Why Did You Decide to Seek a Position in This Company?

Nilda Melissa Diaz
By Nilda Melissa Diaz, Career Advice Contributor Last Updated: October 26, 2022
Why Did You Seek A Position In This Company

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Hiring managers often may ask potential job candidates- “Why did you decide to seek a position in this company?” This standard interview question may also be asked as- “why do you want to work for us?” or “What made you interested in this organization?” Interview questions like this are asked in order to find out how much you know about the company and to see if your goals fit with the organization’s vision.

You can make yourself stand out by answering this type of question in a way that shows you know about the company. You should also bring yourself into the equation and talk about how your skills and talents are a natural fit for the position and the company. When you showcase a solid understanding of what the company’s all about and sell yourself as a possible positive contributor to the company mission- you may have a higher chance of getting hired.

How to Answer the ‘Why Did You Decide to Seek a Position in This Company’ Interview Question

Make sure you answer with specifics

What hiring managers don’t want to hear when you answer interview questions like this is a generic answer that could be applied to pretty much anything. That’s why you need to conduct some research about the company before you ever set foot in the interview session. Once you get a little bit of background knowledge- then you need to start thinking about why you actually do want to work there. When you begin answering this question- be sure to use specific details about the company that show you have done your homework. Always connect the company details back to your own experiences to show the hiring manager how you could continue to support the business.

Communicate your strong interest

It’s also important to make sure your passion and strong interest in the job are communicated to the interviewer. If you really want to work for the company- don’t be afraid to show it. In addition to showing off your enthusiasm for the organization- talk about how much passion you have for your own specific job. People who love the work they do are usually welcomed into new job opportunities. You can give the hiring manager an idea of what you can truly bring to the table when it comes to skills- qualities and drive to do your best. This can help further sell your candidacy for the position and get your resume pushed to the top of consideration.

Use examples from the job posting

Lastly- you should have a solid understanding of the specific job you are being interviewed for. Make sure you carefully read over the job posting and think of ways you can use those example skills and duties in your answer. It’s important to make sure your answer succeeds in telling why you want to work for the company. Talk about your previous experiences that closely match with the specific job posting details. Explain your thought process regarding why your background is a great fit for this job and the industry. Essentially- you must sell yourself and your strong probability of success for the potential job.

Sample ‘Why Did You Decide to Seek a Position in This Company’ Interview Answers

1. Your company has the strongest reputation in the industry- and that is something I truly admire. Working for the best is something that everyone wants to achieve- and I would welcome the opportunity to help your company go even further in the industry. The management style of this organization is a great fit with my own style of working- and I think I would do well here. Your company’s use of collaboration and the many opportunities for advancement in management make it a place where I see myself achieving my own career goals in leadership. I’ve always worked best when I’ve been part of a team- and I have a lot of different ideas that I could bring to the table.

2. When I saw the advertisement for the job posting- I was really eager to put an application in. All of the specific job duties and skills that are listed are the same things I have strong talents in. I have always had a goal to work in an organization like yours- and I jumped at the opportunity for consideration when I found out there’s an opening here. The company values your organization is known for are things I find important as well. I can see myself becoming a valuable team member in this business- and I want to help your organization continue to demonstrate its amazing reputation in this industry.

Now that you have some information about such interview questions- it’s time to start perfecting your response. Be sure to practice your answer so your confidence and sincerity can help you land a job that is right for you.

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