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Browse top resume examples by job, industry, format, and experience level. Every sample is created and approved by our team of Certified Professional Resume Writers (CPRW).

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It’s said that we learn best by example and resume writing is no exception. Whether you have written numerous resumes or you’re gearing up to write your very first resume, good resume examples can help you write better, more effective resumes that get interviews. That’s why we’ve provided this guide with hundreds of professional resume examples for any job, industry and career level. 

Top resume examples by job title

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    Teacher resume example

    Pat Summers is a recent college graduate who wants to showcase her education and relevant coursework in a way that positions her as a strong candidate for her first professional teaching job.

    This is a good first teacher resume example for Pat because it:

    • Contains a career objective which is more useful than a professional summary for a first-time job seeker.
    • Highlights Pat’s summary of qualifications prominently along with the professional skills she gained as a student teacher.
    • Makes it easy to find Pat’s education credentials.

    Registered nurse resume example

    As a recent immigrant, Lucy Garcia has limited work experience in her new country. She wants to highlight the job-relevant skills and work experience she gained in her home country in a way that demonstrates to potential employers that she is a top job candidate in her field.

    This is a good registered nurse resume for Lucy because it:

    • Prominently displays the 10+ years of progressive work experience Lucy gained in her home country.
    • Highlights Lucy’s nursing education and certification.
    • Uses a career objective to explain Lucy’s career goals — a good choice for someone applying for a job in a new country. 

    Outside sales representative resume example

    Chris Andrews is a military veteran with experience in a specialized field. She wants to translate her military experience into relevant civilian skills and work experience so potential employers know that she can do the work.

    This is a good outside sales representative resume for Chris because it:

    • Focuses on her transferable skills — intangible qualities she can apply to any job and industry — to show she can transition from military to civilian work.
    • Has a career objective that explains the kind of position Chris wants and some of the key skills that will help her succeed in the role.
    • Displays examples of measurable achievements to show hiring managers the impact Chris could make in her civilian role.

    Accounting manager resume example

    Michelle Johnson is recently retired and looking to return to the workforce part-time. She wants to address her time away from the workforce while showcasing her relevant skills and work experience so hiring managers see her as a strong job candidate.

    This is a good accounting manager resume example for Michelle because:

    • Tells hiring managers that she is retired and looking for part-time work in her field.
    • Displays Michelle’s extensive work experience and strong skill set prominently.
    • Shows Michelle’s recent business certifications which convey that she has stayed up to date in the industry.

    Student resume example

    As a recent high school graduate with limited work experience, James Fennessey wants to emphasize his volunteer experience, extracurricular activities and academic achievements to secure his first job.

    This is a good student resume example because:

    • It highlights transferable skills in a career objective that tells hiring managers that James is a high school graduate looking for entry-level work.
    • It displays extracurricular and volunteer activities to show that James has relevant experience.
    • It emphasizes James’s mixed skill set and explains how he used his skills in a variety of activities.

    Medical assistant resume example

    Fatima Bashar is a midcareer professional who wants to change industries. She wants to highlight her transferable skills and explain her reasons for transitioning into another field so potential employers see her as a strong candidate for a job in her new industry.

    This is a good career-change resume example for a medical asssistant because It:

    • States why Fatima wants to transition from a medical assistant role to a project management position and how she plans to succeed through education and training.
    • Highlights Fatima’s transferable skills.
    • Displays a recent certification in project management, which tells hiring managers that Fatima is serious about the role.

    Finance executive resume example

    As a finance executive with several years of work experience, Li Zhang wants to showcase her achievements and skill set while condensing her work history in a way that helps her stand out to hiring managers.

    This is a good finance executive resume example because it:

    • Presents a mix of skills suitable for a finance executive with more than five years of experience.
    • Has a professional summary — a better option than a resume objective for someone with many years of experience in the same field.
    • Clearly displays Li’s relevant progressive work experience in reverse chronological order.

    Personal trainer resume example

    Marc Robinson has extensive experience in his field but wants to change careers. He wants to convey that he can transfer his skills to his new industry and highlight his relevant experience so hiring managers see him as a top candidate for a role in his target field.

    This is a good personal trainer resume example for a career transition because it:

    • Highlights the technical knowledge and transferable skills Marc can carry over to his desired career.
    • Shows the impact Marc has made for his clients in his work as a personal trainer.
    • Uses an objective statement to explain Marc’s goals for his new profession.

    Global project manager resume example

    As a non-native English speaker, Sayo Takashi wants to communicate her skills and work experience clearly and effectively so potential English-speaking employers know she is a qualified job candidate. 

    This is a good resume example for an experienced global project manager because it:

    • Conveys Sayo’s top achievements from her more than 15-year career in project management.
    • Displays a mix of relevant skills.
    • Emphasizes Sayo’s professional certification and graduate degree in the header.

    Customer service representative resume example

    Evyn Williams is a stay-at-home parent returning to the workforce. She wants to emphasize her transferable skills and explain the gap in her work history in a compelling way so hiring managers focus on her job-relevant strengths.

    This is a good customer service representative resume example for Evyn because it:

    • Tells hiring managers immediately that she is a stay-at-home parent returning to the workforce.
    • Presents her professional certifications in a separate section.
    • Displays Evyn’s skills prominently.

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    Accounting resume examples (12)

    Use our resume samples to see how to emphasize your attention to detail, ability to work with numbers and knowledge of important software like Microsoft Excel.

    Administrative resume samples (33)

    Review some of these samples of a resume for administrative work for resume ideas to feature your organizational and collaboration skills.

    Billing and collections resume examples (17)

    In addition to our featured example resume for billings and collections, we offer more examples of a resume for a job to help you shine in this industry. .

    Business operations resume samples (14)

    Examples of resumes for jobs in your field can help you write a great resume. These professional resume examples for leadership jobs show how to display your interpersonal skills.

    Child care resume examples (11)

    Use these samples of resumes as guides for displaying your ability to keep the household organized and your interpersonal skills.

    Computer software resume samples (10)

    As detailed in the examples of good resumes for computer software jobs below, list programs required for the position and any additional certifications or training you have in software.

    Culinary resume samples (18)

    Find a resume example for a job in the culinary field from these sample resumes and grab some ideas on showing your expertise with specific cuisines and ability to collaborate with others.

    Data & systems administration resume samples (14)

    Use these great resume examples for guidance on how to feature your key soft skills such as collaboration and problem-solving.

    Fitness and nutrition resume examples (10)

    Follow our resume samples to see how to best display your fitness training experience and any knowledge or training you’ve had in diet and nutrition programs.

    Food service resume samples (19)

    Note how these professional resume examples feature skills such as a strong work ethic, the ability to work well with others, multitasking and flexibility.

    Healthcare Support Resume Examples (17)

    These professional healthcare support examples for a resume cover major health support fields. Use one of these sample resumes as a guide to writing a great resume.

    Information technology resume samples (9)

    Take a cue from some of the best resume examples from My Perfect Resume and show off your problem-solving abilities. Let these examples of a good resume be your guide.

    Medical resume examples (35)

    Highlight specialized medical training and certifications using these medical job resume examples as a guide. Include experience in hospitals and private practice.

    Production resume examples (14)

    A professional experience resume example from the following list of resume examples for jobs in production can show how to display licenses for operating specialized equipment.

    Retail resume samples (14)

    Use the example resumes below as guides to showcase your customer service skills and experience managing products and services on your retail employee resume. 

    Sales Resume Examples (29)

    Like the resume samples below, it’s important to provide details on experiences where you’ve hit sales targets. You’re sure to find a good resume sample among the professional experience resume examples below to help you do so. 

    More resume examples for popular industries

    This varied list of examples of great resumes for top industries provides more than one example of a strong resume intro, an excellent work experience resume example, a career change resume example and general resume ideas.

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    Resume examples by work experience

    student resume example Zoom

    Student resume example

    image missing
    recent college grad resume sample Zoom

    Sample resume for a recent college graduate

    • This is an excellent resume example for college graduates because it highlights skills over work experience
    • Like this example of a resume for a college graduate, use extracurricular and volunteer experiences in your job history section. 
    • Stress-related certifications and relevant training like the graduate in our resume sample.
    • A no experience resume sample for job seekers who have no experience might also be helpful.
    image missing
    experienced resume example Zoom

    Resume sample for an experienced job seeker

    • This resume sample balances work history and skills.
    • Like the job applicant in this professional resume example, display previous work accomplishments, using numbers whenever possible.
    • Include a mix of relevant soft and hard skills in your skills section as the applicant does in our resume sample for experienced job seekers.
    • Review more examples of a resume in your particular field for ideas.
    image missing
    experienced (managerial) resume sample Zoom

    Sample resume for an experienced manager

    • Use our professional resume examples when writing a manager resume.
    • This is a good resume example because it shows how experienced professionals can highlight their work history. 
    • Display your last 10 to 15  years of work experience on one-to-two pages, as shown in our sample resume.
    • Highlight specific projects and accomplishments that show you can lead a team to success, similar to this example of a good resume for a manager.
    image missing
    career change resume sample Zoom

    Example of a resume for a career change

    • Use this resume example to apply for a job when you are changing careers. 
    • As our professional resume example shows, career changers often emphasize experience along with skills. 
    • Follow this example resume for a career change and other examples of strong resumes, and emphasize transferable skills and work achievements that apply to the new job.
    • Consider using a resume objective statement to explain why you are changing careers like the job applicant in our sample of a resume for career changers.
    image missing

    What to put on a resume in 2024

    Security Supervisor Resume Example
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    • Slide 3
    • Slide 4
    • Slide 5
    • Contact information:

      Ensure your information is professional and up to date. Research shows that only 1 in 10 resumes displays portfolios or professional social media profiles, so highlight yours here if you have them.  This sample of a professional resume shows how to display your contact information correctly.

    • Professional summary:

      Introduce yourself in three-to-five compelling sentences like the example here or review beginner resume examples for examples of resume objectives.

    • Work experience:

      Display your accomplishments and use action words for impact, and remember to match your experience to the job requirements. Studies show that 73% of resumes are rejected for not having relevant work experience.

    • Skills:

      Feature a mix of relevant hard and soft skills like this sample of resume skills.

    • Education:

      List your latest educational credentials in reverse-chronological order. Browse our sample resumes and review examples of resume education sections for ideas.

    How to choose the best resume format (with example resumes)

    Use the following guidelines and resume examples to choose the best resume format.

    Functional ResumeZoom

    Functional Resume

    The functional resume format fits first time or inexperienced job seekers. The entry-level experience sample resume above features different skills sections to emphasize abilities over experience.

    Combination ResumeZoom

    Combination Resume

    The combination resume format suits career changers and experienced job applicants. Our example of a resume for mid-level job seekers is an example of a good resume because it balances work history and skills.

    Chronological ResumeZoom

    Chronological Resume

    The chronological resume format works best for those with plenty of experience in a specific industry. The resume sample above is a good resume sample because it illustrates perfectly how this format works.

    For more tips on these resume format examples visit our Resume Formats library.

    The perfect resume layout

    After you choose a resume format, all you need is a professionally designed resume template. Then, fill in the five essential resume sections shown in our example resume and add optional resume sections if you need them. That’s the secret to a perfect resume layout, every time. 

    Now you’re ready to choose a great resume example and write a resume that hiring managers can’t resist!

    Get started with a winning resume template

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    11 Benefits of using a resume sample for a job application

    You can’t lose when using resume examples when updating or writing a resume because they:

    • Can help you choose a resume format. 
    • Help you organize your thoughts. 
    • Show you the difference between a resume summary and objective. 
    • Give you fresh action verbs to make your work history section pop. 
    • Help you create a compelling work experience section.
    • Inspire you to expand your skills section. 
    • Display correct resume formatting and professional fonts
    • Give you ideas for an eye-catching resume design.
    • Show you how to add your contact information correctly. 
    • Guide you when you’re applying for your first job. 
    • Help you avoid common resume writing mistakes.

    Resume examples FAQ

    Why should I use your resume samples?

    MyPerfectResume offers some of the best resume examples to help you write an expert resume, thanks to the following features:

    • Content written by experts: Every resume sample we offer is created and reviewed by a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) — which means our examples contain the perfect content for you to emulate in your resume.
    • Hundreds of resume samples at your fingertips:  We’ve gathered examples and important writing tips for dozens of industries and thousands of occupations. If a job is out there, we’ve got a great resume example for it.
    • ATS-friendly:Our 800+ professional resume examples keep ATS programs in mind, so you’ll be sure to pass the scan.
    • Our sample resumes can be used with our Resume Builder. Create a polished resume in minutes! Simply click any of our resume examples for a job title that matches yours and edit it with our Resume Builder. We’ll take it from there!

    How do you write a good resume?

    Writing a resume boils down the following:

    1. Choosing the right resume format (chronological, functional or combination).
    2. Selecting a professional resume example appropriate for the job.
    3. Picking an appropriate resume template.
    4. Adding your contact information. 
    5. Writing a resume summary or objective statement.
    6. Filling out your work history.
    7. Including a mix of relevant skills
    8. Creating a section for certifications, licenses and training.
    9. Adding optional credentials, such as awards, if you have them.

    Great resumes are customized for the job. Statistics show that 63% of recruiters prefer resumes personalized to the open position, so don’t forget to tailor your resume to the specific job requirements. Our Resume Builder can help you!

    What do employers look for in a resume in 2024?

    Employers want to know one thing: Are you the right person for the job? Expert resumes always address the job’s major requirements and responsibilities thoroughly. 

    Here are our top tips for creating a perfect resume in 2024: 

    • Using an example of a resume for guidance, highlight skills and accomplishments from previous employers that match the job requirements. 
    • Avoid listing activities or abilities that aren’t relevant to your desired job. Our samples of business resumes show how to display your work experience effectively.
    • Give your resume a professional layout like our professional resume samples and avoid graphics or fonts that might confuse employers.
    • Keep your document short and sweet, like our sample resumes.

    What should not be included in a resume in 2024?

    Here’s what you won’t see in the best resume examples of 2024: 

    • A list of references. References can help a job search but don’t add them to your resume. Employers will likely ask you to submit them separately if needed. 
    • Too much personal information. Your resume contact information should never include your date of birth, marital status or religion. Notice how our job application resume samples show only the job applicant’s name, phone number, email address, location and professional social and web profiles.
    • Jargon and clichés. Write in plain, simple language and use facts and figures to show how you’re good at what you do, like the professionals in our resume examples for job applications.

    What are some common mistakes to avoid in resumes?

    Here are some common mistakes to avoid when creating a resume:

    • Typos and grammatical mistakes: You’d be surprised at how often a single misspelling can torpedo a resume. Proofread your resume a few times before you send it in. You can also use the tools in our Resume Builder to review your document.
    • Inaccurate or exaggerated information: Providing outdated, misleading or incorrect information reflects poorly on your attention to detail. A strong resume example will have no mistakes.
    • Using a “one-size-fits-all” resume: Good resumes are customized for the job. Every job is different, so every resume you send for a job application should be different. Always update your resume whenever you send it in for a new job.

    How should I use the examples of resumes on this page?

    My Perfect Resume resume samples are a great source of inspiration for job seekers. Our sample resumes cover all resume categories and include experienced as well as no-experience professional resume samples. Plus, they are divided by jobs and industries, so you can find the one that applies to you and use it as a foundation for your resume. From our 800+ professional resume examples, you can get an idea of what to list as skills, how to highlight work experience and what an excellent professional summary looks like.

    Do you have cover letter examples as well?

    Yes! My Perfect Resume has more than 250 cover letter examples for various jobs and industries. We also have cover letter templates and a great How to Write a Cover Letter guide, where you can learn all the tips and tricks to create a cover letter that stands out.

    Do you have an example of a 2 page resume?

    We recommend that most job seekers keep resumes to one page as much as possible, so we do not offer examples of two- page resumes. If you feel that you need a longer resume, our CV resume samples might help you.

    Do you have strong resume examples for professional IT resumes?

    Yes, we offer resume examples for experienced professionals as well as no-experience resume examples in information technology in our collection of examples of professional resumes on this page.

    Where are awards in a resume sample?

    Add optional sections like awards or honors at the bottom of your resume, under education.

    How do I write the work experience section of a resume?

    A good resume work experience section will list three-to-five resume bullet point examples of measured accomplishments for each job displayed and will not show a list of job duties or tasks performed. A good resume bullet points example might look like this: 

    “Sold 500 widgets in one week.” 

    For inspiration, look closely at the work experience in the resume samples on this page. 

    Do you have college graduate resume examples?

    Yes, we offer a variety of college graduate resume examples, along with business resume examples, student resume examples and samples of resumes for all levels in most fields. No matter which you choose, our resume samples will help ensure you do not write a generic resume. Our excellent resume examples are varied, so you can get ideas for writing customized resumes no matter your career goals.

    Resume examples: key takeaways

    • Sample resumes for job applications are great tools when writing resumes because they provide ideas for each section of a resume and show you how to format a resume correctly. 
    • Highlight measurable accomplishments on your resume. 
    • Every resume you write should be tailored to the job description. 
    • My Perfect Resume resume samples are designed by professionals and meet all the requirements for a good resume.
    • For best results, choose an example of a resume that matches your job title, industry and experience level.
    • Study examples of resume formats to help you pick the best resume format for you.

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