5 Crucial Patient Access Supervisor Interview Tips

Once you've spent the time to write and refine your resume and cover letter, it's time for the next step: the face-to-face interview! While this step can feel more intimidating than sending in your resume, it's an important part of the hiring process. The interview is the time for you to make a great first impression on a potential employer and prove that you are just as professional and talented in person as your resume claims.

It's easy to find tips on interviewing well, such as lists of best practices and how to answer commonly asked questions. These tips can be helpful, especially if you don't have a lot of experience interviewing. However, it's also important to understand what skills you should highlight when you are applying for a nursing position. These five patient access supervisor interview tips can help you prepare to make a great first impression and stand out as an exceptional candidate.

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Patient Access Supervisor Interview Tips

Focus on Your Organizational Skills: Any supervisory role requires a great deal of confidence in your organizational skills. To be patient access supervisor in particular involves working with various schedules, a team of people and numerous patients. You'll be responsible for seeing that daily tasks are completed on time, as well as planning out the long-term schedules for members of your team. You'll be expected to assist others on your team with difficult tasks, so it's very important that your show your interviewer your organizational skills.

Show Professionalism: Of course it's always important to display a professional attitude at a job interview. However, especially with jobs in the medical field, it's vital to be calm and collected even during stressful situations. Your job could entail dealing with distressed patients and emergency situations or procedures. Demonstrating a courteous and professional demeanor during your interview can show your hiring manager that you have the right personality for this particular job in the nursing field.

Demonstrate Clear Communication: When you are working in a patient access supervisory role, you will be communicating with a wide variety of people: other staff members, medical professionals, patients and their family members. You may be required to communicate back and forth with several people at once and work with a large group to set comprehensive schedules. It's good to show your interviewer that you are able to communicate clearly and concisely in person, as well as on the telephone and through written communications. You may also want to discuss your familiarity with common office computer programs and scheduling software.

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Discuss Supervisory Roles: While your resume has a list of all your pertinent experience, it's good to spend some time in your interview highlighting your supervisory roles to make it clear you can handle this position. You want to showcase any relevant work experience you have in this area. If you haven't worked as a supervisor before, you can reference educational experience such as leading a team project or working in student government. If possible, try to discuss specific examples in the form of an anecdote. Telling a story is a good way to make yourself memorable to the interviewer. Additionally, you can practice a few stories ahead of time, so when it comes time to discuss your supervisory experience in your interview you will have a well-constructed answer.

Highlight Relevant Knowledge: Patient access positions fall under the nursing and medical industry, and during the job you'll have to be familiar with terminology, common practices and other related information. It's good to spend a little time in your interview discussing any relevant work or educational experience you have in the medical field. This could be anything from a degree or certification to an internship. While you don't want to appear that you are trying too hard, it can be good to use some medical terminology in the proper context during any discussion of your medical experience. You want to show your interviewer that you are ready to start the job without requiring a lot of time to learn about the common medical practices and procedures.

These patient access supervisor interview tips can help you feel prepared to ace your interview and make a memorable first impression. A good interview can open up the job path and lead to further interviews and even a job offer.

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