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Cover Letter Examples for All Job Seekers in 2022

Create a first-class cover letter that gets you the job interview you want, using cover letter samples for over 500 jobs, written and designed by our experts. Each example is unique and can be used to create a cover letter that perfectly complements your resume, making a compelling case for you as a job candidate.

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What is a cover letter and why do you need one?

Your cover letter serves as an introduction to potential employers (always accompanying your resume), and should achieve these aims:

Job Information

Inform the employer of the job you’re interested in.

Key Skills

Highlight key skills and achievements from your background.

Right Person For Job

Explain why you believe you’re the right person for the job.

A cover letter is a “sales pitch” in which you quickly introduce yourself to the employer, and provide details about your top strengths and accomplishments. It also gives employers a better sense of your personality, attitude and how well you fit with the company.

How to use our cover letter examples

All our cover letter samples have the following six key elements — make sure yours does, too, and use our prewritten text in each example as a guide for how to write your letter.

  1. Contact information: List your phone number and professional email address.
  2. Employer’s contact information: Include the physical address, phone number and email address.
  3. Salutation: Address the letter to a specific person, such as the hiring manager.
  4. Opening: Start off by mentioning a notable, relevant accomplishment.
  5. Body: Elaborate on your best skills and qualifications, and how you will be a great asset to the company.
  6. Closing: Summarizing your strengths, reiterate your interest in the job, and invite the employer to get in touch with you.
CoverLetter Example

To create a letter using our step-by-step advice, go straight to our Cover Letter Builder. Our examples of cover letter formats page also features important tips on how to organize and format your letter.

Cover letter examples for specific situations

Whether you’re a first-time job applicant, switching careers, or inquiring about job openings at a company, we’ve got the right samples of cover letter formatting for you. Just pick an example based on your specific situation and adapt the text to fit your needs. For a complete guide that walks you through writing each of these letters, visit our how to write a cover letter page.

Entry-level cover letter example

Notice how this example emphasizes the job seeker’s training, skills and career ambitions, while also connecting them to what the potential employer needs.

Career change cover letter example

Follow the lead of this sample cover letter by highlighting skills you’ve deployed in previous jobs that can carry over to the new one, and give some insight as to why you think you can be effective and happier in your new career.

Employment gap cover letter example

If you’ve been away from full-time work for any long stretches, it’s good to explain to employers what you’ve been up to during that time (e.g., part-time contract work, you tried your own business endeavor, or you did some volunteer work). As shown in this cover letter sample, keep your explanation concise, and explain the positive aspects of your experience, such as useful skills or education gained.

“Cold call” cover letter example

To get your foot in the door with a company that might not currently have a position available, follow this sample cover letter, which focuses on how the potential applicant’s skills match with the company’s goals. Note that the applicant has done her “homework” on the company — this supports her case and should also impress the employer.

Professional connection cover letter example

When sending in a cover letter for a job you’re applying to through a contact within the organization, provide details on the person who recommended you, and your professional relationship.

Temporary-to-permanent employee cover letter example

This sample cover letter shows how to take advantage of your knowledge and experience with your company, laying out your specific contributions while also pointing out the ways you can provide even more value as a full-time employee.

Seeking promotion cover letter example

In this example cover letter, the applicant stresses her familiarity with the company’s processes and goals—a big advantage over other applicants.

Unadvertised Position cover letter example

No posted job description to refer to? No problem. Just explain how you heard about the role and share your enthusiasm about joining the team. Make sure you mention a few of your great skills and accomplishments.

New Position with Current Employer cover letter example

Though you have your foot in the door, you still need to put your best foot forward with a cover letter and resume that emphasize your value. Start by discussing your accomplishments and then mention how you will benefit your employer on future projects.

Referral cover letter example

When done correctly, telling the employer that someone in the company referred you lets them know that you’re someone they can trust. Use our referral cover letter sample to do this correctly and catch their attention.

Cover letter examples by job and industry

We have sample cover letters for jobs in all types of industries, with content to match. Just use any example as an inspiration for your own letter.

Accounting Cover Letter Examples

For an accounting job, emphasize your practical software and number-crunching skills, and your ability to work with others and multitask.

Administrative Cover Letter Examples

A keen eye for detail, good organization and communication skills, and proficiency with specific software programs are all musts for this job.

Business Operations Cover Letter Examples

Focus on your ability to coordinate teams and processes, and your superior communications skills.

Construction Cover Letter Examples

In your cover letter, emphasize a strong work ethic and collaboration skills, and your ability to work with specific equipment, such as forklifts or cranes.

Culinary Cover Letter Examples

Enthusiasm, experience in fast-paced work environments, and knowledge of food preparation and kitchen management are key areas to cover in your letter.

Customer Service Cover Letter Examples

Stress your commitment to communicate with and assist people, and your ability to work as part of a team.

Education Cover Letter Examples

Highlight your proficiency with specific teaching subjects, education apps and software, and intangible strengths such as flexibility, communication and patience.

Food Service Cover Letter Examples

Show off any experiences you have in fast-paced work environments where teamwork is a necessity, and your ability to handle both managers and customers.

Healthcare Support Cover Letter Examples

Elaborate on training and experience you’ve had in health care situations and programs. Try to include an anecdote or two about services you’ve provided to patients.

Hospitality Cover Letter Examples

Show how you’ve ensured customer satisfaction in previous positions, and any practical skills that can help you do the job, such as knowledge of payroll software.

Information Technology Cover Letter Examples

Explain your top capabilities in computer system maintenance and management, and give examples of how you’ve successfully improved IT operations in previous jobs.

Law Cover Letter Examples

Provide a rundown of your top experiences in handling legal affairs, performing important research, or handling documentation and administration at a firm or office.

Marketing Cover Letter Examples

Give examples of how you’ve applied creativity, leadership and strategic thinking to marketing plans and campaigns, and focus on areas of speciality such as social media or email.

Medical Cover Letter Examples

Go beyond standard credentials and training, and point out your experiences in health care settings, and your ability to relate to clients and patients.

Nursing Cover Letter Examples

Emphasize your interpersonal and communication skills, and your areas of expertise and your best experiences caring for others.

Production Cover Letter Examples

Convince employers you’re the right person for the job by showcasing your ability to work well with others, and handle administrative and organizational tasks.

Retail Cover Letter Examples

Provide details on job-related abilities, such as maintaining merchandise and point-of-sale systems, and interpersonal skills such as customer service and multitasking abilities.

Sales Cover Letter Examples

Give concrete examples of how you’ve helped improve a company’s bottom line through your sales efforts, and feature any abilities you have with sales tracking software.

Social Services Cover Letter Examples

Emphasize your ability to interact with others in positive ways, and note any training and certifications you’ve had in specialized areas such as mental health or substance abuse work.

Teaching Cover Letter Examples

Give recruiters an idea of your approach to education, your knowledge of specific online learning software, and how you handle children in a variety of teaching environments.