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CV Templates

Stand out with our professionally designed CV templates. They’re ATS-friendly, easy to customize and perfect for many different jobs and industries. Select your favorite from our free downloadable CV templates or use our Resume Builder to create the perfect CV easily.

Premium CV templates


Easily stand out from the crowd with this colorful and modern CV template. The design features a header at the top for contact information and section headings flush to one side for easy navigation.


This CV template works perfectly for experienced candidates who want a tidy presentation thanks to its horizontal lines, classic font and bold headers.


The two-column CV template and bold colors make this template perfect for less traditional jobs.


This simple CV template wonderfully organizes all of your information without compromising readability and professionalism. It’s ideal for more traditional roles.


This professional CV template is the perfect mix of modernism and simplicity. The bold header makes your name easily stand out, and the clean fonts give off a professional vibe.


With crisp bullet points and headings flushed to the left, this curriculum vitae template is attractive, easy to navigate and classically modern.


Easily organize your background and job experience in this basic CV template, perfect for any role.


Present your credentials in this streamlined modern CV template that shows off your name.

Make a statement with our CV templates


Designed by experts

From modern and sleek CV templates to creative curriculum vitae designs, we have what you need to land the job.


Easy to customize

Add as many sections to your CV as you need and move them around without worrying about altering the design.


Readable layouts

Submit your CV confident that hiring managers and applicant tracking systems can easily scan them.

Build Resume

We’ll help you build your CV

Our Resume Builder is the perfect place to build your curriculum vitae stress-free. It’s user-friendly and provides all the tools to customize and to make it as long as necessary.

Free modern CV templates

These free CV Word templates are a great option if you want to apply to industries such as science or technology, where looking sharp and sleek are essential.


This modern CV template uses bold graphics for the headings and a prominent header to help you stand out.


Project confidence in this strong and clean curriculum vitae template.


This minimalist design and sleek fonts make for the perfect modern CV template.


Two-toned columns and a prominent header give this free CV template a unique look.

Free professional CV templates

These straightforward CV templates are always a safe option to showcase your expertise and skills. Download your favorite one and edit it using Word!


Classics never go out of style. This professional CV template keeps your information organized andI easy to read.


Polished and classy, this curriculum vitae template is popular among professionals who want a more streamlined look.


This simple and straightforward design makes this professional CV template a great option.


A hint of color and a neat structure come together to create a reliable and professional CV template.

Free creative CV templates

Choose your favorite creative CV Word template to stand out from the crowd.


This CV template is perfect for artists who want to show their creative side with pops of color and a unique header.


Polished and classy, this free CV template is popular among professionals who want a more streamlined look.


Make a strong visual statement with this creative CV template that allows employers to find your information quickly.


Look like a powerful applicant with this unique curriculum vitae template that features strong fonts and bright colors.

Free basic and simple CV templates

Sometimes a simple CV template is all you need to wow hiring managers and recruiters. Download and use these free CV Word templates to organize your credentials.


Your name is presented on the right side of this free CV template, giving it a subtle and simple twist.


This basic CV template utilizes dividing lines to separate each section, allowing quick navigation.


Basic doesn’t have to be boring. This free CV template offers an elegant yet colorful appearance.


This design plays well with space, accommodating your information efficiently.

6 tips to better use a CV template

1. Make it job-specific.

Tailor your CV to the job posting you’re applying to by highlighting skills that match the job description and including hobbies and interests (mainly in the UK and if the CV is light in content) or credits and coursework relevant to the job. We also recommend researching the most commonly requested qualifications for that position.

Job Specific

2. Numbers get attention.

Including quantifiable metrics when you talk about your work experience can better present your accomplishments. For example, instead of writing “served customers,” go for the more impressive “served an average of 40 customers per day and waited on eight tables.”

Numbers Attention

3. Balance out your skills.

A survey by CareerBuilder found that 77% of employers believe that soft skills are just as important as hard skills. Some of the top qualities employers look for include listening skills, emotional intelligence and communication skills.

Balance Skills

4. Keep it concise.

Unless you’re writing an academic or medical CV or have over 10 years of continuous experience in your field, your document shouldn’t be longer than two pages — the standard CV is in double-sided A4 format. Most hiring managers spend less than a minute reviewing your information.

Keep Concise

5. Avoid spelling and grammatical errors.

It’s one of the most common mistakes job seekers make, and it makes a difference in whether you get called for an interview or not. Fortunately, when you create a CV in our builder, our tools help check your document by marking any spelling errors.

Spelling Errors

6. Use our CV examples as a base.

If you need more guidance, explore our 400+ CV examples to understand what you can include in yours.

Cv Base

CV templates for specific scenarios

In the U.S., a curriculum vitae is often required for jobs in academia, medicine or sciences as you need to showcase specific educational background and a comprehensive overview of your career. Use these CV templates to create the perfect curriculum vitae for your field!

Academic CV example

Medical CV example

Sciences CV example

Professional CV example

Expert reviews

We’ve helped job seekers across the U.S. grow their careers by giving them the tools they need to create a professional CV. Read what our customers have to say about their experience with us!

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CV templates by industry

Health Care: Patient Coordinator

Sales: Coordinator

Education: University Professor

Computer Software: Software Engineer

Marketing: Media Planner

Finance: Consultant


What is a CV?

A CV — also known as a curriculum vitae — is a detailed document that gives employers an overview of professional experience and academic background. CVs typically include information about awards and achievements, publications, research projects, scholarships or grants, coursework and other career accomplishments.

What’s the difference between a CV and a resume?

In the U.S., a resume is the most commonly requested document by employers who want to see your top skills, work history and credentials. The U.S. utilizes CVs typically for jobs in academia or positions that require specific educational experience (e.g., doctor, biologist, etc.) and can be as long as necessary. So, when do you send a CV, and when do you send a resume? You won’t have to guess! Employers will let you know in the job description.

Outside the U.S., however, the job market is a little different. For example, a CV is essentially a U.S. resume in European countries, the UK or Asia. The only difference is that contrary to U.S. resumes, their CVs can be two to three pages long and include information such as hobbies and interests, depending on the country.

Is it OK to use a CV template?

Yes! In fact, using a curriculum vitae template will save you time and allow you to write your CV hassle-free. You don’t have to worry about your document following the correct formatting guides or using the right font type, as our CV templates come pre-formatted and ready for your information.

What’s the best CV template?

The best curriculum vitae template for you will come down to your experience and the type of job you want. If the company or job you’re interested in is more flexible and up-to-date with the latest trends, then you might want to consider using our creative CV templates or our modern CV templates. But if you’re looking at a more senior role in a more traditional organization, then our professional CV templates or basic CV templates might be better suited.

Are these CV templates ATS-friendly?

Yes, all of our designs — from the CV and resume templates to the cover letter templates — are ATS-friendly. Experts design them to be readable and straightforward. Remember to include keywords and phrases from the job description across your curriculum vitae to ensure that it makes it past applicant tracking systems.

How long should a CV be?

Your CV should be as long as necessary. Unlike the resume (that should be, at most, two pages long), your CV can be five, eight or even ten pages long, if that’s what you need to show your experience and background properly.

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