywriter CV Example Zoom

Career change CV example

  • Find keywords in the job description and include them all over your CV: from skills to education and professional history. 
  • Highlight your transferable skills and showcase relevant accomplishments in your work history.
  • Use your CV statement to explain your interest in a new field and emphasize a similar experience and related skills.

How to write a CV

How To Write Cv

To make the most of our CV samples, follow these pointers on how to write a curriculum vitae and fill out each section easily using our CV Maker.

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Next Template Button
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  • Slide 3
  • Slide 4
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  • Slide 8
  • Slide 9
  • Contact information

    Keep this section simple as our curriculum vitae example shows.

  • Summary

    In a few sentences, detail your best skills and attributes, similar to our CV examples.

  • Core qualifications

    Knowing what to include in a CV core qualifications section is crucial. Use this professional CV example as a guide.

  • Work history

    Like the CV examples on this page, highlight specific achievements from previous jobs, focusing on your accomplishments.

  • Education and research experience

    Want to make a CV that stands out? Feature your highest academic credentials, as we show in our CV samples.

  • Professional licenses, certifications and affiliations

    List memberships with professional organizations that impact your work, as our professional CV examples do.

  • Publications

    Feature any books or articles you’ve written that appeared in publications such as academic journals, like our sample CV.

  • Presentations, lectures and exhibitions

    Like our sample CVs, provide details on events in which you’ve given lectures or participated in discussions.

  • Scholarships, grants and awards

    Review our example CVs for ideas on how to create a CV for scholarships, grants and awards.

Optimizing your CV layout

Deciding how to structure your CV is essential in crafting a job-winning application. 

Choosing the correct format for your situation allows you to present your skills and qualifications in the best possible light. 

We’ve detailed the top three CV formats below so that you can decide which one is right for you.

Top CV formats

Use the following chart to learn more about the different CV formats. Discover which is right for you, and start crafting your winning CV today.

Functional CV

The functional CV format highlights the core skills that make you an excellent fit for the role rather than focusing on work history. This format is ideal for career changers, students with minimal work experience or professionals with significant gaps in their work history. 

Learn more about the functional format here.

Combination CV

The combination CV format combines elements of both the functional and chronological CV. It includes a skills section, followed by a detailed work history section. This format is ideal for job seekers who want to highlight their skills while providing a clear picture of their experience.

Learn more about the combination format here.

Chronological CV

The chronological format is the most commonly used CV format. It lists relevant work experience in reverse-chronological order, starting with your most recent position. This CV format is ideal for professionals with a solid and consistent work history in the same field.

Learn more about the chronological format here.

Explore our library of professionally designed CV templates to select the format that suits your situation. Easily customize your template in our CV Maker to match your stylistic preferences.

Build an impressive CV

Let us do the work for you. Choose a CV template example from our collection and fill it in using the prompts and keyword suggestions in our CV maker. You’ll have a professional CV in minutes!

Artist CV ExampleGovernment CV Example

Benefits of using CV examples

Whether you’re writing a CV for the first or updating it to your current credentials, using a professional CV example can:

  1. Help you understand how to organize your information. 
  2. Provide ideas for the best hard and soft skills for your job title and industry.
  3. Show you the key differences between a resume and a CV.
  4. Offer possible keywords for your CV.
  5. Give you fresh action verbs to make your job qualifications shine. 
  6. Help you think of measurable accomplishments for your work history section.
  7. Inspire you to expand your skills section. 
  8. Display correct resume formatting and professional fonts
  9. Give you ideas for an eye-catching CV design.
  10. Show you how to add your contact information correctly. 
  11. Guide you on creating an ATS-friendly CV.
  12. Help you avoid common CV writing mistakes.


What is a CV when applying for a job, and why might I need one?

CV stands for “curriculum vitae.” It is a comprehensive overview of a person’s work experience, skills and educational achievements. It is sometimes used instead of a resume when applying for jobs. 

You might need a CV to apply for academic, medical, scientific or research positions, as they include more information about the applicant’s educational background, including awards, grants or scholarships, research projects and important publications — that’s why we offer more than 300 CV examples for these industries and a guide on how to write a CV

How long should my CV be?

The length of your CV will depend on your unique work history, credentials and academic background. As long as you address all the important elements of your career, including work and school achievements, it can be any length needed (although most CVs stay under 10 pages long). 

We have some of the best CV examples to inspire you, and our CV Maker allows you to include all the sections you need to complete your CV and make it any length you want quickly and easily.

Are your CV examples ATS-friendly?

Many employers now use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to scan resumes and give candidates a thumbs-up or thumbs-down — which means that having a polished, straightforward, readable document is a must. My Perfect Resume CV examples and CV templates help you write in the right CV format to pass the ATS without a hitch and create a professional CV for a job every time.

Should I include photos in my curriculum vitae?

Some employers (and countries) are OK with having a job applicant’s photo appear on their CV, but it’s not common practice in countries like the U.S. or U.K. Employers who accept photos on CVs won’t be put off if you don’t have one, so stay on the safe side and submit your CV without a photo. Most of our professional CV examples do not include photos.

What’s the difference between a CV and a resume?

In the U.S., a CV and a resume mean different things. A resume is usually one-to-two pages long and documents your work experience and skills — most job applications require a resume. Outside the U.S., a CV has the same function as a U.S. resume. 

In comparison, a U.S. resume, which comes from the French word “résumer,” meaning “to summarize,” provides a “snapshot” of a job applicant’s professional career, focusing on their job-ready skills and career achievements. Resumes tend to be shorter and generally one-to-two pages long.

What information should be included in a CV in 2024?

Skills and experience are vital ingredients for a good CV. Hiring managers will look at your CV to see if you can perform the job. They’ll also seek evidence of academic achievements and recognitions that highlight your expertise and credibility in your field or specialty. Ensure your academic history and related sections (publications, awards and honors, presentations, etc.) are complete and robust. If you need any inspiration on what to write, you can always come back to view our 800+ CV resume examples.

What should not be included in a CV?

A CV is a professional document and should only include relevant information. Don’t include anything that might be too personal, like your complete mailing address, information about your personal life, or interests that don’t apply to the job you want, such as your marital status or date of birth. 

Notice that our curriculum vitae examples stick just to what’s essential to the job application and don’t mention anything that isn’t necessary.

How do I write a good CV for my first job?

How to make a CV for your first job is similar to how you make a CV for a job if you have experience. Just follow these steps:

  1. Choose a CV template.
  2. Review CV examples from your desired job or industry to get some inspiration and see the best practices. Not every industry will have the same CV sections. We have more than 300 curriculum vitae examples to help you get started.
  3. Highlight your core qualifications.
  4. Focus your curriculum vitae on your academic highlights and credentials, such as your GPA and relevant courses you’ve taken.
  5. Mention any extracurricular, volunteer or school-related activities that show your best abilities, such as honors work, research groups, internships or fellowships.
What is a CV template?

A CV template is a framework for a professional CV. We offer many types of CV templates that are professionally designed, ATS-friendly, easy to customize and work well for most jobs and industries. Download a CV template free of charge, or use one with our CV Maker to create a CV in minutes. You can also customize any of our 300+ CV samples in our CV Maker to build your CV.

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