Landscaper Cover Letter Example + Tips

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Tyler Lane

1 Main Street
New Cityland, CA 91010
Cell: (555) 322-7337

Dear Mr. Fulton,

I write in response to your ad seeking an experienced Landscaper and Crew Leader at Fulton Lawn Care. As a highly competent Landscape Crew Leader, I would bring a service-focused and hard-working attitude to this role.
In my current position, I manage the work of five crew members and complete a range of private and commercial landscaping projects. I have a knack for problem solving and work well independently and with little oversight. I am detail-oriented, creative, and proficient at keeping crews on schedule and working efficiently.
I am a self-starter and excel at lawn maintenance, shrubbery and flower care, and minor design work. I am familiar with safe operations guidelines and learn new procedures quickly. As a part of the team at Fulton Lawn Care, I hope to increase your business by providing clients first-rate lawn care services.
My resume and references are attached. Please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss the position and your needs in detail.

Tyler Lane

Average Rating

What It’s Like to Work in the Landscaping Industry

A degree in landscaping will enable you to be part of the decision-making part of the team rather than a landscape laborer. A landscaping contractor meets with potential clients, discusses their desires, and recommends alternatives that may be more suitable for their particular location. With available software, a landscaper can show clients what their property would look like based on various plants, shrubs and trees. Time progression software can show what the landscaping will look like once the shrubs and trees have filled out. Water features like ponds and waterfalls fall into the purview of a Landscaping professional, and they often address drainage problems as well.

Benefits of Working in the Landscaping Industry

Ask any landscaper what they like about their job, and the first thing they usually mention is the fact that they like to work outdoors. They are also creative individuals that take pride in their creations. Most successful Landscapers have at least an associate’s degree, and many with a bachelor’s move on to become Landscape Architects. Whether you want to advance in your current company, move on to a larger one or start your own, by building a before and after portfolio of your work, you can point prospective employers or customers to your successes. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but before they see your portfolio, they’ll see your cover letter.

Why You Need a Cover Letter

Your cover letter is a personal introduction. It should be well-crafted, brief and every word should count. Don’t simply repeat what’s on your resume is expand on a situation where you turned a difficult customer into a satisfied one. Mentioned that your portfolio is attached, but if you’ve done it right, that’s all you need to say. Let your education and industry knowledge show. If you’re having trouble getting started, check out MyPerfectResume’s cover letter examples for inspiration.