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How to build your resume for a sales career

To get your sales career on the right track, peruse our professionally designed templates and helpful tips for these sales positions:

Career Track: Sales Management

A company’s sales force can be considered as the engine of a business, playing a pivotal role in its success. According to this State of Sales report, sales continue to be a top priority for businesses, with companies investing over $800 billion annually on training and retention incentives.

Sales Coordinator $38,140 Median Salary

Resume Format: Functional

As this role relies more on work ethic and enthusiasm, use a functional resume format that emphasizes skills and abilities over work experience. Highlight any technical skills you have with CRM software, as well as analytical, communication and presentation abilities.

Summary statement tip: Stress your soft skills, such as dealing with customer queries, resolving customer conflicts and other customer support services. Also stress your organizational abilities as well as your proficiency with office and database software.

Skills to feature:

  • Excellent telephone etiquette
  • Adept at customer engagement and building relationships
  • Excellent verbal and written communication
  • Collaborative and highly motivated
  • Team player
  • Detail-oriented

Get to the next level: Accelerate your career path with additional training and experience in these areas:

  • Interpersonal skills such as verbal and written communication and project management
  • Analytical skills, including include handling client data, monitoring data and preparation of reports/proposals
  • Certification in sales/marketing
  • Degree in marketing or relevant areas

Sales Manager $75,380 Median Salary

Resume Format: Combination

Since this is a managerial role, it is important to highlight not only your abilities but also your experience — use a combination resume format to cover both. Remember to emphasize skills that are important in sales, and how you’ve deployed them in your professional work experience.

Summary statement tip: Convey your track record with real numbers, such as “Committed sales manager with experience managing teams of 25+ sales representatives” or “Enthusiastic sales manager adept at consistently exceeding sales targets by at least 10%.” Additionally, include details on your ability to build and train sales teams.

Skills to feature:

  • Development and implementation of sales strategies
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Commitment to customer satisfaction at every stage
  • Fostering a collaborative work environment
  • Recruiting and training key players
  • Efficient and highly driven
  • Multitasker

Get to the next level: To stay ahead of the curve, look to boost your skills in these areas:

  • Interpersonal written and oral communication skills
  • Strategic training and supervision of team members
  • Creating customized sales strategies
  • Presentation skills
  • Tracking sales performances and generating solutions
  • Incorporating new marketing and sales techniques in operations

Regional Sales Manager $75,601 Median Salary

Resume Format: Chronological

For this more senior position, opt for a chronological format for your resume and highlight your solid work experience. Be sure to emphasize critical skills such as team management, customer relationship management and the ability to solve problems efficiently.

Summary statement tip: Your resume should highlight how you’ve added value to the business through training departmental staff or establishing partnerships with clients and customers. Mention examples of specific scenarios where you’ve generated more business or increased sales in quantifiable terms.

Skills to feature:

  • Successful cultivation and execution sales strategies
  • Skilled at tackling delivery, shipping or customer concerns
  • Streamlining department processes
  • Expert in handling negotiations with clients and customers
  • Innovative and organized
  • Mastery in business development

Get to the next level: Continue making strides in your career by augmenting your skills and expertise in these areas:

  • Forming solid relationships with clients and customers
  • Crafting programs to train team members
  • Mediating conflicts and facilitate solutions
  • Expanding the scope and scale of projects
  • Improving departmental efficiency

Career Track: Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer relations are still key to a successful sales experience, and companies are investing in CRM. According to a report published by CRM.org, positive interactions on social media makes a customer 71% more likely to buy a company’s product or service.

CRM Specialist: $51,533 Median Salary

Resume Format: Functional

The functional resume format focuses on your important skills, such as CRM strategy development and execution as well as your ability to collaborate and act as a liaison between departments. Include any related certifications or training which has helped build your skills like Dynamic 365 or NetSuite Administrator.

Summary statement tip: Prioritize applicable skills, including creating detailed sales and ROI reports for analysis, coordinating with multiple departments, as well as research to maximize CRM reach. For example: “Self-motivated CRM Specialist with 2+ years’ experience in reporting detailed sales analysis leading to boosting sales revenue by 22%” or  “CRM Expert well-versed in developing communication protocols between departments that have led to 20% productivity increases.”

Skills to feature:

  • Well-versed in written and verbal English
  • Evaluating and monitoring existing clients to maximize retention
  • Competent knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite and SQL
  • Providing support and points of improvement within teams implementing CRM strategy
  • Deep understanding of business, departments and technical processes
  • Proactive, analytical problem-solver

Get to the next level: Forge ahead on your career path by strengthening your abilities and experience in these areas:

  • Introducing CRM campaigns to target existing customers
  • Methodically tracking progress of campaigns to introduce timely changes
  • Sharpening your written, verbal and presentation skills
  • CRM Certification from SAP or other recognized institutes

CRM Administrator $60,972 Median Salary

Resume Format: Combination

The combination resume enables you to present your work experiences while promoting relevant abilities such as resource allocation, team building, developing key strategies and analyzing reports.

Summary statement tip: Emphasize skills that showcase your business acumen such as managing and monitoring customer databases, maintaining data integrity and quality, and configuring CRM systems. Additionally, you should include strong communication skills and examples of how you’ve helped train and develop fruitful staff relationships.

Skills to feature:

  • Coaching and providing support to CRM team members
  • Collaborating with departments to create CRM budget and analysis
  • Gathering intel and monitoring errors of CRM campaigns
  • Assisting in long-term goals and strategies
  • Sound knowledge of CRM and its relationship with other departments
  • Experience in IT processes and management
  • Creative thinking and active learner

Get to the next level: Make headway in your career by enhancing your abilities and skills in these areas:

  • Writing and delivering timely and detailed CRM reports
  • Working in customer service roles or projects to build interpersonal skills
  • Taking on academic courses with real-time training in CRM

CRM Manager$68,744 Median Salary

Resume Format: Chronological

For this role, the chronological resume format is a solid bet, as its main asset is an extensive work experience section that showcases your career growth and stability. Use this format to highlight relevant skills such as conflict resolution, problem-solving and sound leadership.

Summary statement tip: As this is a managerial role, you should highlight improvements you have made, such as increasing customer retention and optimizing CRM initiatives to bring in new clientele. Also include your business communication skills and ability to lead a team. For example: “Enthusiastic customer service professional with 3+ years’ experience in resolving customer issues. Consistently receives 98.5% positive ratings, with customer retention being 26% above the company average.”

Skills to feature:

  • Fostering a collaborative environment within the company
  • Spearhead new ideas and innovative strategies to maximize efficiency
  • Apt at isolating and targeting problems within current operations
  • Ability to articulate complex information in a simplified manner
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Strong relationship building skills
  • Ability to work in fast-paced environments

Get to the next level: Advance your career progress in the right direction by improving your skills in these areas:

  • Devising new CRM strategies to boost customer retention
  • Instituting changes to streamline existing processes and procedures to boost profitability
  • Staying abreast and analyzing the latest marketing reports
  • Developing Client negotiation skills to keep a high customer satisfaction rate

Recommended sales resume templates

These well-structured, engaging and skillfully-constructed templates are not only easy for recruiters to scan, but also support your accomplishments and work experience as a seasoned sales professional.


A traditional design with a twist, this template can be customized to any format and number of sections, which makes it handy for splitting your skills into subcategories, or adding an awards section.


With distinguished headers and simple lines to define each section, this template rates high on the easy-to-read scale.


This template features an impressive monogram header of the applicant’s name and an eye-catching two-column display to highlight work experience and skills.

Select from more of our expertly-crafted resume templates to make a distinctive impression.

Sales resume FAQ

1. How should you format your resume based on your career level?

High-level employees or those with more than five years of sales experience should opt for a chronological format, which showcases all your past work experience. First-time or inexperienced job seekers should use the functional format, which highlights skills rather than work experience. A combination resume mixes elements from the functional and chronological resumes, capturing a blend of relevant work experience and skills.

2. What are the qualities and traits that employers look for in this industry, and what should you emphasize?

Sales roles rely on an individual’s ability to communicate and build relationships with people from diverse backgrounds. “Soft” skills such as empathy, integrity, patience, and the ability to collaborate well with others should be prioritized. Sales employee candidates should also display outstanding technical skills in their specialty (e.g., knowledge of CRM software for CRM analysts, or proficiency in sales reports for a sales representative).

3. What other skills, certifications or training make a difference in this job category?

You should be proficient in written and verbal communication, and presentation. A solid understanding of computer basics, as well as report creation and analysis, will also be beneficial. Stay updated on the latest trends in the industry through vocational courses and certified training programs in CRM and Customer Service, which you should include in the education section of your resume.