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Welder/Fabricator Cover Letter Example + Tips

A top-notch cover letter is just as important as your resume. It’s the first application document prospective employers see. If prepared well, it will make a positive first impression and showcase your industry-specific experience, qualifications, and accomplishments. It also makes the case for why you’re the ideal candidate for the job. Take a look at the free welder/fabricator cover letter sample to learn how to craft your letter.

Dear Mr. Grayson,

The automobile manufacturing industry is changing due to technological advancements. I am proud to say I am an experienced welder/fabricator who keeps up with these advancements. I believe I have the right combination of industry knowledge and craftsmanship to add value to your company.

I spent over 10 years working in the automobile manufacturing sector. I am well-versed in arc welding, and I have worked with numerous processes and different types of metals. My proficiency with using computers, robots, and motion-control machines helps increase production time and improve quality control ratings.

I believe welders/fabricators must have a strong work ethic. When I am asked to work a double shift, weekends or evenings, I am ready to do what is needed to keep the production on schedule. When it comes time to update my knowledge of computer-controlled devices, I am eager to learn so I can better serve the needs of the company.

I received my welding fabricator certification from the Academy Welding Society. Thank you for taking the time to consider me for the job. I look forward to talking to you about my qualifications.

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What to Include in a Welder/Fabricator Cover Letter

The opening paragraph sets the tone for the rest of the letter, so quickly point out why you should be hired. As you see with the free welder/fabricator cover letter sample, you only need four paragraphs to showcase your industry-specific experience, qualifications, and achievements. Also, use language from the job description. Adding a fact about the industry shows your interest and expertise in the field. Close the letter by restating why you are the best job candidate, expressing your appreciation, and inviting the hiring manager to view your resume.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

Your cover letter must be written in a way that’s specific to the job you’re seeking. The free welder/fabricator cover letter sample shows you how to spotlight your strengths. Here are a few skills that help welders/fabricators excel at their jobs.

● Dexterity: Welders/fabricators need a steady hand when lighting torches and grasping small machine parts.
● Physical strength: You must be in good physical health to lift heavy metal objects and equipment.
● Attention to detail: You need good eyesight so you can focus on details, weld with precision, create straight edges, and produce flawless work.
● Technical knowledge: You need to understand blueprints, technical manuals, and welding equipment.
● Stamina: You must be able to spend hours on your feet performing repetitive tasks.


Cover Letter Examples by Industry

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