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Professional Resume Examples for 2022

Top Jobs and Industries

Boost the quality of your resume using our resume samples. Our professional resume examples cover every kind of occupation and provide a foundation for building your own job-winning resume. Just click a resume example to access our tips and guide on how to write a resume.

Pharmacist Resume Example

Resume examples by work experience

Student resume sample

  • Use a functional format that features the skills and training you already have.
  • Emphasize qualifications rather than experience — describe your best, most relevant skills and training.
  • Organize your skills section under important topics  that address what the job needs. (e.g., “Administrative Skills” for an administrative assistant position)
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Recent college grad resume sample

  • In this example of a resume, we use a functional format to highlight skills and qualifications.
  • Focus on extracurricular and volunteer experiences that feature skills relevant to the job you want.
  • Stress related certifications and educational highlights. (e.g., Adobe Creative Suite certification for a graphic design job)
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Experienced (non-managerial) resume sample

  • Use a combination format which provides a solid rundown of your skills and work achievements.
  • Emphasize specific successes from previous positions, using facts and numbers whenever possible. (e.g., “Managed processes that improved company profits by 23% over previous year.”)
  • Include a mix of soft and hard skills
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Experienced (managerial) resume sample

  • Use a chronological format that emphasizes your extensive work history.
  • Include, at least, your last 10 years of work experience.
  • Highlight specific projects and accomplishments that show you can lead a team to success.
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Career change resume sample

  • Use a combination format, which emphasizes work experiences and skills.
  • Emphasize transferable skills and work achievements that apply to the new job.
  • Consider using an objective statement that explains why you’re interested in changing careers.
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Resume Examples For All Industries

Accounting Resume Examples

Like the following example of a resume for an accountant, emphasize your attention to detail, ability to work with numbers, and knowledge of important software like Microsoft Excel.

Administrative Resume Examples

Feature your organizational ability, knowledge of office software and work experience that show you can collaborate well with others. To better understand how to organize your information, click a job that’s similar to yours and use that resume example as inspiration.

Billing and Collections Resume Examples

Show off your numerical acumen, your attention to detail, and proficiency with important spreadsheet and accounting programs, as shown in these resume samples.

Child Care Resume Examples

Like these examples for a resume in child care, you should emphasize interpersonal skills such as patience and the ability to function well under pressure. Highlight job experiences that show your organizational prowess.

Computer Software Resume Examples

As detailed in the resume samples below, make sure you list programs that the job requires and any additional certifications or training you have in important software or apps.

Construction Resume Examples

Stress your knowledge of construction techniques or specialties such as plumbing or electrical systems, as well as your ability to handle specific equipment (e.g., forklifts or bulldozers).Use these examples of a resume to apply to a job in construction.

Culinary Resume Examples

Follow these resume samples and focus on your proficiency with specific cuisines and in particular settings (e.g., sous chef duties), as well as your work ethic and ability to collaborate with others.

Customer Service Resume Examples

Like the sample resume below, emphasize intangible qualities in your resume writing, such as communication, teamwork and flexibility, as well as any organizational or administrative experience and skills. To view more good resume examples in this industry, click the links and explore the rest of our library.

Data & Systems Administration Resume Examples

Use these resume samples to feature your abilities with specific data management software and key soft skills such as collaboration and problem-solving abilities.

Fitness and Nutrition Resume Examples

Find the perfect resume example for your fitness and nutrition career. In your writing, give examples of fitness training experience, including specific areas of focus (e.g., Pilates, spinning), as well as any knowledge or training you’ve had using diet and nutrition programs.

Food Service Resume Examples

Note how these resume examples feature skills such as a strong work ethic, the ability to work well with others, multitasking and flexibility. You can use them to get resume ideas and inspiration to create yours.

Healthcare Support Resume Examples

In addition to knowledge of medical procedures and speciality areas that tie in with the job, feature skills such as attention to detail, patient communication and the ability to excel in high-pressure situations. Before writing, choose one of our health care support work resume examples to review and see how the information is organized.

Information Technology Resume Examples

Take a cue from these resume samples and list your experiences with setting up servers and employee computers, as well as your communication, organization and problem-solving abilities.

Medical Resume Examples

Highlight specialized medical training and certifications, using these resume samples as a guide. Include experience you’ve had in settings such as hospitals and private practice.

Nursing Resume Examples

Emphasize your interpersonal and communication skills along with examples of superior time management, attention to detail and ability to relate to patients, just like in the example of a resume letter below.

Production Resume Examples

List any licenses you have for operating specialized equipment such as lifters and loaders. Note that the professional resume examples in our library emphasize traits such as flexibility, teamwork and dependability.

Retail Resume Examples

Similar to the resume example shown below, give examples from your work history that showcase your skills in managing products and services, and your customer and client service abilities.

Sales Resume Examples

As evidenced by the resume examples below, it’s important to provide details on experiences where you’ve hit sales targets or demonstrated success using best practices and revenue generation.

Social Services Resume Examples

Highlight your organizational abilities, as well as experiences that show you can relate well with others and have a strong problem-solving approach. The example of a resume for a social worker below perfectly illustrates this.

Teaching Resume Examples

List your subjects of focus (e.g., English, Social Studies), and examples from your work experience of educating and leading students. The following resume samples focus on important intangible skills such as communication, enthusiasm and patience.

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