50+ Resume Objective Examples [+ Writing Tips]

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The purpose of a resume objective, sometimes called a career objective, is to tell hiring managers what you intend to do for them and why you are qualified to do it. An objective for a resume should always be tailored precisely to the target job.

In this guide, we will look closely at the resume objective statement and provide more than 50 resume objective examples, along with tips for making your resume statement intriguing. 

Plus we’ll answer:

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Student objective statement examples

Sample resume objectives for high school students

If you’re a high school student or a recent graduate, underscore your enthusiasm and work ethic, and focus on your academic achievements, volunteer activities and the skills you picked up in school when writing an objective for your resume.

Reliable and mature high school junior seeking part-time retail sales associate position. Looking to gain department store experience for a future career as a sales manager.
Self-motivated high school graduate with three months experience in administrative work seeking administrative assistant role. Experienced in MS Office, with strong attention to detail and collaborative skills.
Highly motivated high school senior with two years experience in business operations. Seeking a position that utilizes customer service skills and organizational abilities.
Recent high school graduate with passion for fashion and experience with custom outfit designs, seeking an intern position as a fashion merchandiser. Outgoing and committed to customer satisfaction, skilled in design and administration.

Pro Tip: Find hundreds more resume objective examples on our resume examples page.

College student resume career objective examples

College students should highlight coursework, part-time work experience, awards and related extracurricular activities in their career objectives. These objective resume examples show how to do it.

Graphic design student and freelance graphic designer proficient with Adobe Creative Suite seeking position at ABC Designs. Experienced in dealing with deadlines and producing work to specifications. Won Most Innovative Design Award in 2021 for Senior project.
Hard-working civil engineering student seeking work as a civil engineering intern. Offers solid background in carpentry and project management.
Computer science student eager to tackle internship opportunities in web development. Has full range of HTML/CSS, testing and debugging skills, and an efficient, deadline-focused approach to work.
Software engineering student eager to tackle internship opportunities in web development. Has full range of HTML/CSS, testing and debugging skills and an efficient, deadline-focused approach to work.
Enthusiastic college student working towards a BA in English at Jones College. Looking to build on experience as a journalist at college newspaper and attain journalism internship focusing on political reporting.

Pro tip Want more help writing an objective for a resume? You’re sure to find inspiration in our library of student resume examples.

Recent college graduate resume objective examples

If you’re applying for a professional job for the first time, a good objective for a resume should highlight your achievements, a high GPA and internships. Focus on training and experiences that show you can make a direct impact, like these sample resume objectives:

Recent college graduate with degree in electrical engineering seeking chance to apply electrical knowledge and customer service skills as an electrical apprentice. Fully trained in installing circuit breakers and transformers in residential and commercial buildings.
Driven college graduate with 4.0 GPA from Smith College and experience as marketing coordinator and volunteer mentor for underserved high school students. Seeking a product management position that requires strong leadership, project design and development skills.
Award-winning cosmetology school graduate eager to find position in a fast-paced, fun environment. Experience providing creative pedicure and manicure treatments. State-licensed esthetician with strong time management skills.
Recent graduate with bachelor’s degree in accounting, seeking position as accounting assistant that requires exceptional analytical, decision making and problem-solving skills. Fully versed in Microsoft Excel functions, including pivot tables and proficient in Hyperion and Oracle. Brings collaborative, positive, deadline-focused approach to work.

Pro tip When you lack professional work experience, the functional resume format is a good bet because it highlights your skills.

Career change objective examples for a resume

These sample resume objectives will give you an idea of what to include in your resume objective when you’re a mid-level professional looking to change your career. Use your objective statement to pinpoint transferable skills that show you can perform the work required, like the  job objective examples below:

Reliable bartender pursuing position in boutique hotel lounge. Five years of experience providing alcohol service in hotel bars serving 150+ guests daily, emphasizing superior customer service and maintaining a safe, clean environment.
Hard-working retail manager with three years of experience looking to make an impact as an inside sales representative for a large corporation. Excels in communication, negotiation and analysis. Experience handling 200+ customer queries per week with successful outcomes.
Creative and agile copywriter with six years of experience in SEO writing, content development and web marketing looking to begin a new career in social media marketing. Collaborative and flexible with a track record of producing 10 stories a week ahead of deadline.
Certified dental assistant with 10 years of experience looking to become a dental hygienist. Top skills include X-rays and lab tasks, coronal polishing and fluoride application. Strong attention to detail, relationship-building, empathy and administrative skills, including patient billing and record organization.


Resume objective examples for job seekers looking to advance in their careers

Make your desire to grow in your field clear by stressing the skills that make you the perfect manager, as these career objectives examples show:

Seasoned and resourceful HR coordinator with more than 20 years of experience seeking position as HR manager. Adept at interviews, administration, mentoring and leading junior employees. Successfully created onboarding program for 50 new hires at Major Fortune 500 Company.
IT professional with five years working in high technology companies. Extensive knowledge of server system set-up and maintenance and office computer installations and troubleshooting. Eager to expand responsibilities with a position as IT trainer for a small startup.
Journeyman carpenter with eight years of experience who completes projects on time and on budget ready to move into project manager position. Currently manages a team of five crew members while overseeing fast-paced commercial building projects. Won OSHA Safety Medal of Honor Award two years in a row.

Pro tip The chronological resume is the best resume format for people with at least one year of consistent work experience and job seekers who want to show their career progression.

Resume objective examples for top jobs

These resume objective statement examples are tailored to fit specific jobs and career fields.

Accounting resume objective example

Emerging accounting assistant ready to develop career foundation with expanding operation. Knowledgeable in GAAP, systematic and well-organized, with commitment to records accuracy.

Administrative objective on resume example

Organized, hard-working professional looking for growth-oriented position as office manager. Outgoing and collaborative worker, skilled in communication and time management.

Billing & Collections resume objective example

Efficient office assistant seeking a bookkeeper role. Proficient in using accounting software, including QuickBooks, with experience managing recordkeeping for warehouse. Excels at learning new accounting methods.

Business Operations  sample objective for a resume

Assistant operations manager proficient in organizing schedules and enhancing financial controls, seeking new opportunities focusing on sales strategies and coordinating service initiatives.

Child Care resume objective example

Caring and enthusiastic babysitter seeking opportunities in daycare setting. Experienced in caring for children ages 5-12. Patient, adaptable and comfortable with large and small groups.

Computer Software general objective for a resume

Recent college grad with training in architecture, design and implementation seeking software engineering manager position. Comfortable working in self-starting and team environments.

Construction resume objective example

Dedicated worker familiar with safety regulations and concrete mixing techniques looking for a job as crane operator. Experienced in working with crews and subcontractors.

Culinary resume objective

Industrious line cook with over two years kitchen experience ready to move into a role of increased responsibility. Looking for work as a cook in a fast-paced establishment. Fully trained in food safety, sanitation and preparation techniques at restaurant serving 500 customers daily.

Customer Service objective on a resume example

Focused customer service professional skilled in sales and customer relationship development seeking client service specialist position. Adept in metrics, campaign management and team collaboration.

Data and Systems Administration resume objective example

Recent graduate trained in LAN and WAN infrastructure seeking entry-level network engineer position. Proficient in planning,project management and communication.

Event Planning resume objective example

Enthusiastic event planning associate looking for opportunities in event coordination. Organized and positive, with experience handling musical events for audiences of up to 10,000 as intern with national event company.

Finance resume objective

Accredited accountant eager to attain position as a financial analyst. Detail oriented and trained in preparing tax returns for organizations and individuals.


Fitness and Nutrition resume objective example

Resourceful camp leader with excellent planning skills looking for new position as yoga instructor. Skilled communicator with experience leading small and large groups in exercise activities.

Food Service sample objective for a resume

College student seeks part-time barista role in coffee shop setting. Quick learner with friendly personality and two summers of food and beverage experience.

Health Care Support resume objective example

Experienced receptionist looking to begin career in health care administration as patient coordinator. Skilled in customer service, schedule management and records administration.

Human Resources resume objective example

Recent graduate with administrative experience working in health insurance offices seeking position as benefits administrator. Proficient with managing records and working collaboratively.

Information Technology resume objective example

Eager graduate with new degrees in computer science and support seeking technical project manager position with growth opportunities. Skilled in Windows and OS operating systems, as well as related hardware and accessories.

Law resume objective

Industrious legal clerk looking to gain more experience as a paralegal. Well-versed in legal administration and investigation, and handling office administration.


Logistics sample objective for a resume

Organized professional focused on keeping delivery and customer service operations moving smoothly, seeking dispatcher position. Proficient in transportation best practices and compliance requirements.

Marketing resume objective example

Student with social media campaign experience seeking a position as a social media manager. Freelance experience includes handling campaigns for local businesses that increased customer engagement by 53%.

Media and Communication resume objective example

Recent graduate fluent in Spanish and Chinese seeking position as interpreter. Skilled in translating documents and audio recordings, with an emphasis on accuracy.

Medical resume objective

Medical school student seeking full-time dialysis technician position. Hands-on experience preparing treatment rooms, performing administrative duties, and managing lab and procedure results.


Nursing sample objective for a resume

Registered nurse with 4 years experience in hospitals and nursing homes, looking for permanent position on hospital staff. Knowledgeable in geriatric and pediatric care, CNA oversight, and patient chart and records organization.

Production resume objective example

Hard-working production worker seeking position as machine operator. Offers expertise in supporting manufacturing needs. Experienced in moving supplies, organizing products and packaging shipments.

Retail resume objective

Enthusiastic retail professional seeking cashier opportunity. Experienced part-time worker at major retail chain skilled at loss prevention, record keeping and team leadership.


Safety and Security resume objective example

Army veteran seeking position as security guard. Well-trained in security procedures, monitoring closed-circuit feeds, and conflict resolution.

Sales resume objective

Dedicated assistant sales manager with proven record of sales results seeking and maintaining relationships with clients and customers. Over 10 years of experience as marketing manager with major clothing distributor


Social Services sample objective for a resume

Team-oriented social services volunteer seeking permanent social worker position. Experience facilitating services and counseling with state-run agencies. Well-versed in assessments.

Teaching resume objective example

Accomplished high school social studies teacherr seeking new opportunity with private school. Experienced teaching AP social studies to classes of 30+ students and managing successful summer programs for at-risk youth.

Web development resume objective example

Computer science student looking for full-time opportunities as a web developer. Trained in HTML, CSS and Javascript, with experience in building consumer-facing websites.

Pro tip The combination resume is ideal for presenting a balanced mix of relevant job experiences and skills.

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What is an objective for a resume?

We’ve told you the purpose of a career objective but what is a resume objective, exactly? 

A resume objective is meant to be a convincing two- or three-sentence statement, placed at the top of a resume, that tells hiring managers why you want the job and provides a very brief overview of the relevant skills and professional accomplishments that qualify you for the position. 

For example, “Dedicated and organized executive assistant with three years of experience assisting C-Suite executives. Highly skilled in Microsoft Excel with a strong track record of managing accounts. Pursuing executive assistant position with ArrowTechnologies to apply my interpersonal skills and proficiency in relationship building to help the CEO meet long-term company acquisition goals.”

Pro tip Apply action verbs to make your career objective even more impressive.

Who should use a resume objective statement?

When writing a resume, you must provide either a resume summary or an objective statement. Many job seekers with experience in a given field introduce themselves to prospective employers in a summary, but job applicants with less experience or special circumstances often choose to use resume objectives for their resumes.  

When to use a career objective for a resume

There are specific circumstances which call for a resume objective rather than a resume summary, specifically: 

  • When writing a resume with no experience. If you’re a new high school or college graduate or you’ve received your GED and you’re applying for your first professional job, then a resume objective can help the hiring manager understand your career goals and how they align with the job opening. 
  • If you’re making a career change. For example, if you are a sales associate trying to transition to a marketing coordinator position, a resume career objective statement can touch on why you’re making the change and clarify that you have the skills necessary to transition to your new field. 
  • When you want to advance from associate to manager. If, for instance, you are a remote software engineer who wants to take their career to the next level as a software engineering manager, an objective on your resume can help you emphasize achievements from your work history that show you’ve earned the title.
  • When changing locations. When moving to a new place, it’s often a good idea to plan your job search ahead of time so you can get the job you want without losing the one you have. But what if the job requires you to be on site or work a hybrid schedule and your out-of-state address puts off the hiring manager? Explain the discrepancy in a compelling objective statement and expand on it in a powerful cover letter.

How to write an objective for a resume

A job objective is an introduction to your resume. Like an elevator pitch, it should be punchy and to-the-point. The best way to approach writing a resume objective is to break it down into four parts, as shown in this resume objective template. 

[Who you are] [Years of experience] [Statement of intent] [Top qualifications]

  1. Who you are

    Start your resume objective by describing yourself in terms of the job title you’re after. For example, “Meticulous accountant,” “Dedicated English teacher”  or “Efficient intensive care nurse.”

  2. Years of experience (if applicable)

    If you have relevant professional experience, mention it right away.

  3. Statement of intent.

    Use your career objective to tell the hiring manager why you want the job and be explicit.

  4. Top qualifications

    Bring it home by highlighting two or three hard or soft skills, and expertise that match the job description.

Mobile Resume Objective Steps

Pro tip Some people frown upon resume objectives because most job seekers tend to write generic statements that only focus on their goals. Set your objective statement apart by tailoring it precisely to the job and what you can do for the company.

Resume objective tips

Before you sit down to write a career objective for your resume, take a look at our expert resume objective tips to wow potential employers.

STEP 1Customize your resume objective statement.

A good objective statement for a resume is tailored to the job you want. Look over the job posting and take note of the job requirements. Match them to your qualifications and apply them to your resume objective statement.

STEP 2Emphasize your unique qualities 

When writing an objective for a resume, you must mention relevant skills and experience, but it’s even more important to highlight awards, honors and achievements to stand out. 

For example, many job applicants for an office assistant job might focus on their knowledge of Microsoft Office, but the one that emphasizes a time they used the software to streamline expense processes for a team of 100 employees will get noticed.  

Note the differences between these two customer service objective examples.


Reliable customer service professional with five years of experience. Solid track record of increasing customer satisfaction scores and building long-term relationships with clients. Increased return customer base by 25% in two years at Jiffy


Customer service associate with three years of experience in the automotive industry. Looking to apply my experience and knowledge to a customer support position with Midtown Toyota. Possess strong communication, negotiation and organizational skills.

Tires. Looking to leverage my outstanding interpersonal skills, conflict resolution training and knowledge of the automotive industry to help Midtown Toyota grow its customer base.

Pro tip Add numbers to your achievements in your job objective to add impact.

STEP 3 Show how you’ll add value to a company.

Every potential employer wants to know “What can you bring to the team?” Let them know from the start by telling them in your resume career objective. 

For example, suppose you’re applying for a case manager job that focuses on creating mental health programs for clients. In that case, you could write your statement of intent this way:

  • Bad:I am looking for an opportunity to use my strong administrative skills and ability to relate to others to further my career in social services.

But if you want to make a positive impression you might choose to write it like this:

  • Good:I would like to use my outstanding administrative and relational skills to build reliable and scalable mental health programs for the Town Hospital community.

STEP 4Add certifications and licenses to your resume objective

If the job requires specific certificates or licenses then presenting them in your career objective can only impress potential employers, especially if you’re applying for your first job or are changing careers. If you have multiple licenses and certifications, choose one or two to highlight and add the rest in a separate section at the end of your resume, directly below the education section.

Here’s how to highlight licenses and certifications in your resume objective statement:

Recent nurse graduate certified in prenatal care seeks a position as a labor and delivery nurse at New Hope Hospital. Eager to provide compassionate nursing care to clients with pregnancy and labor complications and support the hospital staff in performance improvement initiatives. Skilled in IV insertion, C-section delivery, and heart rate monitoring.
C-10 licensed electrician with 10 years of experience as a CEI-R certified contractor. Hard working and skilled in customer service. Striving for a challenging role where I can use my problem-solving skills to support a company’s customers effectively. OSHA safety certified.

STEP 5 Use a resume template to add an objective in a resume

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Key resume objective takeaways

Now you know all about how to make an objective for a resume. To recap:

  • A job objective is a two- to three-sentence statement at the top of a resume that introduces a job seeker to potential employers.
  • Use a resume objective statement if you meet the following criteria:
    • Applying for your first job.
    • Changing professions.
    • Looking to advance your career.
    • Changing locations.
  • A resume objective consists of four basic elements:
    • Who you are.
    • How much experience (if any), you have.
    • Statement of intent.
    • Top qualifications for the job.
  • Some of the best resume objective statements emphasize accomplishments and use numbers to show impact.

Resume objective FAQ

Should I include a resume objective on my resume?

Only include an objective in a resume if you are applying for your first job, changing careers, looking to move to a higher position or changing locations. Otherwise, it’s better to use a resume summary.

What should I include in my resume objective?

Your resume objective statement should include your title, like “chef” or “college graduate”; descriptive words to describe your personality, such as “hardworking” or     “dedicated” or skills, like “highly-skilled” or “collaborative”; how many years of experience if any, you have;  your intention, like “Seeks role as hairstylist at Creative Salon”; relevant skills; and (ideally) an accomplishment with numbers to back it up.

How can I make my career statement stand out?

Job seekers who want to stand out display achievements, awards and honors in their job objective and they use numbers to quantify the results of their work.

How long should my resume objective be?

 An objective for a resume should consist of two- to three short sentences.

Is it important to update my resume objective?

Yes, it is important to update your career objective for every resume you write because a tailored objective statement shows true interest in the target job. Plus, using keywords in your resume objective that match the job description will help your resume get past ATS software.