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50+ Resume Objective Examples (With Writing Tips)

Ho Lin by Ho Lin, Content Strategy Manager
Last Updated: July 27, 2022Rated 4.5/5 Stars

For some job seekers, a resume objective serves as the best way to present themselves to potential employers; they can state their career goals and highlight their expertise. But when should you use an objective statement? And is it the same thing as a summary statement?

If you’re not sure, you’ve come to the right place. Our advice will show you who the resume objective is for, when to use it, and how to write a good objective for your resume.

Resume Objective Mobile

What is a resume objective?

A resume objective statement (also known as a career objective) leads off your resume.

It’s a two to three-sentence statement that explains your job goal and emphasizes important skills and traits you can bring to a job. Take a look at this career objective example:

Mobile Resume Objective Steps

  1. Who you are

    Start your resume objective by describing yourself. Are you a skilled web developer? An enthusiastic first-time job seeker with experience in community volunteer work? Think in terms of what best fits the job.

  2. Years of experience (if applicable)

    If you have relevant professional experience you can point to, mention it here.

  3. Objective

    Concentrate on the here and now, and use your career objective to mention the type of position you’re interested in.

  4. Top skills and experiences

    Feature abilities and expertise that fit the job objective.

When to use a resume objective (and general resume objective examples)

When writing a resume, you have the option of using a summary statement (more on this below) or an objective statement. You should use career objectives for a resume if you don’t have much work experience in the field, are changing careers, or applying for a goal-oriented job.

Here are examples of resume objectives for different scenarios:

High school students

If you’re a high school student, a good objective for a resume will allow you to focus on your job goal and skills you’ve picked up at school (e.g., major academic achievements, evidence of leadership roles in school activities). Follow this resume objective example and make the right impression by underscoring your enthusiasm and work ethic and any skills related to the position.


High school student with passion for fashion and experience with custom outfit designs, seeking an intern position. Outgoing and committed to customer satisfaction, with desire to expand my skills in fashion design and administration

College students

As with a high school student objective statement, highlight major academic and extracurricular credentials, as well as any professional experiences (e.g., internships, part-time work) and extracurricular activities (e.g., volunteer or school adviser work) that demonstrate how well you can handle responsibility. Use this resume objective sample as a guide.


Enthusiastic college student working towards a BA in English at Jones College. Looking to build on experience as senior editor at college newspaper and attain journalism internship that focuses on political reportage.

First-time job seekers

If you’re applying for a job for the first time, a good resume objective will highlight your goals and capabilities. Focus on training and experiences that show you can make a positive impact on the job. Stress soft skills that show employers you’ve got the right attitude.


Well-trained, organized economics graduate specializing in international copyright law. Keen on securing opportunities to utilize training and skills in the biotech industry.
  • Extra tip

    Make sure your accompanying resume is organized in a functional format that highlights your skills rather than your (lack of) professional experience.

Job seeker changing careers

When switching career fields, you might not have a lot of related work experience in the new career field to point to. That’s where an objective statement comes in. Like the general objective statement example below, pinpoint transferable skills which fit your new career path and explain your new career interest.


Experienced graphic designer eager to use visual skills, attention to detail, and organizational capabilities to begin a new career in social media marketing.
  • Extra tip

    The combination resume is ideal for presenting a balanced mix of relevant job experiences and skills. For more on formats, check our Resume Formats page.

Job seeker changing locations

Treat this the same as a standard resume objective statement, focusing on your best attributes along with additional details about why you’re seeking a new position due to relocation. Look at this career objective example and how it’s worded.


Logistics coordinator with five years’ experience in carrier acquisition and development moving to Springfield in January. Seeking a position in global logistics management, with focus on import/export compliance

Job seeker applying for a goal-oriented job

For goal-oriented jobs, your skills and aptitude count more than anything else, so display them using an objective statement. Show employers that you’re ready and willing to tackle a position that favors someone who can grow and make progress in the role.


Enthusiastic banking specialist specializing in home loan products, ready to continue developing knowledge and skills in a branch manager role.

Resume objective vs. summary statement

Is it better to have a career objective or a summary statement on a resume? It depends on your years of experience and the goal of your resume.

A summary statement (also known as a professional summary) focuses more on the company’s needs and how your skills and experience can fill the job — it’s ideal for people with several years of experience in the same industry. A resume objective, on the other hand, lets an employer know your career intentions and goals.


Reliable administrative professional seeks to bring supervisory skills to a warehouse manager position. Has three years of experience in organizational support for hardware store chain, including handling product inventory and shipping invoices.


Warehouse associate with five years of top-notch experience in logistics. Fully versed in inventory management and storage processes, and brings excellent communication and leadership skills with a staff of five+ employees.

These examples are targeted for a warehouse manager job, but the objective statement explains transferable skills that the candidate is bringing over from previous work, while the summary statement emphasizes knowledge and experience already gained in the same career field.

For more details and tips on writing a summary statement, visit our page, How to Write a Resume Summary.

Student resume objective examples

Reliable and mature high school junior seeking part-time retail sales associate position. Looking to gain department store experience for a future career in sales and marketing.
Self-motivated, high school graduate with three months experience in administrative work seeking administrative assistant role. Experienced in MS Office, with strong attention to detail and collaborative skills.
Highly motivated high school graduate with two years experience in business environments. Seeking salesperson position that utilizes customer service skills and organizational abilities.
Graphic design student with proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite seeking position at ABC Designs. Experienced in dealing with deadlines and producing work to specifications as freelance designer
Hard-working technical school student seeking internship in building construction to gain more expertise in project management and processes. Offers solid background in electrical and plumbing work
Computer science student eager to tackle internship opportunities in web development. Has full range of HTML/CSS, testing and debugging skills, and an efficient, deadline-focused approach to work

Recent college grad resume objective examples

Recent technical school graduate looking for opportunity to apply electrical knowledge and customer service skills to electrician position. Fully trained in installing circuit breakers and transformers in residential and business buildings.
Driven graduate with exceptional organizational and leadership skills. Seeking product management position that makes use of strong marketing, project design and development, and customer engagement skills.
Friendly cosmetologist eager to find position in a fast-paced, fun environment. Experienced in providing top-notch pedicure and manicure treatments. State-licensed esthetician with strong time management skills.
Recent graduate with bachelor’s degree in accounting, seeking position that makes use of analytical, decision-making, and problem-solving skills. Fully versed in Microsoft Excel functions, including pivot tables, and proficient in Hyperion and Oracle. Brings collaborative, positive, deadline-focused approach to work.

Experienced (non-managerial) employee resume objective examples

Reliable bartender pursuing position in boutique hotel lounge. Three years’ experience providing alcohol service in bars serving 200+ guests daily, with emphasis on superior customer service and maintaining a safe, clean environment.
Compassionate individual pursuing caregiver opportunities that require patient-focused services. Trustworthy, state-licensed caregiver with positive demeanor and experience looking after geriatric patients on a daily basis.
Hard-working retail associate with three years experience in physical and online stores looking to make an impact in customer service. Excels in communication, team support and collaboration, and managing customer queries in person and online.
Certified dental assistant eager to move up to position of more responsibility. Top skills include X-rays and lab tasks, coronal polishing and fluoride application. Strong attention to detail and administrative skills, including patient billing and record organization.

Experienced (managerial) employee resume objective examples

Dedicated, resourceful human resources admin seeking senior-level position in HR management. Adept at interviews, administration, mentoring and leading junior employees. Proficient with handling hiring for companies of up to 200 employees in all facets of the tech industry.
Seasoned IT professional with knowledge of server system set-up and maintenance, and office computer installations and troubleshooting. Eager to expand responsibilities with a position overseeing the IT needs of a major company.

Resume objective examples for different jobs and industries

These resume objective statement examples are tailored to fit specific jobs and career fields. For samples of complete resumes in these industries, visit our resume examples section.

Accounting resume objective example
Emerging accounting professional ready to develop career foundation with expanding operation. Knowledgeable in GAAP, systematic and well-organized, with commitment to records accuracy.
Administrative resume objective example
Organized, hard-working professional looking for growth-oriented position in office management. Outgoing and collaborative worker, skilled in communication and time management.
Billing & Collections resume objective example
Efficient office assistant seeking a bookkeeper role. Proficient in using accounting software including QuickBooks, with experience managing recordkeeping for warehouse. Excels at learning new accounting methods.
Business Operations resume objective example
Assistant operations manager proficient in organizing schedules and enhancing financial controls, seeking new opportunities that focus on sales strategies and coordinating service initiatives.
Child Care resume objective example
Caring and enthusiastic babysitter seeking opportunities in daycare setting. Experienced in caring for children ages 5-12. Patient, adaptable and comfortable with large and small groups.
Computer Software resume objective example
Recent college grad with training in architecture, design and implementation seeking software developer position. Comfortable working in self-starting and team environments.
Construction resume objective example
Dedicated worker familiar with safety regulations and concrete mixing techniques looking for builder positions. Experienced in working with crews and subcontractors.
Culinary resume objective example
Industrious apprentice cook with 2+ years kitchen experience eager to move up to a role of increased responsibility. Fully trained in food safety, sanitation and preparation techniques at restaurant serving 500 customers daily.
Customer Service resume objective example
Focused professional skilled in sales and customer relationship development seeking client service specialist position. Adept in metrics, campaign management and team collaboration.
Data and Systems Administration resume objective example
Recent graduate trained in LAN and WAN infrastructure seeking network engineer position. Proficient in planning and project management and communication.
Event Planning resume objective example
Enthusiastic event planning associate looking for opportunities in event coordination. Organized and positive, with experience handling musical events for audiences of up to 10,000 as intern with national event company.
Finance resume objective example
Accredited accountant eager to attain position as a financial analyst. Detail-oriented and trained in preparing tax returns for organizations and individuals.
Fitness and Nutrition resume objective example
Resourceful camp leader with excellent planning skills looking for new position as yoga instructor. Skilled communicator with experience leading small and large groups in exercise activities.
Food Service resume objective example
College student seeks part-time barista role in coffee shop setting. Quick learner with friendly personality and two summers of food and beverage experience.
Health Care Support resume objective example
Experienced receptionist looking to begin career in health care administration as patient coordinator. Skilled in customer service, schedule management and records administration.
Human Resources resume objective example
Recent graduate with administrative experience working in health insurance offices seeking position as benefits administrator. Proficient with managing records and working collaboratively.
Information Technology resume objective example
Eager graduate with new degrees in computer science and support seeking technical support position with growth opportunities. Skilled in Windows and OS operating systems, as well as related hardware and accessories.
Law resume objective example
Industrious legal clerk looking to gain more experience as a paralegal. Well-versed in legal administration and investigation, and handling office administration.
Logistics resume objective example
Organized professional focused on keeping delivery and customer service operations moving smoothly, seeking dispatcher position. Proficient in transportation best practices and compliance requirements.
Marketing resume objective example
Student with social media campaign experience seeking marketing position focusing on social media. Freelance experience includes handling campaigns for local businesses that increased customer engagement by 53%.
Media and Communication resume objective example
Recent graduate fluent in Spanish and Chinese seeking position as interpreter. Skilled in translating documents and audio recordings, with an emphasis on accuracy.
Medical resume objective example
Medical school student seeking full-time dialysis technician position. Hands-on experience preparing treatment rooms, performing administrative duties, and managing lab and procedure results.
Nursing resume objective example
Registered nurse with 4 years’ experience in hospitals and nursing homes, looking for permanent position on hospital staff. Knowledgeable in geriatric and pediatric care, CNA oversight, and patient chart and records organization.
Production resume objective example
Hard-working production worker seeking position as machine operator. Offers expertise in supporting manufacturing needs. Experienced in moving supplies, organizing products and packaging shipments.
Retail resume objective example
Enthusiastic sales professional seeking retail associate opportunity. Experienced part-time worker at major retail chain, and skilled at loss prevention, record keeping and team leadership.
Safety and Security resume objective example
Army veteran seeking position as security guard. Well-trained in security procedures, monitoring closed-circuit feeds, and conflict resolution.
Sales resume objective example
Dedicated Sales Manager with proven record of sales results seeking and maintaining relationships with clients and customers. Over 10 years’ experience as marketing manager with major clothing distributor.
Social Services resume objective example
Team-oriented social services volunteer seeking permanent case manager position. Experience facilitating services and counseling with state-run agencies. Well-versed in assessments.
Teaching resume objective example
Accomplished English teacher seeking opportunities at the high school teaching level. Experienced teaching AP English to classes of 30+ students and managing successful summer programs for at-risk youth.
Web development resume objective example
Computer science student looking for full-time opportunities as a web developer. Trained in HTML, CSS and Javascript, with experience in building consumer-facing websites.

5 steps: resume objective writing tips

Before you sit down to write a career objective for your resume, take a look at our expert writing tips and apply them to yours. For information on resume writing, check out our How to Write a Resume guide.

Study the job description.

Look over the job posting. What qualities and skills does the job require? What are the major responsibilities? Draw on your skills and experience that address these requirements, and then apply them to your resume objective.

Job description example

Skills required:

  • Customer service skills
  • Creating and implementing SOPs
  • Skills to motivate and build a team of leaders
  • Timeline management/deadline delivery
  • Planning and goal setting
  • Budget management
  • Knowledgeable of the construction industry and up to date on the ever-changing trends


  • Oversee construction from pre-construction through close out.
  • Responsible for keeping the project on schedule and within budget.
  • Review all architectural plans, shop drawings, lighting proposals, and other documentation related to design development and construction processes.
  • Ensure work is done in compliance with all relevant building and safety codes.
  • Maintain cost estimates of assigned projects and assist in soliciting and obtaining bids from contractors, subcontractors and material suppliers.


Using the job statement for your objective statement

Objective Statement Example:

Accomplished construction coordinator with 10+ years experience overseeing construction schedules, budgets and processes. Customer-focused leader well-versed in SOPs, and ensuring work is completed on deadline, following safety parameters. Seeking to apply knowledge of construction techniques and vendors to a position that focuses on $5 million+ office construction projects.

Emphasize your unique qualities and accomplishments.

Applicants for an office assistant position will mention how well they know Microsoft Office, but how many can mention the time they helped streamline expense processes for a team of 100 employees? Be specific in your career objective about achievements and abilities that are above the norm, and make you stand out. Note how the “good” example provides these important details.

Bad Enthusiastic teacher with experience teaching high school classes. Seeking tenured position in prestigious private school.
Good Enthusiastic teacher with experience teaching AP English and Social Studies to high school classes of 30+ students. Seeking tenured position in prestigious private school.

Show how you’ll add value to a company.

It’s the prime question on every employer’s mind: How can you help a company succeed? To answer that question, refer back to the job description, pinpoint responsibilities where you can contribute the most, and state them upfront in your objective statement. For example, if you’re applying for a software engineer job that focuses on creating reliable and scalable reporting services for clients, you could write your objective statement this way:

Reliable, detail-oriented software engineer with 10 years of expertise in core web design. Looking to design reporting services for companies ranging from start-ups to large corporations.

Be concise and punchy.

The objective statement will be the first thing an employer will read on your resume — don’t lose them by getting long-winded. Keep your sentences brief, cut out pronouns like “I” and “my,” and cut to the chase: your best qualifications and how you can help a company. Use action verbs in your job objective to describe previous accomplishments, and keep subjective language (e.g., “strong skills”) to a minimum. The “bad” resume objective sample overdoes it on first-person pronouns like “I” and “my,” resulting in a long-winded statement, while the “good” statement keeps the phrasing short and sweet.

Bad I am looking for an opportunity to use my strong administrative skills and my ability to relate to others to further my career as a community organizer.
Good Organizer with administrative and interpersonal skills, seeking opportunities to further serve the community. Managed local health care initiatives for town hospital.

Build your resume off your objective statement.

Think of your objective statement as your tone-setter. You’re describing your best attributes up top, so the rest of your resume should provide specific examples of how you’ve used those attributes successfully. If you state that you’re an experienced paralegal in your resume objective, give details in your work history section about accomplishments in this area, and show how you’ve contributed to a firm’s success. Take a look at this career objective sample: “Worked closely with senior law partners to manage complex, deadline-intensive projects. Recognized by law practice of 15 attorneys as key contributor.”

Remember, the more unique and specific your experiences and skills are in your career objective, the more you’ll stand out. If you’re a restaurant manager, writing “Managed kitchen and customer services for restaurant” won’t make as much of an impact as “Managed kitchen and customer services for 200-seat restaurant with 5-star Yelp rating.”

See our tips on writing a work history section for more on quantifying your accomplishments.

The next step: use our Resume Builder

Now that you know how to write an objective statement, we can help you write the rest of your resume using our Resume Builder. Our library of resume templates is professionally designed, ATS-friendly and perfect to take your career to the next level.

1 Professional, Customizable Templates

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Our job-specific suggestions will help you fill out every section of your resume — including the resume objective.

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Key resume objective takeaways

To wrap up, let’s run through a quick recap and see once more what makes a good objective statement for a resume:

Your resume objective should communicate:

  • Who you are
  • Your number of years of experience (if applicable)
  • Your job goal or objective
  • Your top skills and experiences that pertain to the job you’re interested in

When writing your objective statement, focus on:

  • Your unique qualities and experiences
  • Matching your abilities with what the company needs
  • Writing a concise, punchy statement that’s two to three sentences long

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