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Research Assistant Cover Letter Example + Tips

Hiring managers consider many factors before hiring a person they believe is the best individual for the job. One of these factors is the cover letter, so taking the time to really write a great document can pay off big time. This free research assistant cover letter sample should give you an idea of how your own letter needs to be formatted.

Dear Ms. Perkey,

Having just graduated from UCLA with a degree in biochemistry, I believe I have the knowledge and skillset necessary to be your organization’s new research assistant. Much of what I did while studying has assisted me greatly in the field.

I worked with Professor Daniel Huddleston while at UCLA where I assisted him with numerous research projects. This entailed interviewing potential candidates, obtaining consent to conduct the experiment in question, and scheduling visits to meet with participants. Every study is a highly detailed process, and I am capable of completing one from beginning to end.

I also understand that your open position comes with lot of administrative work. While at UCLA, I spent a lot of time inputting data into our database. Sometimes I would need to stay hours after the professor had already left, but it was necessary to ensure nothing got overlooked.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to review my application. If there is anything else you would like to know about my background, feel free to contact me.

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What to Include in a Research Assistant Cover Letter

Never go off on tangents while writing a cover letter. Your focus needs to be on what the company needs out of you and how you would provide it. Avoid making your document sound like a cheesy commercial. While being funny can be acceptable to an extent, stop yourself from going overboard. This free research assistant cover letter sample is very short, and you need to keep yours short as well. Finally, always make sure you thank the hiring manager at the end of the page.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

If you need some ways to lengthen your letter, then take some ideas from the free research assistant cover letter sample above and include some relevant, noteworthy skills. Here are some skills that would be beneficial for a research assistant to possess.

● Analytical skills: You must be capable of reading complex charts and drawing conclusions from the results.
● Verbal and written communication skills: The ability to convey information in laymen’s terms through writing and speech is crucial.
● Independence: The researcher you work for may give you assignments to complete on your own time. You need to be able to do whatever is asked of you efficiently.
● Technical expertise: If you have knowledge of intricate computer systems and software, then that information could be useful to bring up.


Cover Letter Examples by Industry

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