5 Common HRIS Analyst Interview Questions & Answers

Creating a strong resume and cover letter is the first step toward getting hired as an HRIS analyst, but that will only get you an interview. Once you have an opportunity to meet with someone in person, that is when your actions will determine whether or not you will be hired. Prioritize your interview as it is one of the most important steps in the process after submitting your resume and cover letter.

You should always prepare before you begin your interview. There are interviewing tips available on the internet, and you can think about what your answers will be for typical interview questions. The best interviewees go one step further and prepare answers to questions that will deal with the specific job they are applying for. These are the questions that the interviewer will be most interested in anyway, so make sure you are ready to answer. Take the time to review the following short list of HRIS analyst interview questions so you will succeed in your interview and have the best chance of being hired.

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5 HRIS Analyst Interview Questions & Answers

1. As part of the IT section of the human resources department, the HRIS analyst position almost entirely revolves around computer science and management, which is a rare skill among HR employees. Do you have experience in this field?

I do. For a long time, I thought I might have a future in information technology. I studied computer science while I was pursuing my degree in relations, so I am confident when I say I have the computer skills necessary to excel in this position. Additionally, I do have experience troubleshooting computer hardware and software issues in an IT job, which I was in for about three years.

2. As you can tell, analysis is a big part of this job. Please explain your experience developing analytical skills.

In my previous position, it was my responsibility to gather and organize as well as present the human resources statistics to company leaders. While I was in this position, I was practicing analysis in virtually every task I was given. I have become quite skilled at looking at raw information and pulling applications and implications from it. It was one of the most rewarding parts of my last job, so I am excited to jump right in.

3. How have you developed the excellent communication skills that are necessary for the HRIS analyst position?

In my last position, I was promoted to a team leader, which certainly advanced my communication skills. I made a special effort to emphasize communication in my personal approach to leadership, and I believe it was a huge part of why I was successful. Being able to communicate is the only way a team is able to efficiently work together and get anything done. Of course, I also do have a degree in relations, which required extensive communication studies. I absolutely believe that I have developed communication skills in excess of the requirements for the HRIS analysis position.

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4. What sorts of experience do you have with accounting or otherwise mathematics-related work?

While I was never really a part of the accounting department in my previous position, I have extensive experience with numbers and analyzing them to pull useful information. Naturally, this process involved quite a bit of math, and I began to develop this skill over time. I cannot honestly say this was my strongest area, but I worked at it enough to be quite successful, so I am still confident that I will be able to tackle the HRIS analyst position and be just as successful. In fact, I am looking forward to being able to further develop this skill as I enter this position.

5. Describe your long-term career goals. Are they in line with earning this HRIS analyst position?

I am not entirely sure which direction I intend to proceed, but I can say with confidence that this position would be in line with my long-term career goals. I have always had a big interest in information technology as well as human resources. This position is an excellent opportunity for me to get experience in both fields. I intend to be in this position for several years as I decide which department I want to pursue permanently. I absolutely believe that entering the HRIS analyst position will be a big step for me toward my permanent career.

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