What Supervisors Do

Supervisors are an essential component in pretty much every industry. A supervisor provides guidance to employees, and distributes duties and resolves issues. They ensure tasks are completed efficiently. A supervisor cover letter shows hiring managers a candidate’s strengths leading teams. While the resume is a strong showing of performance, the supervisor cover letter should focus on what makes you an employee focused standout.

Supervisor Cover Letter

A supervisor cover letter is a concrete breakdown of experiences, providing an effective snapshot of capabilities and history that apply to a current desired position. The supervisor cover letter should be relevant to the job you’re applying to, succinctly covering why you’re the right candidate for the slot. While leaving details for the resume, briefly mention a few supervisory tasks in your current spot that relates to the position you’re applying. Use those points to clearly indicate how your current (or last) job makes you perfect for this one.


Supervisors have to deal with all types of personalities and situations. To catch a hiring manager’s eye, they will need a series of qualities that show they interact well and think on their feet. The best supervisors have excellent communication skills. They know when to listen and when to engage. They must be clear and concise in their instructions. They have to delegate and maintain a strong sense of organizational structure so that tasks are completed in the most effective manner. As leaders, they must be adaptable, showing diplomacy, loyalty, and self-discipline. A good supervisor inspires respect, accountability, and leads by example. Formal education is fine but these seeing these personal traits expressed in a supervisor cover letter will give hiring managers a reason to investigate further.


It would be difficult to pin point a supervisor salary. One can find supervisors in delivery, restaurants, warehouses, nursing homes and hospitals, public transportation, hotels, and in many, many more arenas. Each has their own pay scale based on factors like locations, employer, employee, shift, and more.

Sample Supervisor Cover Letter

The supervisor cover letter has to make a few clear points in a few brief paragraphs. Use it to quickly familiarize hiring managers with your potential. It should note excellent communicative skills and how long you’ve been managing employees. It should compel a hiring manager to want to study, not just read the resume. The sample supervisor cover letter below is a great template for creating an organized supervisor resume.

Stage Manager Cover Letter Example