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Kellie Hanna, CPRW By Kellie Hanna, CPRW, Career Advice Expert
Editor: cameron • Contributor: Agata Szczepanek • Reviewer: Giana Ciapponi
Editorial Policy Contributor Guidelines

Editorial Policy

At MyPerfectResume, we strive to create and feature high-quality content. Our team of career experts and contributors write original, accurate, informative and engaging articles on resume and cover letter writing, interviewing, job searching and navigating careers.

Every article written by our contributors and career advice experts is researched, sourced, double-checked and completely factual. We present educational, easy-to-comprehend tips and  guidance that helps job seekers reach their goal of finding meaningful and engaging employment.

This editorial policy applies to all articles published on MyPerfectResume, and the writers who produce such content.

Our articles:

  • Are thorough as well as succinct, providing a wide range of job seekers with knowledge and advice that can help them achieve their goals of finding employment and/or building a career.
  • Provide information (through guides, steps-based articles, Q&As and more) that helps job seekers create actionable plans to address employment goals.
  • Include insights from subject-matter experts that reinforce and strengthen the information our career experts and contributors provide.
  • Identify marketing, promotional or sales-based language or links within the text.
  • Feature factual information, with links to credible authorities such as major news organizations, and academic and government sources.
  • Avoid stereotyping by race, gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, geography, disability, physical appearance or social status.
  • Are original in writing and reporting.

Syndicated articles

We do not accept article content that has been published elsewhere.

Sponsored articles

All sponsored content on MyPerfectResume is clearly identified.

Verification and fact-checking

All articles are vetted and edited by multiple editors. Contributors must be accurate and provide backup and contact information for sources upon request. Editors fact-check and have any questions they have for writers answered before an article is published on the site.

Article submissions from outside contributors

MyPerfectResume considers for publication informative, high-quality contributor-submitted articles that focus on helping our users write a resume and cover letter, succeed in the job search process, excel in job interviews, and advance in their careers.

Error corrections

MyPerfectResume is committed to accuracy. If you encounter a factual error or misrepresentation in an article, please email us at Minor corrections to articles will be made within 24-48 hours. If a major correction is needed, we will provide a timeline in which the correction will be made and published.

Contributor Guidelines

To be considered for a guest article on MyPerfectResume, submit a brief proposal (no more than two or three paragraphs) about the topic you want to cover, and highlight the unique insights you will bring to the article.


MyPerfectResume accepts original, unpublished articles between 600 and 1,000 words that offer clear, concise advice in one or more of the following topic areas:

  • Resume writing, formatting and design. Articles will appear in the MyPerfectResume Resumes section.
  • Cover letter writing, formatting and design. Articles will appear in the MyPerfectResume Cover Letters section.
  • Interviews (including content on job interview preparation, answering interview questions, and how to follow up after an interview). Articles will appear in the MyPerfectResume Interviews section.
  • Jobs (including content on searching and networking for a job, and how to approach job offers). Articles will appear in the MyPerfectResume Jobs section.
  • Careers (career planning and advancement). Articles will appear in the MyPerfectResume Careers section.
  • Special Reports (issues related to the workplace, such as employment statistics). Articles will appear in the MyPerfectResume Career Center.

Include a short bio and information regarding your knowledge and expertise of the topic, and information on your social media presence (e.g., the number of followers you have on Twitter and LinkedIn, the frequency with which you post in social media). Depending on your background, years of experience, and level of expertise in job seeker and career topics, you will be listed on MyPerfectResume as either a Career Advice Contributor or Career Advice Expert.

We will also need a headshot in 300 x 300 JPG format. Headshots should be medium closeup against a neutral background and employ professional-quality lighting. By submitting your bio, you are providing us with the right to publish your name and photos, including the right not to use or change photos and names provided for marketing purposes.

Types of articles

We publish six types of articles on MyPerfectResume:

  1. Informational articles presented in multiple paragraphs
  2. Checklist-based articles: Articles in the form of a checklist. (Example: “The Ultimate Resume Checklist”);
  3. Dos & Don’ts-based articles: Articles in the form of a dos and don’ts list. (Example: “11 Dos and Don’ts for Phone Interviews”);
  4. Steps-based articles: Articles in the form of a list of steps. (Example: “Update Your Resume in 5 Easy Steps”);
  5. Top 10-based articles: Articles in the form of a Top 5, Top 10, Top 15, etc., based list. (Example: “10 Best Resume Writing Tips for Interns”); and
  6. Q&A-based articles: Articles in a question-and-answer format — with industry leaders, influencers in the career and job search space, etc.

Additional requirements

Upon approval of your proposal, MyPerfectResume will look for the following in the final article before it is published:

  • Content that directly helps the job seeker. The guidance you supply should clearly address the question or topic, and present advice that the job seeker can put into action.
  • Real-world examples, such as anecdotes or stories from job seekers about how they overcame obstacles to find work. Personal anecdotes and stories help forge a direct connection between readers and content, leading to more engagement.
  • A voice and tone that is “business casual” but there are exceptions. Our team will work with you to strike the correct voice/tone for the article you write.
  • Articles must contain one to two quotes from topic experts to add insight and depth.
  • Add one to two links to existing MyPerfectResume articles when relevant and appropriate. For example, if you are writing an article about how to write a resume for an administrative assistant job, search MyPerfectResume to see if there are articles on how to write a cover letter for an accountant job, or if there’s a page that contains administrative assistant resume examples.
  • Also include one link to a MyPerfectResume product, like our Cover Letter Builder or resume templates. Include this link organically, and do not hard-sell or promote the product. A senior content manager can assist you with the choosing and placement of these links.
  • Do not include duplicate links (more than one link to the same source).
  • Do not include external marketing, promotional or sales-based links that encourage readers to buy a service or product.
  • Do not link to articles covering the same topic you are writing about. For example, if you are writing an article about top interview questions to prepare for, don’t link to another article about top interview questions to prepare for.
  • Back up any factual claims with links to credible sources, including research and data by professional organizations, major news sites, government publications or academia. Wikipedia is not considered a credible source for this purpose.

If you are interested in writing for us, submit your pitch at

Editor: cameron • Contributor: Agata Szczepanek • Reviewer: Giana Ciapponi

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