How Do You Determine Priorities in Scheduling Your Time?

When you get asked interview questions such as- "how do you determine priorities in scheduling your time? Give examples-" hiring managers are looking for a specific kind of answer. They want to see that you put your work ahead of other items on your priority list. However- there is a bit more to this question than just that.

Interview questions on this topic give you a chance to talk about your time management skills. Giving specific examples will not only show that you know what you're talking about- but also convey your level of experience. When you are prepared with a good answer for this question- it looks great in a job interview.

How to Answer the 'How Do You Determine Priorities in Scheduling Your Time? Give Examples.' Interview Question

Make Sure to Emphasize How You Make Time for Work: Perhaps the most important thing to hit home with in answering this question is that you are able to effectively balance your schedule and make room for work. This includes maintaining a sound sleep schedule- making schedule changes ahead of time- and putting work first. It is normal for people to sometimes need to take time off for important events. You can use this question to show how you always ask at least two weeks in advance if you need a certain amount of time off- and also emphasize that you would take the responsibility of getting a shift covered rather than make your manager figure it out. Having a busy life won't count against you- but what does count is whether you are able to get to work on time and do your job effectively.

Give Examples That Show Your Time Management Skills: Having to manage between different activities can make a perfect example for these types of interview questions. If you had to balance work with school at any point in your life- you can talk about things that you needed to do in order to have energy and focus for both. Another good thing to talk about is your sleep schedule. If you had an early morning job or early morning classes- talk about how you had to go to bed early in order to be able to give it your all during your shift. Another great example to talk about is whether you use a calendar or a planner. Letting the interviewer know that you have a concrete means of organizing your activities will show them that you are a solid and reliable worker.

Show Them How Much You Care About Your Work: The "how do you determine priorities in scheduling your time? Give examples-" question gives you an opportunity to not only talk about how you balanced your time- but why. Think of why you like to have enough time for a job- and why that job is important to you. For example- if you know that you need an extra hour before you go to work to get cleaned up and focused for the job- talk about why that is important to you and why you always want to do a good job. This way- you not only focus on time management skills- but also get to share a few other skills and qualifications.

Sample 'How Do You Determine Priorities in Scheduling Your Time? Give Examples.' Interview Answers

1. I remember always being involved in the musical at my high school. In order to put on a great show- we had to show up after school every day for rehearsal and give it our all. I had to manage all of my homework in addition to having energy for rehearsals- so I would have to do it right after getting home- before I could just relax. One important strategy I learned was to use my off periods during the school day to do any additional work that needed to be done. When it came time for the dress rehearsal week with even longer rehearsal hours- I made sure to already have any big papers already finished- since procrastination only added to my stress.

2. I always utilize a calendar to keep track of what I have going on when. Whenever I need to plan to do something- I refer to my calendar to make sure that I am not double-scheduling. When I worked my last job- I always made sure to look two weeks ahead on my calendar before scheduling shifts so that most of the time I never had to ask someone to cover for me- since I had already set my schedule accordingly. I think it important to have things planned out ahead of time in order to be able to give my all to each thing I am doing- especially my job at work.

Now that you have a better idea of how to answer the "how do you determine priorities in scheduling your time? Give examples-" interview question- you can definitely make a good impression in a job interview.

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