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Agata Szczepanek 2 Articles

Agata Szczepanek

Career Advice Contributor

Agata Szczepanek is a job search expert and career advice writer at MyPerfectResume. With her…

Anita Bruzzese 4 Articles

Anita Bruzzese

Career Advice Expert

Anita Bruzzese is an award-winning journalist with more than 25 years of experience, writing for…

Don Sjoerdsma 6 Articles

Don Sjoerdsma

Career Advice Expert

Don is a freelance writer with more than five years' experience in digital media. His…

Ho Lin 8 Articles

Ho Lin

Content Strategy Manager

Ho Lin is a California-based Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) and writer with two decades…

Jennifer Pieniazek 4 Articles

Jennifer Pieniazek

Career Advice Contributor

Jen Pieniazek, a Bronx native, is a digital writer and career expert at MyPerfectResume. Her…

Kellie Hanna 16 Articles

Kellie Hanna

Career Advice Expert

Kellie is a San Francisco-based writer and editor with a broad background in digital media.…

Maria Correa 10 Articles

Maria Correa

Career Advice Expert

Maria Correa is a content writer at My Perfect Resume. She has a background in…

Max Woolf 2 Articles

Max Woolf

Career Advice Contributor

Max Woolf is a job search expert and a career advice writer at MyPerfectResume. His…

MyPerfectResume Staff Writer 283 Articles

MyPerfectResume Staff Writer

At MyPerfectResume, we are passionate about two things: sharing our knowledge about the workforce and…

Nilda Melissa Diaz 6 Articles

Nilda Melissa Diaz

Career Advice Contributor

Nilda Melissa Diaz is a writer at My Perfect Resume, focused on helping job-seekers navigate…

Nina Paczka 4 Articles

Nina Paczka

Career Advice Contributor

Nina Pączka is a career advisor and job search expert at MyPerfectResume. Her professional advice,…

Peter Amato 1 Article

Peter Amato

Career Advice Expert, CPRW

Peter Amato has written about resumes, cover letters, career networking and a variety of other…

Weronika Cekala 1 Article

Weronika Cekala

Career Advice Contributor

Weronika Cekala is a digital writer with expertise in communication, language localization, and journalism. At…

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