Plumber Cover Letter Example + Tips

This free plumber cover letter sample is a great jumping-off point for anyone hoping to get involved in the home maintenance industry. Every letter needs to be tailored to the exact job you want to be offered so that the hiring manager knows you are actively invested in getting the position. Even if it is not explicitly asked for, it can still be helpful to send one in.

Dear Mr. Hughes,

With nine years of experience being a plumber/pipefitter for Anderson Plumbing Inc., I believe I have developed the skillset necessary to succeed in the open position you have listed. I have even completed technical courses at the local community college.

Over the years, I have worked on a wide range of plumbing fixtures from simple residential pipes to intricate commercial systems. I know my way around both a hydro jetter and a mainline machine. At my last job, I even managed to get us a contract with the school district after I demonstrated to the superintendent that we could handle the complex system of pipes.

Another skill I have exemplified over the years is becoming familiar with Spanish. A large population in the city is Spanish-speaking, so I took it upon myself to learn a little about the language so that we could better serve our clientele. It has become so much easier to communicate with customers, and they have been incredibly satisfied.

I can discuss my qualifications further if you would like to set up a meeting in the future. Thank you for your time.

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What to Include in a Plumber Cover Letter

You want to avoid directly saying that this is the perfect job for you because you want the reader to draw that conclusion independently. This free plumber cover letter sample opens with a specific name, which is what you want to do. You never want to open with, “To Whom It May Concern.” Additionally, you want to avoid talking about yourself the entire time, making a ton of business clichés, and describing yourself with meaningless, abstract terms, such as “go-getter.” Finally, try to keep the document to four short paragraphs.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

Many skills are essential for a plumber to succeed in this line of work. Supplement the free plumber cover letter sample above with relevant abilities you actually possess.

● Troubleshooting: Your knowledge of pipes should allow you to diagnose issues accurately.
● Physical strength: You will be moving around a lot during your shifts as well as carrying a lot of heavy items.
● Customer service: Being courteous and polite to customers is essential so that you can get repeat business.
● Mechanical knowledge: Various tools need to be used to repair plumbing fixtures, and you should be comfortable using all of them.
● Business acumen: You may be given certain additional responsibilities, including creating work schedules and making contract bids.


Cover Letter Examples by Industry

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