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Resume Examples by Industry and Job title



These resume samples emphasize attention to detail, ability to work with numbers, and knowledge of important software like Microsoft Excel.

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Business And Operations

Business Operations

Give examples of how you’ve successfully impacted a company’s bottom line through leading teams and improving processes using these resume samples for inspiration.

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Computer Software 1

Computer Software

These resume examples show you should list programs the job requires, as well as any additional certifications or training you have in important languages, software or apps.

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Customer Service 1

Customer Service

Learn to emphasize quality intangibles such as communication, teamwork and flexibility, as well as any organizational or administrative experience and skills using these resume examples.

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Data And Systems Administration 1

Data Systems Administration

As these resume samples demonstrate, including skills with data management software, and key intangible skills such as collaboration and problem-solving abilities is critical to success.

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Get inspired with our resume samples and highlight experiences where you’ve dealt with a company’s finances or budget, as well as your facility with calculations, cost analysis, data processing, and cash flow management.

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Fitness And Nutrition 1

Fitness and Nutrition

These resume samples include fitness training experience, with specific areas of focus (e.g., pilates, spinning), as well as any knowledge or training you’ve had in using diet and nutrition programs.

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Food Service

Food Service

Note a strong work ethic, an ability to work well with others, and multi-tasking and flexibility in the skills section for resumes samples targeting jobs in this industry.

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Healthcare And Support

Healthcare Support

In addition to knowledge of medical procedures and speciality areas that tie in with the job, these resume examples feature skills such as attention to detail, patient communication, and the ability to excel in high-pressure situations.

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Hospitality 1


These resume samples feature people skills, and past work experiences where the applicant successfully displayed teamwork and customer service abilities. Any certifications or training you’ve had in hospitality, hotel administration or event management are also useful to feature.

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Human Resources

Human Resources

Communication and organization abilities are featured in these resume examples, as well as skills with databases and other human resources software such as SuccessFactors.

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Information Technology

Information Technology

These resume samples list skills and experiences with setting up servers and employee computers, as well as a variety of communication, organization and problem-solving abilities.

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Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Experiences cataloging, warehousing, transporting, and storing products are featured in these resume samples, as well as expertise in record-keeping and inventory software.

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Emphasis is placed on communication and salesmanship abilities in these resume examples, as well as any expertise in marketing campaigns and strategy, and social media.

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In these resume samples, specialized medical training and/or certifications are top priority, as well as any experience in settings such as hospitals and private practice.

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Emphasizing interpersonal and communication skills are key in these resume samples, as well as examples of superior time management, attention to detail, and ability to relate to patients.

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These resume examples show that it’s important to list any licenses you have for operating specialized equipment such as lifters and loaders, and emphasize traits such as flexibility, teamwork and dependability.

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As evidenced by these resume examples, it’s critical to provide details on experiences where you’ve hit sales targets, demonstrated success using best practices, and improved revenue generation.

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List your subjects of focus (e.g., English, Social Studies), and examples from your work experience of educating and leading students. These resume examples show the importance of focusing on important intangible skills such as communication, enthusiasm and patience.

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Web Development

Web Development

For this industry, our resume samples show that it’s important to feature your analytical, testing and debugging skills, as well as your knowledge of specific software and programming languages.

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