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6 Key Director of Nursing Services Interview Tips

Your well-written resume and exceptional cover letter have opened the door to the initial interview, and now it's time to prepare your best ideas and talking points to share with the hiring managers. The interview is an important time to reveal details regarding your experience, how you will fit within the existing management structure and strategies for successful team leadership. Interviewers will be looking for impeccable credentials, a variety of experience and top-notch governance skills.

Amid the sea of advice regarding job interviews, there are several essential best practices that apply across industries. Looking your best, arriving on time and thanking the interviewers are always good ideas. It is also essential to tailor your responses to the medical industry and the following director of nursing interview tips will help you highlight your best qualifications and succeed during the first round of interviews.

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Director of Nursing Services Interview Tips

Expound on Your Experience: One of the most essential details interviewer will look for is solid experience. Most director positions require at least two years of job experience as a nurse, and some ask for more. You will want to spend the bulk of the meeting discussing the intricacies of your employment background in order to determine your eligibility and expertise. Prepare to share plenty of details about your prior positions, especially if you have worked in management previously.

Discuss Measurable Results: One way to make a memorable impression is to wow the hiring staff with your prior successes. Sharing concise, measureable results, such as, "increased nursing staff satisfaction 20 percent over a one-year period," will give them a great idea of what you are capable of. If you have never worked in management before, try including a few talking points about your reliability, such as being on time for two years running.

Share Your Leadership Vision: Hiring managers are looking for more than just the best technical nurse. To make sure you bring the right balance of skill, leadership ability and personality, they will be interested in your vision for leading a team of medical staffers. Whether you are a seasoned manager or just getting started leading teams of employees, talk about a few of the habits or approaches of a great leader and give examples of when you have exhibited these qualities. Think back to effective managers you've worked under and be sure to craft your responses to fit the culture of the new company and department.

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Ask Questions About the Position: It's commonly acknowledged that the most successful interviews are interactive. Asking a few clear questions about the position is a great way to show that you have given the job plenty of advanced consideration. Prepare a few insightful queries before the meeting, but stick to topics that indicate interest in the job and the company. For instance, you could ask what are the education opportunities for nurses at the facility, or the specific expectations of patient care.

Use Clear, Concise Verbal Expression: One of the most helpful director of nursing services interview tips is to be sure you use clear verbal communication throughout the interview. Because the department will rely on your ability to convey important orders and directions to multiple staff members, it's imperative that you showcase your verbal clarity in the interview. Answer questions directly, giving details to elaborate, without becoming wordy. Prepare several talking points beforehand and use them to give yourself that extra second or two to formulate your response to difficult questions.

Make Yourself Distinctive: Your job as the interviewee is to sell your particular set of skills and qualifications. You will be most successful at this if you can set yourself apart from the competition. Hiring managers will likely interview several candidates, sometimes in quick succession. In order to stand out from the crowd, be sure to bring up any unique experiences, leadership skills or other qualifications. Did you lead a nursing team through a difficult emergency, or have you received any accolades from patients or medical professionals for your care? Giving the interviewers something positive and different to remember you by increases your chances of staying at the top of the hiring list.

When you utilize these director of nursing services interview tips, you will be better prepared to face challenging questions and respond with answers that highlight your best points. Success during the initial meeting enhances your chances of being called back for a second interview and subsequently landing the new position.

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