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The Riley Guide: Sites with Job Listings

General Resources

…a central site for 7 different job boards all covering different facets of the Energy Industry, including Hydro/Water and Green Energy. From this site you can review listings from all of the partner sites or you can opt to visit a specific site to concentrate your efforts there:

Obviously they would love to have you register and post a resume (free), but it is not necessary to search and view the listings. There are many very good jobs listed here and links to additional industry resources within each site.

…"dedicated to serving the global employment needs of Petroleum, Power and Utility employers and professionals alike." It's a bit confusing, but there are good jobs listed here. Use only the search box labeled "Search Energy Jobs", and when reviewing those results, skip the "search nationwide database" link. I tried browsing the categories, but did not have really good luck with those, so stick to the search box mentioned earlier. And yes, try the list of countries. I found many listings under several.

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Clean / Green / Renewable Energy

Based in central London, Acre was founded in 2003 to respond to the growing need for professionals in the Environment, Corporate Responsibility, Sustainability and Climate Change sectors. They work to place environmental, sustainability, and safety professionals in full-time or contract positions all around the world. They have a terrific number of jobs currently listed on their site, most of which are based in the UK but offering several in other regions. Take some time to review the many resources in their Knowledge Center, including White Papers, Salary Surveys, and CV/cover letter tips.
…job board for the clean technology / renewable energy industry, including Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Biomass, Biofuel, Clean Coal, Green Construction, and Hydropower. You can peruse the board and view job titles/locations, but to see details you will need to register (name, email, phone). At this time, all registrations and postings are free. According to the Terms of Use…"For the foreseeable future, we are offering FREE 6-month memberships to Job Seekers, Employers, and Recruiters. This could possibly change sometime in the future but, if it does, we will notify you to give you the option to renew for a small fee or to drop your membership. The choice will always be YOURS!" I also see that resumes expire after 90 days (you can renew) and jobs after 30 days (they can renew too). I know you do not see contact information on the site, but I like it very much, they have a public domain registration, and I have a contact name and phone number.
Core Competencies LLC
…executive search firm focused on Cleantech and Alternative Energy, especially (but not exclusively) the R&D components. They welcome contact from highly qualified candidates who wish to be notified when opportunities present themselves.
Gaia Human Capital Consultants
…with offices in New York City, Naples FL, and Olympia/Seattle WA, Gaia Human Capital offers executive search consulting along with other services to cleantech, all-renewable energy, energy efficiency, venture and investment-backed emerging technology, environmental and corporate sustainability organizations. Qualified candidates can review a sample list of current searches and submit a resume for consideration in these and future searches. I urge everyone considering employment in this field to look at their list of links to industry resources. It is tremendous.
Green Career Central
"We are a complete online center for people who want to switch to a green career or find a green job." This members-only resource offers not just a job board but the resources and support you need to make a career change, execute a job search, find training you might need, create (or revise) your resume, or even start a new business in a green field. There is a limited free membership so you can try before you buy. The Blog is open to all visitors and does contain very good articles related to careers in this growing industry.
Helix Recruiting
"Our expertise is working directly with hiring managers in the Specialty Chemicals, CleanTech and OEM Engineered Products industries to place $100K+ talent." They have numerous public searches you can review, but they also handle retained searches, so even if you do not see something specific to your expertise it may be worth contacting them. Helix Recruiting is based in Salt Lake City, UT, and handles searches across the US and Canada.
Redfish Technology
"Nationwide IT and Clean Tech Recruiters." Redfish Tech matches highly skilled IT, Engineering, Marketing and Sales professionals with some of the world's most innovative companies. Maintaining offices in locations across the US, this team of recruiting professionals works with some of the most innovative employers, from start-ups to fortune 50s. They handle temp-to-permanent, contract, and direct hire placements at the C-Level, Director, Upper Management, and Mid-Management Professional level across the US and Canada (and other countries too). Search their current list of opportunites, but if you don't see something that fits you right now, please contact them about submitting your credentials for consideration in other searches. Sign up for their newsletter or join their LinkedIn or Facebook groups!
Renewable Energy Jobs
…operated by Sam Newell, an established recruiting consultant in the UK, this site's purpose is to "make it easy for talented job seekers and employers within the renewable energy sector to find each other anywhere in the world". This site offers numerous jobs in a variety of countries and industry sectors and makes it easy for you to find good opportunities. You can search and read all you want, but when it comes time to hit that "Apply Now" button you will need to create a free account and upload your CV/resume. You don't have to make your CV/resume public, but you do need to put it on the site. I like the ability to see how many listings are in each active category right on the front page. When you look at the job listings, please note that they sort from most recent to oldest, with the "featured" jobs coming first.
Renewable Search Group
…based in Farmington, CT, this recruiting firm "focuses strictly on renewable energy technologies and power distribution, such as smart grid technologies. […] Our network consists of specialists that are solely dedicated to servicing the Solar, Wind, Wave, Tidal, Geothermal, Biofuel, SCADA and Smart Grid markets." You can review a list of current searches on their site, but they also welcome contact from potential candidates with "3 years minimum of direct experience in the renewable energy field, or 10 + years of transferrable experience".
Whitham Group Executive Search
…an executive search firm specializing in renewable energy and cleantech mid level to executive level talent. Qualified candidates are welcome to submit a resume for consideration in future searches (a form is available on the Contact page).

You will also want to look for additional resources on this page under General Resources and Power / Energy, as well as resources listed under Building & Construction, Earth, Environmental & Water Sciences

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Water & Sewer

American Water Works Association
…an international nonprofit scientific and educational society dedicated to the improvement of drinking water quality and supply. Its more than 50,000 members represent the full spectrum of the drinking water community: treatment plant operators and managers, scientists, environmentalists, manufacturers, academics, regulators, and others who hold genuine interest in water supply and public health. Membership includes more than 4,000 utilities that supply water to roughly 180 million people in North America. This site includes job listings, links to water utility sites, links to local sections, industry and government regulation info, and much more.
…lists opportunities for public and private employers of certified operators, technicians, and other essential staff engaged in the management, operations and maintenance of water and wastewater treatment facilities. At the time of review I saw municipal water systems as well as private companies posting announcements here with educational requirements from high school diploma/GED up but almost all required some level of experience in the position noted. The listings cross the US. Note that on the front page there are 2 sets of listings — Premium and Standard. Some employers paid to get up top, so don't miss the other jobs listed below. Jobs are posted for 60 days. Most require you to register and create a free account in order to apply, but you can review the jobs and the full site before you decide to do this. Not all of the categories at the top of the front page have jobs within them, so I encourage you do browse the listings rather than rely on these areas.
WEF Job Bank, from the Water Environment Federation
…"career opportunities in the water, wastewater, and environmental industry. WEF"â„¢s Job Bank is continually updated with new employment listings for careers in wastewater, including water and wastewater management, operations, consulting engineering, and other career paths in water quality. " Wow! Great jobs and easily accessed. You'll start on the My Account page (where you can register for a free account and create a resume plus other alerts), but if you select the Jobs tab you can browse all the jobs by field or location, view all of them, or search. When you find one that fits you to a T, you'll need to register in order to submit a resume, but if you are a professional in this field why the heck not?
…based in Maryland, WaterandWasteWaterJobs.com is a recruiting site that offers employers to post jobs for water and wastewater professionals while allowing job seekers to review these postings and submit a resume for free. You are also welcome to submit a resume to the site for consideration in searches (no registration required). Numerous good announcements from private employers as well as public facilities at the time of review.

You might also be interested in some of the resources under Earth, Environmental, and Water Sciences.

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Power / Energy

…includes several sources for nuclear and other alternative energy sources.

Advance Biofuels USA

The Mission of Advanced Biofuels USA is to promote public understanding, acceptance, and use of advanced biofuels by promoting research, development and improvement of advanced biofuels technologies, production, marketing and delivery; and by promoting the sustainable development, cultivation and processing of advanced biofuels crops, and agricultural and forestry residues and wastes.

American Nuclear Society
Founded in 1954, this is a not-for-profit, international, scientific and educational organization with over 11,000 members drawn from the scientific, engineering, adminstrative, and education fields. Members have access to a free Career Center with job listings and the opportunity for you to post up to 5 different resumes. Non-members can review a large portion of the site, including limited ontent from their journals and magazines, information on scholarships and internships, and more. Some of these may be limited to members or student members, but you will need to review qualifications for the individual programs. The AboutNuclear.org website includes information on careers in this field as well as college programs, professional organizations, and organizations who offer scholarships, internships, and fellowships in this area of study.
Think Energy Group
…huge job site for jobs in the energy / power industry at all levels. Think Resources is a contract and direct-hire placement service specialising in engineering and technical personnel. You can submit an email with your resume for any listings found here, but they prefer (and will give priority consideration to) people who fill out their online application form. This site has sections for Engineering, Power Plant, Energy, Technical, and Contract jobs.
Energy Jobs Network
…a group consisting of over 20 members in the energy industry (petroleum, electricity, landmen, etc.). There are some recent jobs posted on the front of this site, but to really search you will have to select one member site as your entrance. You do not need to register to view jobs. While these jobs are all in the energy field, they cover the full spectrum of business positions including clerical, accounting, and sales positions.
IDC Executive Search
…executive search firm with over fifteen years in the Power industry. You can review current openings they are working to fill and submit a resume through their website.
Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association
… the world's premier advocacy organization dedicated to the commercialization of fuel cells and hydrogen energy technologies. Nice feature — you can scan the Member list and connect to company websites (your potential employer list)! At this time they do not have an active job board but I hope they will continue the one maintained by the HEA before the merger.
Nuclear Street
Operated by Radium Inc. in Waynesboro, VA, Nuclear Street was developed to "share information about news, jobs, careers, technology, and companies in the nuclear power industry. Our focus is to provide an open forum and online tools for industry professionals to easily connect with nuclear plant personnel, suppliers, recruiters, or anybody in the industry." This is a tremendous industry resource and includes a terrific jobs board.
Nuke Jobs Online
…" a nuclear jobs board for all jobs nuclear, including nuclear engineering jobs, nuclear power jobs, nuclear engineer jobs, nuclear medicine jobs, radiology jobs, radiologist jobs, radiation jobs, radiology tech jobs, nuclear security jobs, nuclear power plant jobs, nuclear medicine technologist jobs, radiation therapist jobs and radiation oncology jobs." Yes, the jobs posted here run the gamut from nuclear power and construction to medical needs. Registration is not required to review jobs and apply for any that interest you. This site is managed by Green Nuclear, LLC in Wilmington DE.
…jobs for professionals in the nuclear industry. Most are in power plants. Free registration is required for you to view job contact and application information, but you can opt to hide your resume from employers who search the database. The site offers other news of interest to persons in this field.
…a niche job board focusing on the energy and industrial manufacturing industry. This veteran-owned service "is committed to providing the Power Generation and Industrial Manufacturing industries with a direct and consistently updated conduit to highly skilled technical leaders and craftsmen separating from the military and those having a combination of industry and prior-military technical backgrounds." You can search and view the jobs without registering (or just scroll to the bottom of the front page), but if you wish to use their "apply now" feature you will need to register (free). My suggestion for the "search" feature is to just select a classification but leave everything else blank.
Powermarketers.com, the Power Marking Association.
Information and job opportunities. This association represents the entire spectrum of the U.S. electric power industry including independent power marketers and brokers, regulated utilities, unregulated utility affiliates, as well as providers of products and services to the industry.
Professional Energy Jobs
…a new site working to establish itself as a central source for all jobs in the energy industry. You can browse the listings by job category (legal / accounting / energy trading / internships / policy & regulatory / etc.). Applications are made by following the links in the announcement.

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Oil & Natural Gas

These resources have more to do with public utilities and transmission pipelines. Resources that focus more on mining and exploration of oil and gas are located under Mining and Drilling.

American Gas Association
…this trade association represents two hundred local energy utility companies that deliver natural gas across the United States. The site gives you good industry news, a list of member websites, a searchable handbook covering the publicly traded member companies, and more. In the Quick Tasks menu is a link titled "Find an Industry Job"Â. This will connect you to the AGA Jobline, a public database of opportunities posted by gas industry-affiliated companies.
American Petroleum Institute (API)
… "represents the oil and natural gas industry in the U.S., covering all aspects of the industry including, exploration, production, marine transportation, pipeline transportation, refining, marketing, service and supply." Excellent source for information on this industry, including a list of their members, also known as "potential employers".
Interstate Natural Gas Association of America
…"the North American association representing interstate and interprovincial natural gas pipeline companies." Learn about this industry, review the "2009 Critical Skills Forecast For The Natural Gas Transmission Industry" (they anticipate shortages in specific job areas), and review their list of member companies (potential employers).
KS Energy Search Group
…a professional oil and gas recruiting firm headquartered near Dallas, TX, and serving clients across the US and around the world. You can search their list of current searches and submit your resume for any that interest you. If you are a qualified professional in this industry but do not see something at this time, they would still like the opportunity to review your resume.
Oil and Gas Jobs Search
…UK-based job site offering listings for the oil and gas industry worldwide. Visitors can browse the listings (bottom of the page for those links) and view descriptions of the jobs without registering, but you must register (free) and post some kind of profile in the database to get the contact info. Does look like it has some nice listings. Contact information is on the Terms and Conditions page.
Oil and Gas Recruiting
Online recruiting site focused on the oil and gas industry worldwide. The jobs posted here cover the full spectrum of skills and expertise needed by this industry. You can select a category from the left or use the search box on the front page. You will need to register for a free account to review full application information, and in some cases you will also need to store a resume/CV on the site so you can apply for the job you want. This site is operated by Gulf Staffing in Cape Town, SA.

You may also want to review our resources for Mining and Drilling

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NACTEL, the National Coalition for Telecommunications Education and Learning
This partnership of industry employers and unions works with quality educators to create and sponsor online education programs that meet the needs of current and future telecommunications professionals. You can take one introductory course, start a certification program, or even pursue a Bachelor's degree.
Electronic Search, Inc.
…a boutique Wireless, Mobile, Telecommunications and Public Safety staffing solutions provider with a 30 year history. Based near Chicago, they offer retained and contingency recruiting services and contract staffing to clients around the US. You can search or browse their jobs and submit a resume in response to something you see or for general consideration. They admit they rarely have jobs for entry-level professionals.
"The Wireless Industry's Daily Monitor." Recommended as a replacement for RCRWireless, this site offers daily updates for the wireless industry, links to events and special reports, and free database of Job Listings. FierceWireless is a product of FierceMarkets, "a leader in B2B e-media, helps business marketers reach targeted decision-makers through our portfolio of email newsletters, websites, webinars, and live events focusing on the telecom, life sciences, healthcare, IT, and finance industries." You can connect to more of these products through the links at the bottom of the front page.
…jobs in the telecommunications industry. Visitors can search and view the results list, but you must register and upload your resume to this site to see the details of each job announcement. They have a nice resource section with helpful links to many telecom publications which will interest you.
USTelecom Career Center
US Telecom is the trade association "representing broadband service providers, manufacturers and suppliers providing advanced applications and entertainment. US Telecom member companies provide broadband on a fixed and mobile basis, and offer a wide range of voice, data and video services." The career center, operated in conjunction with telecomcareers.net, above, offers numerous opportunities in all facets of this industry. For most listings, you will need to create an account and upload a resume to apply for the job listed here, but there are a few exceptions. While the 2 sites tend to duplicate data, they have different ways of accessing and sorting it. Decide which one you like better and bookmark it.
Wireless Week
…a companion to the weekly newspaper covering all the business, technology, and regulatory news in the cellular, personal communications services, paging, specialized mobile radio, private mobile radio, wireless data, satellite, wireless local loop, and microwave fields. Under Advertising users will find the Classifieds and its job listings. Visitors will also appreciate the many industry research resources available here.
AT&T Jobs
…jobs and internships, information on the company, and much more.
Frontier Communications: Careers
…one of the nation's largest rural local exchange carriers, but "rural" doesn't mean "backwards". They mainly operate in small and medium-sized communities but offer the same competitive communication services as other larger companies. Their career section includes current listings from across their service area, benefits, and more.
Verizon Communications: Careers
…learn about opportunities with this fast-growing nationwide telecommunications company. Verizon has opportunities in all areas all across the country, including part-time, temporary, and internship opportunities. (And FiOS. They need folks to work on the FiOS.) You can learn more about the company and what its like to work there before searching the online listings and submitting a resume and/or online application. Some jobs require completion of various tests designed to evaluate your knowledge and skills in various areas. Information is given in each job announcement.

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