Stand out with our professionally designed CV templates. They’re ATS-friendly, easy to customize and perfect for many different jobs and industries. Download a professional CV template free of charge, or use our CV maker to create a CV in minutes.

Last Updated: March 20, 2023

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This colorful and modern curriculum vitae template stands out from the crowd. The design features a header for contact information and section headings flush on one side for easy navigation.


This professional CV template works perfectly for experienced candidates who want a tidy presentation thanks to its horizontal lines, classic font and bold headers.


The two-column design in bold colors makes this template perfect for less traditional jobs.


This curriculum vitae template neatly organizes all of your information without compromising readability and professionalism. It’s ideal for more traditional roles.


This sample CV template is the perfect mix of modernism and simplicity. The bold header makes your name pop, and the clean fonts impart professionalism.


With crisp bullet points and headings flushed to the left, this layout is attractive, easy to navigate and classic.


Easily organize your background and job experience in this CV template, which is perfect for any role.


Use this template to present your credentials with personality.

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Make a statement with a free CV template

Designed by experts

From modern and sleek to creative CV designs, we have some of the best CV templates for any job.

Easy to customize

You can tailor our CV template Word documents to any job. Add as many sections to your CV as you need and move them around to suit your needs.

Readable layouts

Submit your professional CV, confident that hiring managers and applicant tracking systems can scan it.

Expert tools to help you build your CV

Our CV Maker is the perfect place to build your curriculum vitae stress-free. It’s user-friendly and provides all the tools to customize one of our CV templates.

Free modern CV templates

These free CV Word templates are a great option if you want to apply to industries such as science or technology, where looking sharp and sleek are essential.


This curriculum vitae layout template uses bold graphics in the headings to help you stand out.


Convey confidence and enthusiasm with this clean and robust sample CV template.


Here’s a perfect example of a CV template for anyone who wants to project sophistication.


This two-toned, two-column template with a prominent header gives your CV a unique look.

Free professional CV templates

These straightforward free CV templates are always a safe option to showcase your expertise and skills. Download your favorite one and edit it using Microsoft Word!


Classics never go out of style. This downloadable CV template keeps your information organized and easy to read.


Polished and classy, this free curriculum vitae template is popular among professionals who want a streamlined look.


This no-nonsense CV layout template can work for just about any job.


Download this CV template free of charge to give your curriculum vitae an edge with a hint of color.

Free creative CV templates

Choose your favorite creative CV template below to show off your artistic side.


This professional curriculum vitae template is perfect for artists who want to show their creative side with pops of color and a unique header.


Put the spotlight on your creativity with this free CVsample template.


Make a strong visual statement with this creative CV template that allows employers to find your information quickly.


This unique design with strong fonts and bright colors will help you stand out from the competition.

Free basic and simple CV templates

Great CV templates can make all the difference if you want to wow recruiters and hiring managers. Download a CV template free online to organize your credentials with flair.


The header is presented on the right side of this online CV template, giving it a subtle and simple twist.


This basic CV template utilizes dividing lines to separate each section, allowing quick navigation.


Basic doesn’t have to be boring. This free downloadable CV template offers an elegant yet colorful appearance.


Download this sample curriculum vitae template free of charge for plenty of space to highlight your credentials effectively.

6 tips for using a CV template


1. Make it job-specific.

Tailor your curriculum vitae template to the job you’re applying for by highlighting skills that match the job description and including hobbies, interests, credits, and coursework relevant to the job. We also recommend researching the most commonly requested qualifications for that position.

2. Numbers get attention.

Call out your accomplishments with quantifiable metrics for a professional CV that gets attention. For example, instead of writing “served customers,” go for the more impressive “served an average of 40 customers per day and waited on eight tables.”

3. Balance out your skills.

Potential employers look for candidates with a mix of skills, so when filling out your CV outline template, highlight job-relevent soft skills like listening, emotional intelligence and communication as much as pertinent hard skills like coding, research and graphic design.

4. Keep it concise.

Most hiring managers spend less than a minute reviewing your information. Unless you’re writing an academic or medical CV or have over 10 years of continuous experience in your field, your document shouldn’t be longer than two pages. A CV format template can help ensure your CV is brief and to the point.

5. Avoid spelling and grammatical errors.

It’s one of the most common mistakes job seekers make, and it makes a difference in whether you get called for an interview or not. When you use a professional CV template to create a CV in our builder, we’ll help check your document for errors.

6. Use our examples of CV templates for guidance.

If you need more direction, explore our 400+ CV examples to help you use one of our CV layout templates.

Expert reviews

We’ve helped job seekers across the U.S. grow their careers. Read what our customers say about their experience with us to see how we can help you create your professional CV!

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CV templates for specific jobs

In the U.S., a curriculum vitae is often required for jobs in academia, medicine, or science because those fields require specific educational requirements and comprehensive experience. We have dozens of CV templates for those fields and a variety of other professions. Find the right one for you below.

Academic CV example

Medical CV example

Sciences CV example

Health Care CV example

Sales CV example

Education CV example

Computer Software CV example

Marketing CV example

Finance CV example

CV Template FAQ

What is a CV?

A CV — also known as a curriculum vitae — is a detailed document that gives employers an overview of your professional experience and academic background. CVs typically include information about awards and achievements, publications, research projects, scholarships or grants, coursework and other career accomplishments.Try one of our free CV templates to kickstart your professional CV.

When to use a CV instead of a resume?

In the United States, a resume is the most commonly requested document by employers who want to see your top skills, work history and credentials. The U.S. utilizes CVs typically for jobs in academia or positions that require specific educational experience (e.g., doctor, biologist, etc.) and can be as long as necessary. So, when do you send a CV, and when do you send a resume? You won’t have to guess! Employers will let you know in the job description.

Outside the U.S., however, the job market is a little different. For example, in European countries, the UK, or Asia, a CV is the same as a U.S. resume in European countries, the UK, or Asia. The only difference is that contrary to the standard U.S. resume, CVs can be two to three pages long and include information such as hobbies and professional interests.

Choose a CV template to download from this page, plug it into our CV Maker, and get a professional CV in no time!

What is a CV template?

A CV template is a preformatted and professionally designed framework on which to build a CV. Using a CV template ensures your CV is formatted correctly with acceptable fonts and is ATS-friendly.  My Perfect Resume has dozens of CV templates to choose from.

Which CV Template is best?

The best CV templates are created by career experts, professionally designed, formatted correctly, easy to customize and allow users to save and edit their documents.

Why should I use a CV template?

Good CV templates save time and allow you to write your CV hassle-free. Our layouts are preformatted, so you don’t have to worry if your document adheres to correct formatting guidelines or uses the right font.

Where can I download a CV template for free?

My Perfect Resume offers several free CV templates to download, right here on this page!

How do I download a CV template in Word?

Our premium and free CV templates can all be downloaded in Microsoft Word. Simply save your final document as a .docx and you’re set!

What is the best template for a CV?

The best curriculum vitae template for you will come down to your experience and the type of job you want. If the company or job you’re interested in is more flexible and up to date with the latest trends, you might want to consider using our creative or modern CV templates. But if you’re looking at a more senior role in a more traditional organization, then a professional, simple or basic style might suit you better.

Are these CV templates ATS-friendly?

Yes! Our cover letter, resume and CV templates are all ATS-friendly; experts design our  layouts to be easily read by human eyes and artificial intelligence. Remember to include keywords and phrases from the job description across your curriculum vitae to ensure that it makes it past applicant tracking systems.

What should I include in my CV?

Every professional CV must include the following sections: 

CVs often include several other sections, such as publications, conferences and professional memberships. When used with our CV Maker, a professional CV template will contain all of the resume sections you need and allow you to customize your resume to include optional qualifications.

How do I customize a CV template?

It’s easy to customize a CV template with a few clicks using our CV Maker. We’ll ask you a few questions and depending on your answers, we’ll provide industry-specific, expert-written phrase suggestions. You can edit every section of your CV as you go and after you save it. We’ll help you edit your existing CV so that it’s tailored to the job you want.

How long should a CV be?

Your professional CV should be as long as necessary. Unlike resumes (which should be, at most, two-pages long), your CV can be five, eight, or even 10 pages long if that’s what you need to provide a comprehensive look at your background. Download a CV template from this page to start building your CV quickly.

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