800+ Resume Examples and Guides for All 2023 Job Seekers

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Browse top resume examples by job, industry, format, and experience level. Every sample is created and approved by our team of Certified Professional Resume Writers (CPRW).

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Pharmacist Resume Example

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It’s said that we learn best by example and resume writing is no exception. Whether you have written numerous resumes or you’re gearing up to write your very first resume, good resume examples can help you write better, more effective resumes that get interviews. That’s why we’ve provided this guide with hundreds of professional resume examples for any job, industry and career level. 

Top resume examples by job title

Teacher resume example

Pat Summers is a recent college graduate who wants to showcase her education and relevant coursework in a way that positions her as a strong candidate for her first professional teaching job.

This is a good first teacher resume example for Pat because it:

  • Contains a career objective which is more useful than a professional summary for a first-time job seeker.
  • Highlights Pat’s summary of qualifications prominently along with the professional skills she gained as a student teacher.
  • Makes it easy to find Pat’s education credentials.

Registered nurse resume example

As a recent immigrant, Lucy Garcia has limited work experience in her new country. She wants to highlight the job-relevant skills and work experience she gained in her home country in a way that demonstrates to potential employers that she is a top job candidate in her field.

This is a good registered nurse resume for Lucy because it:

  • Prominently displays the 10+ years of progressive work experience Lucy gained in her home country.
  • Highlights Lucy’s nursing education and certification.
  • Uses a career objective to explain Lucy’s career goals — a good choice for someone applying for a job in a new country. 

Outside sales representative resume example

Chris Andrews is a military veteran with experience in a specialized field. She wants to translate her military experience into relevant civilian skills and work experience so potential employers know that she can do the work.

This is a good outside sales representative resume for Chris because it:

  • Focuses on her transferable skills — intangible qualities she can apply to any job and industry — to show she can transition from military to civilian work.
  • Has a career objective that explains the kind of position Chris wants and some of the key skills that will help her succeed in the role.
  • Displays examples of measurable achievements to show hiring managers the impact Chris could make in her civilian role.

Accounting manager resume example

Michelle Johnson is recently retired and looking to return to the workforce part-time. She wants to address her time away from the workforce while showcasing her relevant skills and work experience so hiring managers see her as a strong job candidate.

This is a good accounting manager resume example for Michelle because:

  • Tells hiring managers that she is retired and looking for part-time work in her field.
  • Displays Michelle’s extensive work experience and strong skill set prominently.
  • Shows Michelle’s recent business certifications which convey that she has stayed up to date in the industry.

Student resume example

As a recent high school graduate with limited work experience, James Fennessey wants to emphasize his volunteer experience, extracurricular activities and academic achievements to secure his first job.

This is a good student resume example because:

  • It highlights transferable skills in a career objective that tells hiring managers that James is a high school graduate looking for entry-level work.
  • It displays extracurricular and volunteer activities to show that James has relevant experience.
  • It emphasizes James’s mixed skill set and explains how he used his skills in a variety of activities.

Medical assistant resume example

Fatima Bashar is a midcareer professional who wants to change industries. She wants to highlight her transferable skills and explain her reasons for transitioning into another field so potential employers see her as a strong candidate for a job in her new industry.

This is a good career-change resume example for a medical asssistant because It:

  • States why Fatima wants to transition from a medical assistant role to a project management position and how she plans to succeed through education and training.
  • Highlights Fatima’s transferable skills.
  • Displays a recent certification in project management, which tells hiring managers that Fatima is serious about the role.

Finance executive resume example

As a finance executive with several years of work experience, Li Zhang wants to showcase her achievements and skill set while condensing her work history in a way that helps her stand out to hiring managers.

This is a good finance executive resume example because it:

  • Presents a mix of skills suitable for a finance executive with more than five years of experience.
  • Has a professional summary — a better option than a resume objective for someone with many years of experience in the same field.
  • Clearly displays Li’s relevant progressive work experience in reverse chronological order.

Personal trainer resume example

Marc Robinson has extensive experience in his field but wants to change careers. He wants to convey that he can transfer his skills to his new industry and highlight his relevant experience so hiring managers see him as a top candidate for a role in his target field.

This is a good personal trainer resume example for a career transition because it:

  • Highlights the technical knowledge and transferable skills Marc can carry over to his desired career.
  • Shows the impact Marc has made for his clients in his work as a personal trainer.
  • Uses an objective statement to explain Marc’s goals for his new profession.

Global project manager resume example

As a non-native English speaker, Sayo Takashi wants to communicate her skills and work experience clearly and effectively so potential English-speaking employers know she is a qualified job candidate. 

This is a good resume example for an experienced global project manager because it:

  • Conveys Sayo’s top achievements from her more than 15-year career in project management.
  • Displays a mix of relevant skills.
  • Emphasizes Sayo’s professional certification and graduate degree in the header.

Customer service representative resume example

Evyn Williams is a stay-at-home parent returning to the workforce. She wants to emphasize her transferable skills and explain the gap in her work history in a compelling way so hiring managers focus on her job-relevant strengths.

This is a good customer service representative resume example for Evyn because it:

  • Tells hiring managers immediately that she is a stay-at-home parent returning to the workforce.
  • Presents her professional certifications in a separate section.
  • Displays Evyn’s skills prominently.

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Customer service resume examples (18)

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Data & systems administration resume samples (14)

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Fitness and nutrition resume examples (10)

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Food service resume samples (19)

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