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Government & Military Service in the U.S.


The Riley Guide: Sites with Job Listings


The resources listed here focus on U.S. government entities at the Federal state and local level and on the services of the U.S. Military and Coast Guard. Other governments are included in the International Resources under the appropriate country.You may also be interested in our Jobs in Public Service & Administration This will include jobs in Congressional offices as well as lobbying firms and other organizations. We also have links to some individual Government agencies listed under the appropriate topic such as Earth Environmental and Water Sciences (look for a link to NOAA).

Salary & Compensation Guides

…free access to the salary data for congressional staff — the folks who run the offices and services for the US Senate and House of Representatives. Before you are encouraged or discouraged by what you see here read the short article on About Congressional Salaries and remember the biggest reason these folks are working on the Hill is to make a difference not to make a mint doing it.
Information on Federal Pay and Leave U.S. Office of Personnel Management Salaries and Wages
…The current Federal pay schedules including the locality pay definitions are now available along with the schedules from several previous years. If you are not a Federal employee these can also be useful to those searching for work with employers who do a lot of contract work with the Federal government.
Defense Finance and Accounting Service
Veterans need to double-check your pay rate due to a status change? Want to compare your current pay rate to past rates? Need to check on the taxable status of your Veterans Affairs (VA) Compensated Work Therapy? This the place to go. Civilian DOD employees will also find much of their need-to-know pay and benefits info here.

The General Salary Guides may have additional resources.Top of Page

Opportunities with the US Federal Government

Official US Government Job Banks | Other Sources for Federal Job Leads | More Sources for Your Federal Search

Official US Government Job Banks

USAJobs from OPM
…web page from the Office of Personnel Management with the official job listings for the Federal Government and the salary charts resume info etc. Very nice. Make this your first stop if you are looking for a job with the Federal Government. Almost everyone is required to post all open positions here so it will save you a lot of time and effort. However since many departments and agencies list openings on their own web sites we have provided a short list of sources to help you locate and connect with these individual sites. USAJobs.gov offers several subsets for specific groups of job seekers.

Students & Recent Graduates USAJobs.gov
Whether you are in high school college or graduate school you could be eligible for a variety of special opportunities for students in the Federal government. Learn about co-ops internships summer employment the Outstanding Scholars Program volunteer opportunities and plenty of temporary and permanent part-time and full-time jobs.
Feds Hire Vets
…intended to be "the preeminent source for Federal employment information for our Veterans transitioning service members their families Federal HR professionals and hiring managers. Our goal is to provide consistent and accurate information and useful training and other resources in a way that will inform both the applicant and the hiring agency." This site is operated under OPM oversight.
Individuals with Disabilities
Information on what you need to know about applying for a job with the Federal government including non-competitive special appointments how people with disabilities are hired and retained and the Computer / Electronic Accommodations Program.
Senior Executives
Information on and jobs in the Senior Executive Service.
Jobs @ Census
…jobs with the U.S. Census Bureau not just in DC and not just fieldworkers for the 2010 Census. They are hiring and have numerous openings available. While the actual job announcements and application links will take you over to USAJobs you can learn what it is like to work for this government agency and see the kinds of positions they are looking to fill including jobs for students and postdocs.
Making the Difference
…a recruiting source targeted more to college students plus recent graduates. This site operated jointly by the Partnership for Public Service and US Office of Personnel Management (OPM) includes information on working for the Federal government along with listings of internships and student opportunities along with "hot jobs". There's also great information on the best ways to use USAJobs.gov (and find some hidden jobs). Lots of career and employment info here to peruse.
Avue Central
Operated by Avue Technologies Avue Central is a contracted recruiting resource used by the Federal government as a place to post jobs and just make other job posting more accessible. Not all Federal agencies and departments are required to post open positions in USAJobs.gov so this is a terrific second source. It is extremely searchable allowing you to target specific locations add in your skills or a specific occcupation and more. And they index the content of USAJobs.gov so you don't miss those announcements along with what is posted directly here. They have good info on the Federal hiring process and completing a free registration (email address and password are all that is required) will allow you to save searches track applications and much more.

Other Sources for Federal Job Leads

These list Federal job openings but they are published by private companies and organizations.

Federal Internships from the Washington DC JobSource
…links to the internship opportunities available in each agency or department including a list of links to all members of the U.S. House of Representatives and internships offered in their offices.
…free site which replicates the job listings posted by the Feds in their own sites but this is a bit cleaner and less reliant on you knowing exactly what you are looking for. Search by title or by location. One note: the layout of the specific job listings includes a lot of white space so scroll down the page to view the whole listing. All applications must go through the cited application source not this site.
Federal Job Source Federal Openings Nationwide
…great listing of links to many Federal agencies provided by the Internet Job Source
Federal Jobs Digest
…private resource for listings of Federal jobs. Nicely arranged by job group (science administration law enforcement.) Unfortunately you must register and submit your resume in order to search the jobs for free. No resume then $10 for 30 days.
FedGuide.com The Federal Personnel Guide
…published by the Key Communications Group Inc. this site features information and good excerpts on all facets of employment and work in the Federal Government including jobs with the USPS and the Civil Service Program.
"The GlobalCorps website is your gateway to Personal Services Contract (PSC) positions with the U.S. Agency for International Development Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (USAID/OFDA) and the Office of Transition Initiatives (USAID/OTI). Here you will find lists and descriptions of open and past positions guidance on applying for jobs and information on each office's critical mission." You can review the jobs and submit applications but since these are contract jobs with the U.S. Government they have special forms and instructions. Please be sure to review them and submit those that are necessary. Not all of these jobs are limited to US citizens or residents.
…this site features news and resources of interest to federal managers and executives and accompanies the print magazine. Their mission is to cover the business of the government. Under Â"The WorkforceÂ" are news and resources of interest to anyone considering a career in this sector.
Created in 2008 GovLoop is a social media site for government workers — Fed state local even contractors and students/others interested in working for the government. Members have access to blogs forums and lots of other free stuff but everyone can look at the Jobs under GovGigs. Notice that they source listings from USAJobs on a regular basis ("Top Federal Jobs") but on the right side you'll see the "Jobs Added by GovLoopers" area. These are postings added by members of GovLoop and include many state/local listings as well as contract jobs fellowships and other opportunities that aren't in USAJobs for one reason or another.


More Sources for Your Federal Search

The Best Places to Work in the Federal Government
…this annual survey is "the most comprehensive and authoritative rating of employee satisfaction and commitment in the federal government". No not everyone who works for the Feds is a happy camper and this will help you identify the agencies and subcomponents with the most satisfied employees. Job Seekers will find a special section of the site designed to help you identify where the Federal jobs are and the locations of the Top 10 largest agencies. This is produced by the Partnership for Public Service and American University's Institute for the Study of Public Policy Implementation. The Partnership for Public Service is "a nonprofit nonpartisan organization that works to revitalize our federal government by inspiring a new generation to serve and by transforming the way government works."
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