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Pipefitter Cover Letter Example + Tips

pipefitter cover letter template

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What It’s Like to Work as a Pipefitter

You’ll likely start your career as a Pipefitter through an apprenticeship or by attending a technical school. It’s a physical as well as a skilled job, requiring a knowledge of how to properly install pipes carrying various liquids and gases. While you may do some work independently, most Pipefitters work as part of a team, especially for larger projects. Your work environment may include homes, businesses, factories, or industrial settings. It’s worth noting that you’ll likely be working outdoors in varying conditions throughout the year. As a Pipefitter, you’re likely to enjoy steady work due to a projected job growth exceeding 20 percent within the next decade.

Benefits of Working as a Pipefitter

As skilled technicians and tradesmen, Pipefitters often belong to a union. Pipefitters also tend to benefit from good job security and steady hours, including some overtime work. Due to the strenuous nature of the work, most Pipefitters have solid health and insurance benefits. Longtime employees are typically rewarded with a pension plan. If you wish to advance, many employers within this field tend to promote employees showing leadership skills. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Pipefitters can expect to benefit from an average salary of roughly $49,000 annually or about $23 an hour.

Why You Need a Pipefitter Cover Letter

You’ll need a Pipefitter cover letter to set yourself apart from other qualified candidates in this in-demand profession. Since potential employers literally take about 10-15 seconds to review a resume, a cover letter referencing relevant skills and showing some knowledge of the company you wish to work for can definitely catch the eye of a perspective employer. Need some inspiration before starting on your own Pipefitter cover letter? Browse the Pipefitter cover letter samples on MyPerfectResume.


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