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Audrey Prenzel, CARW, CEIC, B.A., B.Ed.

September 2010

Have you ever been someplace and realized there is a pitfall in their service or operations? How about dreaming of the ideal career, but you can't seem to find a job posting that matches what you would love to do? When you want something, go for it by creating your own opportunity. With some strategy and research, topped off with crafty writing, you can uncover opportunities that may have never before existed.

Get the right mindset from the beginning. The slant to take in a job proposal is how it is helpful to the company, not how it will benefit you.

These letters are relatively simple but should be well structured. Start with a presentable letterhead. It makes sense to prepare one that matches the letterhead from your résumé and cover letter. Date it and address to a specific person at the company you are targeting. Give the reader a frame of reference for the subject. It can be as simple as…


RE: Employment Proposal for "Property Maintenance Services"


After the salutation, immediately launch into the benefit of your idea. Start this paragraph with a bolded title such as "Benefit". Indicate that the company could benefit from a role dedicated to something specific. The value you cite should be something that will instantly resonate with the boss. Base it on your own observations and/or research. Identify a "sore spot" in the company and suggest why a role to address it makes sense. Perhaps there has been some recent negative publicity about this issue. Maybe it's been heavily criticized in the realm of social media. If this is the case, you're wise to share this with the reader.

Staying with the property maintenance theme, mention you've seen (and heard from others) that the property is not as tidy as it could be. Indicate that when customer service staff must work outside they lag at it because they aren't trained for it; it takes away from service times; and necessitates extra sanitation time and resources when the in-house staffers return inside. If there was one person who was responsible to handle all facets of exterior property maintenance, this would allow the inside crews to focus more on serving customers or administration or whatever else they should be doing.

Now, you need to share why you should be given this opportunity. Start this paragraph with another simple heading such as "Experience Overview". This is where you need to confidently share your relevant experience and any specialized, pertinent training you have. Make sure you include any soft skills such as reliability, efficiency, and attention to detail. Of course if you're willing to work after operational hours and on weekends, this will only enhance the impact of your suggestion.

Don't worry about indicating what you want to be paid. The idea is to generate interest and value. If you've created enough interest, salary could and should be determined after the full details of the role have been penned.

Finish off with a "call to action". Mention you'll be calling or stopping by on a certain day and hope to discuss the matter then. Of course invite the reader to contact you earlier if he or she is eager to learn more of your idea.

Best of luck as you map out your customized career role.

Audrey Prenzel, CARW, CEIC, B.A., B.Ed. is the founder of Résumé Resources, an international career transition firm. She holds numerous roles with Career Directors International including Mentor, Canadian Advisor, Director of International Relations, Military Transition Expert Program Leader, and Aerospace / Defence Program Leader. Audrey is the author of Military to Civvie Street: The Complete Job Transition Guide for those Leaving the Canadian Air Force, Army & Navy. Visit Audrey's website


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