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Welder Cover Letter Example

The expertise of welders are needed for fixing and maintaining metal parts in various industries. Welding has been around for centuries. Though the methods have changed, it’s an occupation that is still in demand today.

Job Description & Responsibilities

Welders join metal parts together, as well as fill in seams, indents, or holes in metal pieces. Welding is a permanent and strong method of bonding metal together that is used in aerospace, manufacturing, construction, and the auto industry, among others. Nearly 100 welding techniques are in existence, and methods vary depending on the industry and need. Electrical currents are used most commonly today by welders to generate the heat needed to fuse metal together. Some duties commonly taken on by a welder include calculating of dimensions for welding, ensuring safety by making sure overheating does not occur, studying blueprints and other types of plans, inspecting of the parts or structures that are going to be welded, and maintaining of equipment.

Education & Training

Training programs for welders exist in high school vo-tech programs, post-secondary trade schools, community colleges, and private schools that specifically teach welding, as well as military educational programs. Curriculum includes subjects like technical drawing, physics, shop math, blueprint reading, mechanical drawing, metallurgy, and chemistry. Knowledge of computers is important, as more welding professionals are being asked to take on programming tasks. There are various certifications available to welders.

Welder Salary & Job Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of May 2012, the median yearly salary for a welder was 36,300 dollars with the lowest 10 percent earning 24,720 dollars and the highest 10 percent making 56,130 dollars. Projected job growth between 2012 and 2022 is six percent, which is slower than the national average for all jobs. Those who are trained in the most modern welding methods are most sought after by employers.See below for samples of how to write your welder cover letter to increase your chances of being hired.

Welder Cover Letter Sample