Electrical systems are intricate and complex. A hiring manager seeking to fill the position of supervisor needs someone who can handle the long list of responsibilities. You need to discuss these duties and the skills you possess that will assist you in accomplishing them within your expertly crafted CV. Any uncertainties you have regarding this document should be dismissed after reading this professional electrical supervisor CV example. It should give you an excellent idea of what you need to write for your own CV.


Vincent Marshall

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: email@email.com P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Skilled supervisor with years of experience leading teams to great success. Excelled in reviewing building regulations and codes with team before beginning a project so no mistakes would be made at any step of the process. Experienced in safety protocols, and throughout professional career, never had a single instance of someone on my team getting hurt while on the job. Additional skills in offering reliable, accurate quotes for projects.

  • Strong troubleshooting skills to look at symptoms and reach correct conclusion on the first guess
  • Expert in using a variety of tools, including cable reels, voltage meters, conduit benders, and many others
  • Knowledge of state regulations concerning the construction of new buildings
  • Bilingual in Spanish
  • Keen quality control analysis skills to test a system thoroughly before calling it a day
  • Exceptional instructing skills to show a group of people how to perform a specific task
Work Experience
Electrical Supervisor
May 2013 – Present



  • Plan layouts of new buildings by creating blueprints and digital models.
  • Connect wires within a building using transformers, circuit breakers, and numerous other components.
  • Inspect electrical systems to determine root causes of issues.
  • Direct team members to certain areas so everyone always knows what they are supposed to get done.
  • Oversee the installation of the electrical system in a new office building in downtown Tucson that took two months to finish and resulted in an exceptional profit for the company.

April 2010 – May 2013



  • Offered emergency services to clients and would go out to buildings any time of day to fix a significant problem.
  • Performed various managerial duties such as ordering supplies, preparing reports, and maintaining an effective filing system.
  • Constructed new parts using hand tools such as cable jacket strippers, cable cutters, and wire crimpers.

November 2008 – April 2010




  • Advised management on how to proceed on certain projects, including one instance where my suggestion prevented hours of searching for a false lead.
  • Tested new electrical systems using oscilloscopes and ohmmeters.
  • Dug trenches when new conduits wires needed to be installed around the premises.


Associate in Construction Management


Scottsdale Community College
City, State
Fully licensed and bonded to work in the state of Arizona


Hobbies and Interests

I like hiking around local trails. Some of my favorites in the area include the Yetman Trail and Sweetwater Trail. One of my new favorite hobbies is renting a boat and going kayaking in beautiful rivers around Arizona.



Electrical Supervisor Job Overview and Tips

What Does an Electrical Supervisor Do?

An electrical supervisor is in charge of overseeing the operations of a team to ensure any repair, replacement, or installation work is carried out perfectly. Some of the more basic duties include training new staff members, implementing new procedures to avoid delays, and inspecting electrical systems for clients to suggest any routine maintenance. A supervisor needs to ensure everyone on the premises is in compliance with all safety procedures and is wearing the proper gear. A bid may need to be made to win a client, and the supervisor is the one who needs to assemble the materials necessary to figure out what bid would be ideal. Supervisors also make any necessary adjustments throughout the duration of the project to ensure it comes in under budget. These tasks plus the ones mentioned above in the electrical supervisor CV example all need to be emphasized in your own document.

Tips for Creating a Great Electrical Supervisor CV

You need more than just an average CV. You need a great one, and you can achieve that by following these tips and our CV maker:

  • Make sure your email address is professional sounding. If it is not already, consider making one specifically for your job search.
  • Your CV’s Professional Summary needs to have a “hook” that captures the reader’s attention.
  • Don’t forget to include the name of the position you held and the dates you worked there in the Work Experience section.
  • All of your responsibilities listed under Work Experience should be presented as bullet points.
  • Include the exact degree you earned under the Education section. In the event you hold a college degree, there is no point to include any information from high school.
  •  Do not submit your CV without making sure everything is spelled correctly. Supervisors are often in charge of writing up contracts, so a keen eye for detail is vital in this line of work.

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