Explain How You Would Be an Asset to This Organization

Nilda Melissa Diaz
By Nilda Melissa Diaz, Career Advice Contributor Last Updated: October 26, 2022
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Reading up on top job interview questions and answers is a great approach to calming pre-interview jitters. When you know what to expect- you’re able to prepare answers and be more in control of an interview. Typical questions to expect include- “Explain how you would be an asset to this organization.” This question can be reworded in many different ways- such as- “Why should we hire you over someone else?” and “What special skills do you have to offer this company?”

No matter the wording of the question- it is about more than the interviewer wanting to know the assets you have to offer the organization. To be sure- that is part of it- but interviewers also want to assess your self-awareness and your level of confidence in relation to potential insecurities or even arrogance. Begin early to prepare your answer; brainstorm a list of your assets- and tie them to the position and organization.

How to Answer the “Explain How You Would Be an Asset to This Organization” Interview Question

Include Two Areas in Your Response: Cover two areas when you explain how you would be an asset to the organization. First and obviously- you must discuss your assets. Second- you must outline how you are capable of taking these assets and applying them to the needs of the organization and position. Read the job description to identify any special areas of need- and research recent news on the company as well as its mission. These steps help you identify what the company truly considers an asset. Don’t be afraid to make some connections. For instance- if the job description said nothing about being cautious but you know that the company has had recent woes with employees who took action without consulting others- you could say that one of your assets is your ability to take calculated and carefully communicated risks that pay off.

Illustrate the Answer With Examples: Examples almost always help personalize and clarify answers for any of the top job interview questions. If you’ve worked for a similar company- you could explain how you were an asset for that organization. Even if the company was not much like the business you are interviewing with now- examples are still good as long as the assets are transferable to the new experience. The great thing about illustrating with previous experience is that it works even if you’ve never had a job- internship or volunteer opportunity. You can use situations from school- for example- or from your personal life (within reason).

Discuss Tangible and Intangible Assets- If Possible: In other words talk about both hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills are those that frequently can be measured. For instance- being able to type 80 words per minute is a hard skill- as is proficiency in a specific language or a software program. Soft skills are more intangible but just as important. They include interpersonal and communication skills- and attributes such as reliability- dedication and punctuality. Including both types of skills presents you as a well-balanced employee. It is possible- though- that you may not have many or any hard skills to discuss. In such a case it’s fine to talk about soft skills and include details about how you are a quick learner.

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Sample “Explain How You Would Be an Asset to This Organization” Interview Answers

1. Your job description said you need someone who works well under pressure. That’s me. I fought in Iraq- and I founded a company in my garage- growing it into a solid business with seven employees. You can throw wrench after wrench at me and Ill stay calm- just as I did on the morning of a huge catering event when two staffers called in sick. I identify- prioritize- delegate and multitask. It’s my understanding from the recent news that this organization really needs folks who are comfortable with taking calculated risks and who do some of their best work in stressful situations. My record speaks for itself- and I’d be a tremendous asset.

2. One way in which I would be a huge asset is that I have the computer skills in addition to interpersonal skills. My computer certifications include [list certifications]- and at my current job I’ve been recognized multiple times for troubleshooting complex problems. I’ve been in love with computers since I was a child — I built my first computer at age 8 — and I have intimate knowledge of them that not many others have. As far as interpersonal skills go- I’m the guy at my current job who translates the tech speak for the computer department into more understandable language for laypeople. I’m great at taking complex concepts and language and making them more understandable.

Now you have several approaches for answering the question of how you would be an asset to an organization. It’s certainly worth your while to get ready for this question- as it appears often on lists of top job interview questions and answers.

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