5 Common Home Health Nurse Interview Questions & Answers

Kellie Hanna, CPRW
By Kellie Hanna, CPRW, Career Advice Expert Last Updated: April 11, 2022
5 Common Questions For Home Health Nurse

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You’ve perfected your resume by carefully going through it to make sure it’s up-to-date and free of errors. Besides that, you’ve written a concise but detailed cover letter that you feel accurately reflects why your skills are appropriate for an open home health nurse position. However, the interview represents yet another hurdle to clear. In order to have a chance at landing the job, you also need to be prepared for some of the likely home health nurse interview questions you’ll be asked, and study some suggested answers.

Although there are many places to find generalized questions that ask you to give examples of your accomplishments or explain to the hiring manager why you’re worthy of being hired, it’s also necessary to look for sample questions and answers that specifically relate to this career. Then, you’ll be able to intelligently tailor responses so they’re not just insightful, but relevant.

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5 Home Health Nurse Interview Questions & Answers

Describe a situation when you were required to perform well under stress

About a year ago, I was taking care of an elderly patient who suffered from severe dementia. She became extremely agitated and I knew that my first course of action was to get her calmed down as soon as possible. Because I had been taking care of her for about two years at the time, my presence and soothing words were effective enough that I was able to resolve the situation quickly without causing harm to the patient.

Tell me about when you had to work as a team, and what the outcome was of that scenario

While working in my last home health nurse job, I practiced teamwork almost every day. The company I was employed by was able to secure a lot of business in a housing complex that was popular with elderly people who wanted to have lives that were as independent as possible. On each of my shifts, I would confer with other home health nurses from the company and we would decide how to split up the patient duties. This method allowed us to spend an ample amount of time with each client without wasting time or resources.

What would you do if a family member were unsatisfied with a patient's care?

This happened to me within the past six months with a patient’s son, and I immediately apologized to the concerned family member. Even though I had done nothing wrong, I still felt it was necessary to validate the person’s feelings and let him know I was taking his feedback seriously. After listening carefully to his feedback, I assured him that top-quality care is always my priority, and empathized with the fact that he wanted his loved one to be well looked after. This conversation resulted in the family member admitting that he had misinterpreted things and saying he felt at ease about me caring for the patient.

Do you see yourself still working as a home health nurse in five years?

Yes, because it is a career I have wanted to pursue since I was nine years old, and ever since I have made the decision to do so, I’ve found it to be an immensely satisfying way to earn a living. I take the job very seriously, whether I’m studying potential home health nurse interview questions, or chatting with a patient about how his or her day is going. Given the amount of satisfaction I get from this particular job, such as by being able to help people in my line of work, I have no plans to seek a different career.

Tell me why your work experience qualifies you for a position with our home health company?

While preparing for this meeting and anticipating specific home health nurse interview questions I may be asked, I looked at this company’s website and saw it has been voted the top home health agency in the area for five years in a row. I am a very goal-oriented person and would make it my responsibility to work with others in the organization to uphold the values and principles that cause clients and their loved ones to be consistently satisfied with the care provided by this company.

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