5 Common Accounting Clerk Interview Questions & Answers

Writing an outstanding resume and cover letter is an important part of the job process. Once you are done with these steps, you must start getting ready for the first meeting with the hiring manager. You have to do well at this interview if you want to impress the employer enough to actually land the job. Ensure you do well by looking at basic interview tips and commonly asked questions.

There are many questions that can be asked during an interview. Some are general, such as the old standbys of "Can you describe a time when you overcame a challenge?" or "Why should we consider hiring you?" Other questions are particular to the industry and position you are pursing. These specific accounting clerk interview questions and example answers will help you gain the important practice needed to answer inquires with confidence and clout, and wow the hiring manager.

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5 Common Accounting Clerk Interview Questions & Answers

1. How did you gain important expertise in the field of accounting?

I recently graduated with a bachelor's degree in financial services. While I haven't been able to put my technical knowledge to use yet, I was able to gain some expertise in accounting through the related coursework I had to take. I also have my Certified Bookkeeper designation from the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers. This certification gave me knowledge about overseeing payroll and balancing accounts in a way that is honest and acceptable according to the different regulations set up by state and federal laws.

2. Where do you see yourself in five years?

I am really excited to put my knowledge to use as an accounting clerk, but I would like to continue my education. I don't know if I will go back to school or if I will get more certifications, but I would like to become an accountant within the next five years. Right now I see myself becoming an auditor as well. I have always been very detail oriented, so I would do well at reviewing records for accuracy. I know this company has a lot of opportunities for growth and promotion, which is part of the reason I am so interested in working here.

3. What bookkeeping software are you comfortable using?

In my career, I have had to use a few different bookkeeping software and programs, such as FreshBooks, Kashoo and QuickBooks. I strive to familiarize myself with new software through workshops offered at the local library and universities. I may not gain all of the skills needed to use these programs as a professional, but getting an introduction helps me easily pick up new software as needed. I also find these introductory courses make it easier to learn about new software on the go. I am a quick learner and very comfortable with computers, so I feel confident saying I will be able to work with the bookkeeping software your company uses after a short learning period.

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4. What do you do to avoid making errors?

As an accounting clerk, I rely on my attention to detail to help me avoid making errors. Of course no one is perfect, so I can't catch every error out there. At my last job we used a series of peer reviews to ensure important documents were as accurate as possible. I always take the time to pay attention to the details and double-check my work before sending in the final reports to the archives. I find I can best avoid making errors by double-checking the work I am doing as I enter data into the balance sheets. I also stay up to date on IRS forms and publications to ensure I am following the most recent guidelines and regulations. In my opinion there is no point in creating an error-free document if it is done according to out-of-date guidelines.

5. Would you be comfortable communicating with vendors and clients?

For many accountants, being personable is not their number one trait. While I may not have won any awards for my amiability, I am able to communicate very well. I think it is important to be friendly, but it is more important to have the ability to clearly articulate your thoughts. If I was tasked with communicating with either vendors or clients, I would be able to explain reports, give presentations and write clear messages.

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