How to Write a Resignation Letter + Examples

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How you leave your job is as important as how you started it. In fact, 53% of HR managers said in a survey that how an employee quits a job can affect their future career opportunities.

This means that a resignation letter does more than just formalize your departure from the company. It’s a professional courtesy that helps you maintain your reputation, make a smooth transition to your next job, and exit gracefully. Whether you like your employer or don’t, the bottom line is that handing in a well-crafted resignation letter speaks volumes on who you are.

Here are tips and different examples to help you write an appropriate resignation letter for your situation.

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Letter of resignation basics

Your resignation letter should be straightforward and professional. Below are the sections that comprise a resignation letter and what you should include in each.

Resignation Letter

  1. Date the letter is being submitted and your contact information.
  2. Address the person you’re giving the letter to formally.
  3. State that you’re resigning from the position in the company with your last date of employment.
  4. Briefly explain why you’re resigning.
  5. Thank the employer for the opportunity to work for them.
  6. Finish the letter with your signature.

Statement of resignation and last date of employment

Start the letter by writing your statement of resignation from the position in the company. After this, provide the date of your last day of employment. For example:

“Dear Mr. Johns,

I am writing to inform you of my resignation as a Bank Teller at JOY Bank, effective September 15th.”

Brief reason for resignation

This can sometimes be optional depending on your situation, but if appropriate, give a brief reason for why you’re leaving. You don’t have to go into detail about where you’re going or what you’ll be doing in your next place of employment; a simple explanation will do.

Remember not to mention a better salary as the reason you’re leaving either. You can use the higher salary as leverage to negotiate a raise with your manager if you desire, but otherwise, keep it short in your resignation letter. For example:

“I was given a job offer that I simply cannot refuse and must vacate my position.”

Express your gratitude

It’s important to resign gracefully, even if your time working for the employer was less than great. Thank them for the opportunity to have been part of their team and maintain a positive attitude, but get straight to the point — you don’t want to make the letter longer than a page. For example:

“Thank you for making me a part of your team. These four years have brought incredible professional and personal growth.”

Share your willingness to help with the transition

After thanking them, offer to help during the transition period, if feasible. Perhaps your manager will turn down the offer and assure you they’ll handle everything, but they’ll appreciate the gesture. It’s as simple as writing:

“Please let me know if I can be of any help to make this transition seamless during my remaining time at JOY Bank.”

Follow this by signing off your letter. If it’s convenient, print a hard copy, sign it and give it to your manager, but emailing a PDF version of your resignation letter with an electronic signature will work if you are remote or unable to meet up.

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Resignation letter template

As you can see from the guide above, writing a resignation letter is easy, but we made it easier for you by putting together this template. You can use it as a foundation to write yours on our Cover Letter Builder.

Regan Woods
2853 Hampton Meadows
Bedford, MA 01730

October 2, 2021

Emelia McLellan
Executive Director
OneTouch Agency
89 St. June Road
Bedford, MA 01730
Dear Mrs. McLellan:

I am writing to announce my resignation as an Account Executive at OneTouch Agency, effective October 15th.

It was not an easy decision to make. OneTouch Agency opened the doors for me and the past three years have been an incredible learning experience. Thank you for the opportunity.

If I can be of any help during the transition, please let me know.


Regan Woods

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Resignation letter examples

Below you’ll find several scenarios or reasons for which you may decide to resign. Find the one that applies to you and use it as a base to create your resignation letter using our Cover Letter Builder.

Simple and basic resignation letter examples

These are general resignation letters that you can use for many circumstances. They get straight to the point and keep it simple.

Two Weeks’ Notice



Short-notice resignation letter examples

Handing in a two weeks’ notice is the standard and what most employers expect, but if you find yourself needing to resign immediately or with little notice, here’s how to do it and remain professional.

Less than a week

Immediate notice

Better opportunity resignation letter examples

Maybe you got a fantastic job offer that you can’t refuse, or perhaps you think that something better awaits. Either way, you’re ready to take the leap, and these examples will help you get started.

Dream job offer

New job opportunity

Lack of growth opportunity

Family matters or medical resignation letter examples

Unexpected situations and big life changes, like health issues, family situations, and childbirth, can be why you may feel it’s necessary to resign.

Health reasons


Family reasons

Specific job title resignation letter examples

There are times when you know that turning a temporary or part-time job into something permanent isn’t something you want to do — and other times, a new opportunity comes along that you have to accept.


Part-time job

Temporary job

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