6 Common Perioperative Nurse Interview Questions & Answers

Nilda Melissa Diaz, CPRW
By Nilda Melissa Diaz, CPRW, Career Advice Expert Last Updated: December 08, 2022

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You’ve written a strong cover letter and resume, identified the nursing specialty where you want to work, and now you’ve been called in for an interview. Congratulations! Now it’s time to prepare to shine in your face-to-face meeting. During this initial in-person interview, it’s important to have two goals: to see if this organization is a fit for you and to impress the interviewer and show them that you are the right nurse for the position.

From reading your resume, this potential employer already has assessed that you have the qualifications necessary to hold this position. During your interview, you will have the chance to show that you are truly the right person for the job. The hiring manager will be asking general interview questions to learn who you are and whether you are a fit for the organization, but he or she will also be asking industry-specific interview questions. Here are some common perioperative nurse interview questions and answers to help you be ready to showcase your skills.

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6 Perioperative Nurse Interview Questions & Answers

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6 Common Perioperative Nurse Interview Questions & Answers

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