Our Editorial Process: Ensuring Quality and Credibility

We help job seekers start and advance their careers.

At MyPerfectResume, our mission is to help job seekers achieve career fulfillment. Whether you are searching for your first job, changing careers or advancing to the next level, we want to help you. Our tools and expert advice were created to simplify the job search process and provide you with the knowledge and confidence to build your career.

Since 2013, we have helped more than 15 million job seekers. We want to make your career journey accessible and manageable through our services and Career Center’s how-to guides and tips. In our commitment to bring you a transparent process, we present our Editorial Process.

Our Content Team

Our writing team is dedicated to providing you with the latest information on career trends, tips to improve your resume, CV and cover letter and any information to facilitate your job search process. Our team consists of Certified Professional Resume Writers and career advice writers dedicated to researching, finding, and writing about the latest employment trends and up-to-date advice.  

Our copy editing team ensures the grammar, punctuation and information of our content are correct, factual and void of unnecessary complexity. Their expert knowledge helps us bring you the information in a concise and clear manner. 

Our Writing

We create our pages based on the latest employment trends and our users’ career needs. We aim to provide your career information in a helpful, friendly voice.

Our process is a team effort:

  • Find a topic to write or update through research and employment trend reports.
  • Research the topic through a collaborative team effort, using official sources, expert interviews and reports.
  • Write the content in a way that educates, assists and improves the job application experience of our reader.
  • Edit the document to ensure it accurately reflects factual information in our helping voice.
  • Create an accessible page with the help of our Design Team.
  • Publish the content.

We use the latest available information from official sources, like the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and research from known and trusted sources, like major universities and the Deloitte Center for Integrated Research, among others. We will always include a direct link to research to ensure the transparency of our findings.

Every so often, we partner with expert career coaches and include their proven professional expertise as part of our Career Center articles. We will always provide you with their credentials to ensure their transparency and commitment to career advice as well as ours.

We regularly revise and update our articles. This helps us ensure the information, links and career tips remain factual and current.

Help us help you

My Perfect Resume exists for all job seekers. Our Career Center, Resume Builder, CV Maker, Cover Letter Builder and Resume Writing Services are there to help you start your professional journey and reach the next level of your career. If you have a comment or suggestion regarding our services or content, contact us at customerservice@myperfectresume.com