250+ Cover Letter Examples for All Jobs & Career Levels

Create a first-class cover letter that gets you the job interview, using cover letter samples for over 500 jobs written and designed by our experts.

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A cover letter is a “sales pitch” in which you quickly introduce yourself to the employer and provide details about your top strengths and accomplishments. It’s an extension of your resume, where you can give employers a better sense of your personality, attitude and how well you fit with the company.

There are three important aspects that you should include when writing a cover letter and you will find them in our cover letter examples. These touch points:

Inform the employer of your interest in the job.

Highlight key skills and achievements from your background.

Explain why you believe you’re the right person for the job.

What to include in a cover letter

All our cover letter samples have the following six key elements —
make sure yours does, too, and use our prewritten text in each job
cover letter sample as a guide for how to write yours.

  • Contact information:

    List your phone number and professional email address.

  • Employer’s contact information:

    Like the sample cover letter for a job application above, include the physical address, phone number and email address.

  • Salutation:

    Address the letter to a specific person, such as the hiring manager.

  • Opening:

    Start by mentioning a notable, relevant accomplishment similar to our application cover letter examples.

  • Body:

    Elaborate on your best skills and qualifications and how you will be a great asset to the company.

  • Closing:

    All the best cover letter examples wrap up by summarizing strengths, reiterating the interest in the job and inviting the employer to get in touch.

Our cover letter formats page also features important tips on organizing and formatting your letter.

Accounting cover letter examples

For an accounting job, follow our employment cover letter examples to emphasize your practical software and number-crunching skills and your ability to work with others and multitask.

Administrative cover letter examples

A keen eye for detail, good organization and communication skills, and proficiency with specific software programs are all musts for this job — and what you’ll find in these great cover letter examples.

Business operations cover letter examples

Like these cover letter examples for a job in business operations, focus on your ability to coordinate teams and processes and your superior communications skills.

Construction cover letter examples

Use an application letter sample to emphasize a strong work ethic and collaboration skills and your ability to work with specific equipment, such as forklifts or cranes.

Culinary cover letter examples

Enthusiasm, experience in fast-paced work environments, and knowledge of food preparation and kitchen management are key areas to cover in your letter. Select the job cover letter sample that best fits your needs and get inspired by its content.

Customer service cover letter examples

Use one of our customer service employment cover letter examples as a guide to stress your commitment to communicate with and assist people and your ability to work as part of a team.

Education cover letter examples

These are good cover letter examples to follow if you want to highlight your proficiency with specific teaching subjects, education apps and software, and intangible strengths such as flexibility, communication and patience.

Food service cover letter examples

Show off any experiences you have in fast-paced work environments where teamwork is a necessity and your ability to handle both managers and customers, like our expert-written cover letter examples for a job in the food service industry.

Health care support cover letter examples

Elaborate on your training and experience in health care situations and programs. Similar to our cover letter samples, try to include an anecdote about services you’ve provided to patients.

Hospitality cover letter examples

Use a sample cover letter for a resume as inspiration to show how you’ve ensured customer satisfaction in previous positions and any practical skills that can help you do the job, such as knowledge of payroll software.

Information technology cover letter examples

Explain your top computer system maintenance and management capabilities, like our cover letter samples, and give examples of how you’ve successfully improved IT operations in previous jobs.

Law cover letter examples

A good cover letter — and the best cover letter examples — will provide a rundown of your top experiences in handling legal affairs, performing important research, or handling documentation and administration at a firm or office.

Marketing cover letter examples

Like our cover letter samples, talk about how you’ve applied creativity, leadership and strategic thinking to marketing plans and campaigns, and focus on areas of specialty such as social media or email marketing.

Medical cover letter examples

Go beyond standard credentials and training. Do like our sample cover letters and highlight your experiences in health care settings and your ability to relate to clients and patients.

Nursing cover letter examples

Emphasize your interpersonal and communication skills, areas of expertise and best experiences caring for others in your nursing resume cover letter.

Production cover letter examples

Similar to our sample letter of interest for a job in production, convince employers you’re the right person for the job by showcasing your ability to work well with others and handle administrative and organizational tasks.

Retail cover letter examples

Provide details on your retail resume cover letter on job-related abilities, such as maintaining merchandise and point-of-sale systems, and interpersonal skills such as customer service and multitasking abilities.

Sales cover letter examples

Give concrete examples of how you’ve helped improve a company’s bottom line through your sales efforts, and like our cover letter samples, feature any abilities you have with sales tracking software.

Social services cover letter examples

Choose an example cover letter and emphasize your ability to interact with others positively, and note any training and certifications you’ve had in specialized areas such as mental health or substance abuse work.

Teaching cover letter examples

Give recruiters an idea of your approach to education, your knowledge of specific online learning software, and how you handle children in various teaching environments. Just follow one of our cover letter examples for a job in teaching.