If you are intimidated by the process of seeking employment and applying for jobs, prioritize your curriculum vitae. This simple document is designed to give employers everything they need to know about your professional qualifications in one compact package. By creating a strong CV, you can be more confident when you apply for a job. The following application engineer CV example makes it easier for you to get started writing your own. Additionally, writing tips and formatting suggestions are included so you can meet every expectation employers have without worrying.


Albert Hugh

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: email@email.com P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Committed application engineer with eight years of experience working in software development. Expert programmer and familiar with all industry standard programming programs and languages. Experience in quality assurance, bug testing, and all development practices and processes. Strong communicator to facilitate effective coordination and collaboration in the studio. Experience in management and leadership roles, both permanently and during specially assigned projects. A candidate who combines strong organization and administrative skills with excellent programming accomplishments.

  • Extensive software experience and knowledge of its creation and development
  • Excellent design skills, both aesthetic and practical
  • Strong communication, cooperation, and management abilities
  • Critical thinking, decision making, analysis, and attention to small details
  • Organizational and administrative skills
Work Experience
Application Engineer
2016 to present



  • Create core programming for applications in development.
  • Design upcoming applications, including the UI, aesthetics, practicality, function, and programming foundation.
  • Lead special projects, selecting a team and delegating tasks to adhere to requirements and deadlines.
  • Coordinate with other engineers to ensure applications are developed quickly and efficiently.
  • Interact with clients to ensure all requests are filled and all guidelines are followed.
  • Perform maintenance on applications and search for and fix customer-facing bugs.
  • Maintain the highest client satisfaction rate and bug catching rate at 95 percent and 85 percent, respectively.

Application QA
2013 to 2016



  • Performed quality assurance to find areas that need improvement.
  • Tested for bugs and made recommendations for programmers to fix them.
  • Compiled reports of application function and created a list of necessary tasks prior to release.
  • Evaluated application in terms of customer experience, taking all aspects into careful consideration.

2009 to 2013




  • Provided basic programming for applications.
  • Reviewed code to find and eliminate lines that were causing problems.
  • Interacted with clients to ensure they were satisfied, relaying additional requests to engineering team.
  • Assisted engineers in creating and designing applications.


Master of Science in Application Design


University of New York
Bachelor of Science in Programming


University of New York
Hobbies and Interests

In my free time, I enjoy reading programming and technology magazines to stay informed of new techniques, market trends, and developments. I also enjoy volunteering my time with a local charity organization and run daily to stay fit.



Application Engineer Job Overview and Tips

What Does an Application Engineer Do?

Application engineers are software experts who help in any stage of an application’s development. The most common task given to most application engineers is the actual development of the application, including programming, design, and content creation. Engineers may also be brought onto a project after these aspects have been started and perform improving and perfecting tasks instead. Application engineers may serve as testers, marketers, or simply as consultation on certain projects. Because the job requires a wide variety of disciplines and skills, your CV should demonstrate that you have a handle on as many as possible. This application engineer CV example demonstrates what this may look like. Additionally, it is wise to review the job posting closely to get a better idea of what attributes are most important. It is recommended to make changes to your CV for each unique job you apply for.

Tips for Creating a Great Application Engineer CV

These simple writing tips make it easier for you to meet the expectations that employers have for your CV:

  •  Including real metrics and numbers adds some credibility to your CV. In the case of an application engineer CV, you can describe your success rate creating, testing, or designing previous applications.
  • Do focus on your experience section. Make sure that you list your previous jobs in reverse chronological order and only have your current position in present tense rather than past tense. It is also expected for every bullet point to begin with a strong action verb.
  • Do not neglect to manage the length of your CV. Gaps in information or large blocks of intimidating text not only create a bad impression, but they make it longer or shorter than it should be. Aim for one full page.
  • Do spend time reviewing your CV before submitting it. All typographical errors should be found and eliminated in advance, and you should keep an eye out for areas that can be improved.

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