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Give Me an Example of How You Explained a Complex Situation so That Everyone Grasped What You Were Explaining

Before you go out for an important job interview, it’s a good idea to understand what kinds of interview questions you may be given. Many hiring managers use traditional interview questions that ask about your skills, your knowledge and your career aspirations. Behavioral interview questions are also a common way for employers to get more information about your probable success in the position. These questions are a way for employers to get a clearer picture of some of the decisions you have made in your work and educational experiences in the past. One such question you may be asked, ‘Give me an example of how you explained a complex situation so that everyone grasped what you were explaining’ can help a hiring manager see how your skills were previously put to work.

While difficult to answer, questions like this are not impossible. It’s tough to answer these because you need to be pretty specific. You may also be asked ‘Explain how you would break down technical information in layman’s terms’ or ‘Tell me about your process of explaining complicated material to people.’

Essentially, these are questions that are evaluating your problem-solving process, your industry expertise and your communication skills. The best way to answer these questions is to have a complete understanding of your qualifications and a high level of understanding of the field. It also helps to use a popular formula for answering questions like this called the STAR technique.

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How to Answer the ‘Give Me an Example of How You Explained a Complex Situation so That Everyone Grasped What You Were Explaining’ Behavioral Interview Question

1. Pull Strong Examples From Your Experience

With many types of behavioral interview questions, the hiring manager is looking for specifics. This is where you can showcase the proudest moments from your past where you really delivered. This can also help the employer see how much of an understanding you have of complicated situations. If you can’t explain something simply, you may not have the best knowledge of it. Be prepared to give the hiring manager a complete example of a complex situation that you made simple for people who were not familiar with your industry’s technical terms.

2. Avoid Being Too Vague

No matter what kind of story you tell, you must avoid being too vague in your response. For many fields that require specialized knowledge, you must prove your understanding of these concepts to the interviewer. Giving a broad overview of industry content doesn’t show a true understanding. In order to convey that you are truly an expert, you must be as detailed and specific as possible. That way you can make the employer feel more confident in your ability to complete tasks for the job.

3. Show off Your Creativity

Part of this question’s purpose is to assess your problem-solving skills and communication ability. You can impress the interviewer by giving an answer that also highlights your creativity with the way you explain complex material. If you’ve ever gone beyond a simple verbal explanation and used diagrams, models or analogies, be sure to talk about those strategies when you answer this question. Your innovative approach could make a big difference in whether or not you get hired.

4. Get Ahead With the STAR Method

One of the most effective ways to answer questions like this is to use the STAR format. This method breaks down important components that should be in your answer. Here is an overview:

  • S – The format begins with a description of the situation you encountered. Whichever situation you choose- give enough detail to help the interviewer visualize what happened.
  • T – Then, you need to give information about the task- such as the complex situation you needed to explain.
  • A – The third step is to tell about your actions. This is where you explain the method you chose to help explain the difficult information.
  • R – Lastly, indicate what your results were. Tell how you were able to enhance your audience’s understanding of the topic.

Sample ‘Give Me an Example of How You Explained a Complex Situation so That Everyone Grasped What You Were Explaining’ STAR Interview Answer

One example of a time when I had to explain something complicated happened with a potential customer. The organization I worked for provided web design and site hosting. One small business owner didn’t understand how a network connection worked. I explained the process of how a personal computer got information from the network. I broke down the steps that the computer and network went through during communication. Then, I drew a diagram on a whiteboard and labeled everything to make it clearer. The result of this was that the business realized that it was worthwhile to invest in a dedicated broadband internet connection for the company, and my organization gained a new client.

When you encounter tough behavioral interview questions- you can be successful if you get a little advance practice. Understanding how these questions work and why they are used can help you get ahead in your job search.

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