Basic Resume Templates & Examples: Free Download

A simple resume template is a great option when applying for any role. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or you’re writing a resume with no work experience, our simple resume templates will easily organize your resume. If you’re looking to quickly create a basic resume, save time and effort with these templates.

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By Kellie Hanna, CPRW, Career Advice Expert Last Updated: January 23, 2024
Resume Basic Template

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Premium simple resume templates

Invest in your resume with a premium resume template. Review our basic resume template examples below for inspiration! If making a resume seems daunting, we can help you quickly build a resume that stands out.  Use our resume builder to choose a template, click to add content, and download in the format you need. It’s that easy.

Medical Assistant

This is the perfect basic resume for a no-nonsense professional. This simple resume example is well-organized and showcases your efficiency and attention to detail.

Business Analyst

With its prominent header and elegant fonts, this simple resume template conveys style and class while maintaining a readable layout.

Food and Beverage Manager

A basic resume template doesn’t have to mean a boring resume. Bold lines, italicized headers and strong fonts give this design a fresh look.


This polished layout offers a simple resume format where you can highlight your qualifications with class.

Retail Sales Associate

This basic resume template uses dividing lines between each section to give it an edge without compromising its simplicity.

Procurement Manager

This basic resume example stands out thanks to its simple, elegant monogram graphic in the header. This adds visual appeal without distracting from the applicant’s professionalism.


This simple resume template gives you space to perfectly organize your information in crisp bullet points — well-suited for jobs that rely on attention to detail.


This basic resume template arranges the header on the left for a unique look while maintaining a sharp, minimalist visual impact.

High School Teacher

An elegant header font and shaded headers make this simple resume template easy to navigate — a good fit for jobs that require the ability to lead and organize. The colorful header gives this basic resume a pop of personality.

Want more options? We offer more than 800 example resume templates for a variety of jobs in most industries.   

Download free basic & simple resume templates

These basic & simple resume templates are free to download. Creating a resume that gets interviews has never been easier.


This free simple resume template is an excellent option for people of all career levels who want their information to be easily readable.


This straightforward and sleek design makes this a great simple resume format for virtually any job.


A bright header bar gives this free simple resume template a splash of style, while the section headings are arranged on the left for quick navigation.


Communicate your skills and qualifications with this basic resume template, which keeps things streamlined and simple with its dot graphics.


Make a statement with this free basic resume template, which uses snappy fonts and color combinations to catch the eye.


Heading colors for this free simple resume template are customizable, giving you flexibility on presentation. Judicious spacing between sections results in a neat, uncluttered look.

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Basic resume templates do’s and don’ts

Writing a resume is easier than you think, but with a good grasp of the do’s and don’ts of resume writing, it’s even easier.
As you get to work on your simple resume, here are a few tips to keep in mind!

  • Use a basic resume template for a straightforward, professional look. A simple resume template is a great way to organize your hard and soft skills, work history and education, rather than potentially confusing employers with an intricate resume design. It’s also a breeze to add details and customize your resume.
  • Decide what format is best for you before writing your resume. Once you’ve chosen the perfect simple resume template, your next job is choosing a resume format. This will come down to your experience. If you have 10 or more years in the same industry use a chronological format, which emphasizes your work history. If you lack experience, a functional format will highlight your job-ready skills. And if you’re in-between, with three to nine years of work experience, use a combination format that features relevant skills and work experiences. All three formats work well with a basic resume template which allows your important qualifications to be the star of the show.
  • Focus on tangible achievements. Did you exceed retail sales goals by an average of 12%? Did you manage a team of eight accountants successfully during tax season? Numbers will help your work accomplishments shine and give recruiters a better understanding of your capabilities and work ethic.
  • Use a simple resume template for creative roles. For example, if you’re applying for a job in a field such as music or design and want to portray an innovative approach, consider a creative resume template with a visually striking design.
  • Hold back from adding additional sections if needed. Do you have certifications or special training that relate to the job? Have you learned professional skills that make you a great candidate? You can always add more sections (such as “Professional Training” or “Certifications”) using our Resume Builder to update your basic resume template.
  • Don’t forget to review your resume before you send it in. No matter how good your simple resume template looks, misspellings and grammatical errors can turn off employers. Use our builder’s spell-checking tools and review your document thoroughly before downloading and sending it in. You should also make sure your resume can pass applicant tracking system (ATS) scans following these tips.


How to write a simple basic resume?

To write the best possible simple resume, start with a resume summary or a resume objective that describes your career history and professional goals. Next, include your work history in reverse-chronological order. Use action words to give your work experience and skills section as much impact as possible.

Be sure to customize your resume for the position so that your merits as a candidate can really shine! Take a look at some basic resume samples, templates and examples for inspiration.

Learning how to write a resume may seem daunting, but with the help of our resume examples, you can easily build a simple resume that suits your desired position. A great resume consists of a well-organized summary of your work experienceskills, qualifications and goals. When all these sections work together in harmony, you’re that much closer to landing the interview!

Do I need a cover letter for a simple resume?

After all that resume writing, writing a cover letter might seem like too much extra work, but don’t miss out on this opportunity. A strong cover letter is a must. Check out our cover letter templates and examples to learn how to write a cover letter that maximizes your chances of success. With the right tools in your belt, you can easily write a cover letter that communicates all the reasons why you are the right choice for the job!

Do employers like simple resumes?

Employers like resumes that are easy to read. A simple resume displays the important information so that employers can easily understand it. For creative careers, more visually complex resumes may perform better, but for most roles, you can’t go wrong with simple resume templates. Basic resumes outline the important information without distracting from your qualifications.

How far back should a basic resume go?

Typically, a resume is expected to go back as far as 10 years. Include your most relevant experience and choose a basic resume template with the right format for your work experience and career goals. 

A basic resume template works well with all three standard resume formats:

  • For applicants with up to 10 years of experience and a consistent work history, the chronological resume format is a good fit.
  • Candidates with more experience or looking to climb the ladder might consider a simple resume template in the combination format, as it offers a nice balance of skills and experience.
  • Fledgling applicants and those who are changing careers would do well with the  functional resume format because it emphasizes skills.

See our U.S. resume format tips and examples for additional guidance from career advice experts. 

Should I use basic resume template if I have no work experience?

Yes, using a basic resume template can be highly beneficial if you write a resume with no work experience. A simple and clean template ensures that the focus remains on your skills, education, and any relevant experiences such as internships, volunteer work, or extracurricular activities. It avoids distracting graphics or overly complex layouts that can detract from the content. This type of template typically emphasizes key sections such as a summary or objective statement, education, skills, and any projects or leadership roles you’ve undertaken.

By keeping the format straightforward, you can present your qualifications in a clear and organized manner, making it easier for hiring managers to quickly understand your potential. Moreover, a basic template is often easier to customize and tailor to specific job applications, allowing you to align your resume more closely with the job description and highlight the most relevant aspects of your background.

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