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Advantages of using our resume maker

1 Professional, Customizable Templates

Stand out with My Perfect Resume’s eye-catching templates! Building an impressive resume has never been easier or faster.

2 Expertly Crafted Phrases

Don’t get stuck writing about your work experience. Our Resume Builder has pre-written, industry-specific bullet points to create an impressive resume.

3 Popular Format Downloads

Need your resume in PDF, word, or an image file? You’re in control with multiple export and download options.

4 Optimize Your Resume

With resume score and resume check, we’ll rate the strength of your resume and guide you through actionable steps to make a resume that showcases your best professional self!

5 Customize Your Resume to The Job

Copy and paste a job description from any listing and get a job-specific resume match score. We’ll guide you through tailoring your resume for the job!

6 Up Your Application Game

With Smart Apply, we’ll help you find an opportunity, customize your resume, create a matching cover letter, and download your documents. We’ll even send you to the web page where you can apply!

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Resume templates
for every career level

Pick from our dozens of professionally designed resume templates to create your resume. We have everything you need and much more, from creative and modern resume designs to free downloadable resume templates.

Over 1,000 perfect resume examples created by experts

Make sure your resume fits what an employer wants by using our job-specific resume examples as a guide for building your own. For hundreds of examples to choose from, visit our resume examples page.

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My Perfect Resume do for you

Resume Templates

Customize your resume to the job

Whether you need to add new sections or change the template’s color, our resume maker gives you expert guidance to ensure your resume fits the job.


Up your application game

Customize, autofill and apply for jobs using your resume with the help of My Perfect Resume’s Chrome extension

Step By Step

Follow our expert resume advice.

Covering every aspect of the resume process, our How to Write a Resume article will give you all you need to take full advantage of our resume maker.

Job Applications

Get your resume in the right format.

Create a resume that’s formatted to best display your strengths using our resume formats guide and examples.

Resume Cover Letter

Create your perfect CV.

Is the employer requesting a CV instead of a resume? Our resume builder is also the perfect tool to create a professional CV. Just check our CV templates and CV examples to get started.

Resume Cover Letter

Get all the career advice you need.

We don’t just help you make a resume, our Career Center has more than 1,000 job how-to and tip articles, from best interview practices, to how to find the right job and much more.

Say hello with a perfect cover letter

Having a strong cover letter that complements your resume can turn recruiters’ heads your way — let’s create it together. We have hundreds of cover letter examples to inspire you, dozens of cover letter templates made by professionals and a Cover Letter Builder to help you get the job done in just 15 minutes.

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Why is MyPerfectResume the best online resume maker?

Our Resume Builder is an all-in-one solution that helps you do everything: We give you employer-ready resume templates for your resume, provide job-specific suggestions for filling out your document, and give you the flexibility to create different versions of your resume, save them, and download them in the file format you need.

How do I make a resume?

  • Use a format that best showcases your abilities. Whether you’re a first-time job seeker or an experienced senior-level employee, what you emphasize in your resume is critical — and that’s where resume formats come in. Before using our resume maker, check whether you’re better suited to use a chronological resume, combination resume or functional resume format.
  • Address the job’s needs while highlighting your unique skills and strengths. You’ll never go wrong by showing employers you’re a good fit for the job. In your resume, feature a resume summary, skills and work history examples that demonstrate abilities and experiences that match the job’s requirements. For more advice in this area, visit our Resume How-to section.
  • Make sure your resume passes the ATS test. Many employers now use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to scan resumes. To pass ATS, you need a resume that’s organized, readable and contains keywords that match the job’s needs. Use our expert-designed templates in our resume maker to have the perfect layout, and follow our keyword tips to ensure your resume is ready for the ATS spotlight.

Is it a CV or a resume?

In the U.S., a CV and a resume are two different documents. A CV — also known as a curriculum vitae — is a detailed and long document mostly used for jobs in academia, healthcare and sciences. In contrast, a resume is a “snapshot” of your professional career highlights and is requested by most employers. A CV can be ten pages long, but a resume is, at most, only two pages long. Whatever you may need, our resume maker is a great tool to create both.

How long should a resume be?

In most cases, a resume should be no longer than two pages. If you don’t have a lot of work experience, it’s okay to have a one-page resume. But if you’re a career professional with plenty of relevant experience in your field, you can create a two-page resume that accommodates your growth.

If you use our Resume Builder, you can always preview your resume before you save and download it, making sure it looks its best no matter its length.

Do I need to include a cover letter with my resume?

We always recommend including a cover letter in your application, even if the employer doesn’t request it. Cover letters are a great way to expand on what’s written in your resume and elaborate on your career highlights, explain your interest in the job and truly market yourself to the hiring manager or recruiter.

Our user-friendly Cover Letter Builder will help you construct a letter that perfectly complements your resume. We also have a detailed How to Write a Cover Letter article filled with examples and tips to put together a perfect cover letter from beginning to end.

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