Getting The Most Out of Your Summer Job

Getting The Most Out of Your Summer Job

  Your summer job is about to begin, and you’re ready to get the most out of this experience. You plan tolearn something about the professional world, make some money, meet some new friends, and gainsome experience that can boost your resume when you’re ready to find a permanent, professionalposition later on. So how can you make all of these things happen while standing behind the counter ofa coffee shop? Or serving as a counselor at a summer camp? Or a lifeguard? Or a math tutor? Or dogwalker? Or an intern for a non-profit organization? Keep these tips in mind. 

Live in the moment.

Go ahead and get carried away. If you like what you happen to be doing at any given moment, let itshow. Enjoy the day. This is youth! This is work! This is summer! And we can promise you that right now,despite your unglamorous surroundings, you are EXACTLY where you need to be. If you try to maintain abored, checked-out demeanor in order to impress your friends, you’ll miss out. Throw yourself into yourwork and the day and your interactions with those around you. These moments are fleeting, and byenjoying yourself and letting it show, you’ll actually earn the respect and admiration of your bosses,coworkers and customers. 

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

If you make a mistake and are criticized for it, just apologize and try not to make the same mistakeagain. Don’t assume you’re terrible at what you do, or that you’ll never make it in the world. By thesame token, there’s no need to rebel or sulk or fight back. This is not the hill you need to die on. Makesure every moment is a learning opportunity, and use these interactions to assess the kinds of tasks youdo and don’t enjoy, and the aspects of this job at which you do and don’t excel. 

Remember that your boss cares deeply about this business.

For you, this job may represent a temporary paycheck and nothing more. But for your boss, the successof failure of this business means everything. Respect this fact and show some empathy and situationalawareness. 

Show up on time, every time.

Among all the high level responsibilities you may be handling during the day, there’s one responsibilitythat rises far above the others in importance: showing up. You may not realize how much it matters toyour boss when you can be counted on to appear on time, every time. But it matters a lot. This one traitalone (punctuality) may determine 90 percent of your value as an employee. Give plenty of notice if youneed to take a day off. 

Be clean and neat.

There’s something about neatness and presentability that seems to launch summer employee-employerrelationships off on the right foot. If 90 percent of your success depends on punctuality, most of theremaining 10 percent will come from your neatness and attention to detail. For more on how to learn, grow, and make the most of your summer experience, explore the careerdevelopment resources available on MyPerfectResume.