Design Engineer Cover Letter Example + Tips

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While a strong resume is an important part of getting hired, you cannot afford to neglect your cover letter. It is this document that communicates your personal and unique attributes as well as your excitement for the position. Your cover letter lets you stand out from the other candidates. This free design engineer cover letter sample and writing guide will help you when writing your own cover letter.

Dear Mr. Sprout,

I am very excited about the posted design engineer position. I am confident that I would fit the role and be able to thrive in this position. My long history working in the engineering field has prepared me to succeed as a design engineer for your company.

I completed my engineering bachelor’s degree nearly six years ago, and I have been working with an emphasis in design since. Over my career as a design engineer, I have developed extensive drafting, math, critical thinking, and creative skills to succeed in this field.

In my most recent position, I entered a leadership role. In addition to typical design responsibilities, I managed a team of engineers to ensure the projects were completed quickly and to the clients’ specifications. Your posting indicates a desire for a design engineer that incorporates an attention to detail, which I believe has been a major contribution to my success in the field of engineering.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I would be very interested in discussing this job opening with you further. I am available to begin working immediately.

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What to Include in a Design Engineer Cover Letter

As you saw in this free design engineer cover letter sample, the best practice for writing a cover letter is to provide a professional, but personal, outline of your experiences and abilities. In order to make it specific to each job you apply for, reference the job description. You can also ensure that your cover letter is appealing to a specific company by matching the tone and style of the job posting. It is best to keep your cover letter brief but densely packed with information about your qualifications.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

The above free design engineer cover letter sample includes many skills that would be beneficial to include in your cover letter. Above all, however, you should reference specific skill requirements in the posted job description. The following list includes a few more commonly included skills and attributes.

● Detail oriented: Design engineers are responsible for working out all the small details that a client requests, so you should have an eye for specifics.
● Creative: It is impossible to fulfill the duties of a design engineer without thinking outside the box occasionally. Employers are looking for creative individuals that can bring something new to the table.
● Communication: Engineering involves working alongside other engineers and clients.
● Math skills: Math, as well as other technical skills, is the basis for engineering.