200 + Cover Letter Examples for all Jobs and Career Levels

Kellie Hanna, CPRW
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My Perfect Resume has 200+ unique cover letter examples that you can use with our Cover Letter Builder to write a cover letter that complements your resume perfectly.

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 Cover letters are essentially elevator pitches that give employers insight into your strengths and accomplishments. Our cover letter examples are effective because they:

real interest.

Highlight key skills and achievements.

Explain why you are the best job candidate.

Professional cover letter examples by industry and job title

Accounting cover letter examples (3)

For an accounting job, follow our employment cover letter examples to emphasize your number-crunching skills and your ability to work with others.

Example cover letters for administrative jobs (14)

Get inspired by these good cover letter examples and showcase your keen eye for detail, good organization and proficiency with computer software.

Professional cover letter examples for business operations jobs (11)

These cover letter examples for a job in business operations focus on your ability to coordinate teams and processes and your superior communications skills.

Construction cover letter examples (4)

Use an application letter sample to highlight your strong work ethic and ability to work with specific equipment, such as forklifts or cranes. Find your construction cover letter in these examples.

Culinary cover letter examples (6)

Enthusiasm, experience in fast-paced work environments and knowledge of food preparation are key areas to cover in a culinary cover letter. Get inspired by a job cover letter sample below.

Sample cover letters for customer service jobs (12)

Use one of our customer service employment cover letter examples as a guide to highlight your commitment to assisting people and your ability to work as part of a team.

Education cover letter samples (7)

These are good cover letter examples to follow if you want to highlight your proficiency with specific subjects and intangible strengths such as flexibility, communication and patience.

Examples of cover letters for a job in the food service industry (7)

Display your experience in fast-paced work environments where teamwork is a necessity, like our expert-written cover letter examples for a job in the food service industry.

Resume cover letter examples for health care support jobs (13)

Elaborate on your training and experience in health care situations and programs. Use our cover letter samples for guidance, and include a story about services you’ve provided to patients.

Hospitality cover letter examples (3)

Use a sample cover letter for a job application in the hospitality field for inspiration when emphasizing your achievements and dedication to customer satisfaction.

Information technology job application letters (3)

Explain how you’ve used your top computer system maintenance skills and show how you’ve successfully improved IT operations in previous jobs. Use our IT cover letter samples as guides.

Best cover letter examples for law (5)

A good cover letter provides a rundown of your experiences handling legal affairs, performing research or handling documentation and administration at a law firm.

Marketing cover letter samples (6)

Our sample application letter for a job demonstrates your creativity, leadership and strategic thinking abilities while highlighting areas of focus like social media or email marketing. 

Medical cover letter examples (9)

Go beyond standard credentials and training. Let our sample cover letters help you highlight your ability to empathize with clients and patients. Our medical cover letter examples will help you display your medical knowledge, industry achievements, licenses and certifications to stand out from the rest.  

Nursing cover letter examples (14)

Emphasize your interpersonal and communication skills, areas of expertise and best experiences caring for others in your nursing resume cover letter.

Production cover letter samples (6)

Similar to our letter of interest examples for jobs in production, convince employers you’re the right person for the job by showcasing your ability to work well with others.

Retail application letter examples (10)

Provide details about job-related skills such as maintaining merchandise and interpersonal skills. Use a retail cover letter example to create an effective cover letter. 

Great cover letter examples for sales jobs (10)

Give concrete examples of how you’ve helped improve a company’s bottom line. These sales cover letter examples will guide you.

Social services cover letter examples (3)

Choose an example cover letter to see how to emphasize your ability to communicate with others. Add any training in specialized areas, such as substance abuse work, to your letter.

Teaching cover letter examples (15)

Let potential employers know you have specialized knowledge, and explain how you enrich children in the classroom. Our sample cover letters for teaching positions can help!

Cover letter examples for other popular industries