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10 Best Tips for Great Medical Assistants

Wednesday October 19 is Medical Assistant's Recognition Day! Let's take a moment to celebrate hard working medical assistants.  They are essential pillars of the healthcare community. The patient care and medical support they provide is invaluable.Medical assistants undergo intensive cross training in both clinical and administrative settings, and their jobs are far from easy.

If you know firsthand how medical assistants contribute to the healthcare industry because you've worked in this field for some time, we want to extend our thanks! We also offer 10 tips to take your career to the next level.


  • Focus on customer service


Healthcare is a competitive industry. Your patients choose you. Brush up on customer service basics to deliver the best service available. Make sure your clinic visitors feel respected, understood, and safe,  no matter what they may be going through.


  • Demonstrate adaptability


Each workplace and each clinical environment differs, and so can the very same clinic during different hours of the same day.  Whether things are quiet or rushed, controlled or chaotic, bring your best self to the situation and rise to whatever challenges come your way. Update yourself on the ever-changing medical field.


  • Stay humble


Keep your focus directed outward and show grace and humility under pressure. Don't be embarrassed to ask for help. No matter what is going on, be a good team player.


  • Communicate clearly


Proper communication is key. Explain everything until you are understood. Again, don't let your ego get in the way of the information you need to transmit. Clarity comes first.


  • Hone your sense of empathy


Empathy helps medical professionals excel at their jobs, but this quality brings two challenges. First, building empathy can be a lifelong endeavor. Keep working and growing on this front. And second, the constant pursuit of empathy can lead to burnout, so take breaks and don't neglect your self-care. You will need your empathy to bond with patients and make them feel valued.


  • Build your endurance


Your job is demanding. But if you get sloppy at the end of a long day, mistakes in this field can have big consequences. Recognize your limits and keep working to expand them.


  • Show accountability


If you make a mistake, own it and move on. Don't hide, blame, redirect, or make excuses. Work on continuous improvement, no matter how long you've been a medical assistant.


  • Keep learning


Don't abandon your education. Stay curious and engage in lifelong learning and growth. This is especially important for medical assistants because the field constantly changes.


  • Show confidence


Build your confidence both internally and externally. Believe in yourself.  At the same time, show an outwardly confident demeanor to your patients (even if you're a little anxious). If you show stress or uncertainty, your patients will pick up on your feelings.


  • Focus on continuous improvement


The best way to get better at your job is to focus on constant, incremental improvements. Try to make every week (and every year) a little bit better than the last.

For more on how to drive your growth as a medical assistant and support your teams and patients as well as you possibly can, turn to the career management tips on MyPerfectResume.

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