How to Cover Your Tattoos for an Interview

You love your tattoos. They're meaningful to you. When it comes to job interviews, it's (usually) better to play it safe and cover your tattoos. If your tattoos are visible and you're now about to step into a job interview, what should you do? How can you flaunt your tattoo on your own terms, sharing it when you choose and covering it up when you please? Here are a few simple tips that can help you deal with these questions.

Talk to a tattoo artist about makeup

A five-dollar bottle of foundation from the drug store may cover a pimple or an errant tan line, but it won't do much to conceal a large, dark-tinted tattoo. In fact, your efforts may fail AND you may make a mess on your clothes. Instead, talk to your tattoo artist about the best kind of makeup to cover your tattoo. Your artist may provide a unique solution for you. The best tattoo concealers involve layers of color which are applied and left to dry, layer by layer, in a complex process. Feeling shy? Take our advice and try the highly rated brand Dermablend.

Change your style

As long as you cover your tattoos, have fun with a new style. You may not typically like wearing higher necklines, for example, but this may be a new cut to try if you have a tattoo on your neck or chest. Let go of your old look and experiment with new ones. Try on some turtlenecks and high collar shirts that you might not be drawn to right away. A nice scarf can be tied perfectly to cover a tattoo. What if your tattoos are on your legs, arms, wrists, feet, hands, and/or fingers? To conceal leg tattoos, wear pants (groundbreaking, we know). If your tattoo is near your ankle, go the extra mile and wear high socks underneath as well. Foot tattoo? No problem. Wear shoes that cover your feet. If this is impossible, wrap an ACE bandage around your foot to cover the art.

Arms can be tricky. You probably don't want to wear sleeves in the summer, but it might be the best way to cover your tattoos. Try lighter fabrics to stay cool. Linen is pricey, but it's your best bet. Strategically placed chunky bracelets and large Band-Aids might help as well. You can even go as far as to tape a drape (or scarf) so that it covers what it necessary. When it comes to hands and fingers, you can't cover with clothes so easily. Wearing gloves to an interview is odd. You can make use of Band-Aids and unique jewelry (yes, that goes for women and men) to keep your art to yourself.

Or not

You know what? If you're losing sleep because you can't figure out how to cover your tattoo without dressing like a sports-team mascot, let your ink show and don't comment on it at all during the interview. Wear what you choose and — quite literally —  be comfortable in your own skin. If your interviewer has a problem with your tattoo or your uncovered body art violates company policy, let the interviewer be the one to bring this up. During the course of the conversation, you may find out that this job isn't a match for you at all. Culture fit is important. Perhaps you'd be happier at a job that doesn't require you to cover your tattoos.

Sometimes it pays to be honest with your employer — and with yourself. Meanwhile, explore the job search tools on MyPerfectResume to find the job that's right for you.  

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