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This layout’s “connect the dots” graphical approach makes it easy to browse each section. A monogram design for the job applicant’s name adds a dash of personality.


This unusual four-quadrant design makes a strong visual statement while also making it a snap for employers to locate information.



Strong header fonts, a right column that spotlights the job applicant’s skills and clean lines give this layout a powerful appearance.


Download Creative Resume Templates For Top Jobs

These examples for popular creative jobs can serve as the foundation for your resume. You can also create a resume from these templates using our Resume Builder. For hundreds more job and industry examples, visit our resume examples page.


Bold fonts, colors, and dividing lines set this layout apart and give employers the impression that you’re a strong employee who can get things done — the perfect candidate for a writing position.


Instead of using fancy graphics and flashy colors, this layout makes an impression with a gently shaded header, projecting style and class. The dual-column format gives you plenty of room to provide an extensive rundown of your skills.

 Video Editor

Make a statement with this layout’s boxed-in section headings and generous use of white space, which results in a document that’s easy to thumb through. The job applicant’s name is highlighted in a prominent header.

Event Planner

This layout is a good option for displaying your skills and best accomplishments with flexibility in colors and content presentation. The bolded fonts and understated headers make for easy navigation.


This design is distinguished by elegant fonts and a left column highlighting the job applicant’s contact information and skills. Section headings are presented in all caps for a clean but effective display.


As the name implies, this template works for senior-level positions, with the header’s monogram design sets you apart.

UI Developer

A half-tone header gives this layout an artsy vibe, while the two-column format allows you to customize your content easily.

Fashion Designer

Strong header fonts, a right column that spotlights the job applicant’s skills and clean lines give this layout a powerful appearance.

Creative Director

Utilizing a header highlighting the job seeker’s name in large font, this striking template communicates style and efficiency.

Customer Experience Manager

Thanks to the right-justified header and mix of black and color fonts, this template provides a cutting-edge look.

Brand Manager

Simplicity meets creativity in this design, which features customizable header colors and a slick two-column layout to highlight your skills and experiences.


With strong fonts and two-tone header font colors, this layout will help you stand out all while neatly presenting your information.

Creative Resume Template Do’s And Don’ts


  • Use creative templates if the industry or job requires creative thinking, such as marketing, graphic design, fashion design and art occupations. Most job seekers still rely on standard resume designs; a colorful layout helps you separate yourself from them.
  • Include links to your portfolio or professional social media profile in your resume. Most creative jobs will require you to submit examples of your work so the employer can see your style and potential.
  • Customize your resume for different job opportunities. By simply including keywords found in the job posting that apply to you, like a specific skill or an attribute, you’ll more appropriately target your resume for the job. In comparison to standard templates, creative layouts give you more flexibility in featuring your best attributes, whether it’s your top experiences or your full array of skills.
  • Feature noteworthy projects and activities instead of daily tasks when discussing your previous work experiences. We also highly recommend including quantifiable achievements and important details, as they better present your accomplishments. So instead of writing “Designed for clients,” go with: “Designed over five original concepts for X&P’s spring campaign.”


  • Use creative templates in more conventional industries, like business and operations, human resources, health care and accounting. Some jobs are more buttoned-down and conservative, and might prefer professional resume templates or modern resume templates.
  • Include a headshot or a photo on your resume, unless the job description requires it (such as for an acting gig). It steers away from what actually matters — your skills and work experience — and some hiring managers may consider it dated or unprofessional.
  • Go crazy with colors or use fonts that might be difficult to decipher. It’s better to stick to fonts like Times New Roman, Arial or Helvetica for better readability. They also make it easier to make it past applicant tracking systems (ATS), which more employers now use to scan resumes and filter applicants.
  • Include experiences, skills or information that aren’t relevant to the job you’re applying for. As we noted under “Do’s,” it’s best to tailor your resume to the job at hand and only include information that will be valuable to the employer.

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