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Congratulations on entering the job market. Now you need an outstanding resume to wow potential employers. First, you need to know what information employers expect to see in a perfect resume. My Perfect Resume can help you meet that challenge. Our student resume samples will show you the sections of a resume and the information you should include in them. Even, better our resume samples are easily customizable. Review our student resume samples and get started on the first steps of your career.

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Student Resume Samples

We make it easy to write a student resume. Start by looking at the resume samples below. Check out the tips and apply to your own resume. You can use our resume builder to personalize each section from your own high school student or college achievements and your work experiences.


Many recent graduates look for entry-level roles in the marketing field. If you want to land a college job or internship in marketing, you’ll need to craft a well-written student resume that sets you apart from the pack. Marketing managers often want to see a little flair from candidates. Choose a resume template with a little color and a bold header.

Marketing executives want college students to have expertise in SEO, data visualization, social media, HTML, and more. Prove that you make things happen by inserting numbers and statistics from college work and projects. Use accomplishments such as increased website traffic, higher social media exposure, and lower costs.


Law students and recent graduates face tough competition for first-time jobs and internships. Your student resume needs to attract attention and show off your career potential. Prioritize organization and structure in your law resume. Use text features, such as bold, bullet points, and headings to highlight your hard skills and accomplishments.

Tailor your resume to the specific organization. Overall, all recipients want to see evidence of strong academic achievements, firm understanding of the law, and some legal experience — even if you’ve only done some part-time filing at a local law firm.

Assistant Teacher

If you want to work in the teaching field, your student resume needs to shine. Principals and human resources departments get thousands of resumes for fast-paced internships and entry-level assistants. Start off your first job resume with a summary statement. Include your academic achievements and your passion for teaching.

Don’t forget to include essential soft skills. Assistant teachers need a variety of soft skills for success in the classroom. Time management, patience, organization, and communication are crucial.

Student Resume Examples & Writing Guides Resume Questions

Use My Perfect Resume’s resume examples to start writing now.

How To Use Our Samples To Create a Student Resume

Good news about student resumes: employers don’t expect you to know everything. They just want to see what you can do. We’re here to help you package your information in a captivating way to impress hiring managers. With our help, you’ll have a professional resume in minutes — even if recruiters think it took you days to write it.

Choose the Right Resume Format

If you’ve had work experience or internships, choose a chronological resume format that shows off your hard work. But if you don’t have any work experience, consider using a functional resume format. This format focuses on your skills and accomplishments, rather than what you did in past jobs.

For more details on how to format your resume, visit our resume format page.

Consider Your Layout

Before you start your document, look at our resume samples. Keeping your industry in mind, choose a resume template that echoes the formality (or lack of) that you’d expect. Like we said earlier, a marketing resume can use some color. A law resume? Not so much.

Customize Your Student Resume

The next step is to customize your student resume, be it a high school resume or college resume. Avoid writing a one-size-fits-all resume to use for multiple positions. To customize, read over the position description and write about the skills that the employer needs. Place key terms and phrases from the posting to make your resume more relevant. Our resume builder offers pre-written text examples based on the job you want to push you in the right direction.

Impress With a Summary Statement

When writing a resume, some college and high school students may not know how to start. Previously, resumes used something called an objective statement at the top stating the goal of the resume. Today, it’s best to apply with a summary statement. The summary should highlight your best traits for your real-world professional experience or college program in a few short, declarative sentences. Our builder will show you how it’s done.

Show Off Your Academic Excellence

Students should focus a lot of effort into building up their relevant talents with a strong education section. A college resume usually includes more details about academics. List club leadership roles, such as a position as a co-captain or president. Include your GPA if it was over 3.0 or your honors. Provide information about scholarships and other achievements.

Embrace the Work Experience You Have

If you don’t have work experience, focus on other things you’ve done that have honed your college skills. Talk about volunteer work, long-term projects, participation in clubs, or skills learned in college. Point out times when you’ve received recognition or exceeded expectations. Mention part-time work and tie those skills to the job you want.

Quantify Whenever Possible

An employer wants to see specific examples of your college achievements. Use numbers or other measurable details for professional experience. You can use percentages of improvement for college projects, number of customers served in part-time jobs, and other quantities to give a clear vision of your strengths.

Proofread Extensively

It’s not just a nagging teacher, typos and grammatical errors can hurt your chances of getting an interview. Even if it’s a high school resume, employers want perfection. That’s why our builder checks for common mistakes to prevent you from missing a great opportunity.

Include a Matching Cover letter

It’s also wise to include a cover letter with your college resume. Some applicants think the cover letter isn’t necessary. Show how much you want the opportunity by taking the time to write a strong cover letter. Your letter should show your passions and personality.