5 Common Insurance Agent Interview Questions & Answers

You have an impressive work history that you detailed in an exemplary resume and cover letter. It has ended up in the hands of a hiring manager who thinks that you may be a good fit for a job position. However, a face-to-face interview is needed to accurately assess your personality and thought processes. From this very important first meeting, you could be offered a job or invited to a second interview.

While you will certainly need to be ready for the standard, general interview questions, you will also need to be prepared to answer questions that are specific to your experience within the insurance industry. Your interviewer will expect you to present yourself as a knowledgeable and capable insurance professional that will add value to the company. Below are some insurance agent interview questions and sample answers that will help you formulate your own responses and make the best first impression possible.

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5 Insurance Agent Interview Questions & Answers

1. What qualities do you have that make you a great insurance agent?

I would say it's my exceptional interpersonal and analytical skills. Being a liaison between clients and insurance carriers has given me the ability to effectively communicate with insurance novices and professionals alike. I can gain an understanding of a client that allows me to develop an accurate risk profile. From there, I use my knowledge of insurance providers' risk appetites to negotiate a customized product for the client. I can then decode policy language so that it's more palatable for someone not familiar with legal terminology. This is how I was able to build a $2 million book of business.

2. How would you differentiate yourself from your competitors?

In some situations, hungry agents will work to get that initial sale as quickly as possible. After doing that, they hand the servicing of the account to other people and never look at it again. While I understand the importance of delegating work, I also believe that an agent should try to play an active role throughout the life of an account. Small and large clients receive my attention before and after a sale. It strengthens the relationships, and I am the one that comes to mind when my customers have insurance needs.

3. Are you able to handle rejection? If so, how?

The fact of the matter is that insurance industry is competitive. I understand that rejection comes with the job. Agents are constantly targeting each other's accounts. Sometimes a client decides to make the move to another insurance agent. It can be hard to lose an account after spending a lot of time on it, but I don't see it as a failure. It just means I have to work that much harder to find other leads and build more relationships. Also, it's always possible to contact lost clients again and ask them to give me another shot at finding them a better program.

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4. What was your most successful sale?

It was a sale that not only brought in revenue, but also additional clients. It was a very large firm with offices all over the world. They also had several claims. I met with them face-to-face many times to get to know them and go over their needs. From then, it was months of back and forth gathering financial statements, collecting claim information and sending the account to 30 different insurance carriers. I received quotes and created a detailed comparison. After proposing to the client, I received an order for a $363,000 policy. The owners of the company then started other companies that became customers as well.

5. What kind of strategy would you devise to gain clients' attention?

My goal is to demonstrate value. Obviously, client facing is a good way to do this. Something as simple as personally delivering a policy package can go a long way. It builds reputation and increases the chance of someone referring a friend. Also, creating content and generating a social media presence is important. Writing and sharing informative articles and blog posts can establish an insurance agent as an expert. Additionally, I would pick a coverage line to focus on and offer to speak about it at various offices and events. I think getting my face out there to as many people as possible is critical.

Prove you're the right candidate for the job. If you take into account these insurance agent interview questions and answers, you'll be primed for your first interview.

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