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If you want to land an interview with your dream job, you need to quickly place yourself on top of the proverbial pile by standing out from the crowd. To do this, you need to provide a great first impression with a stellar CV. You can determine if your CV is up to par by reviewing a mechanical engineer CV example, like the one found below. Our guide can help you know which information to include, the formatting requirements, and how to place categories for maximum effect. Use our example and tips to create the ultimate CV and job application.


F.William Darcy

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: email@email.com P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Dedicated mechanical engineer with more than 12 years of experience in project management, design, development, and quality assurance. Expert in CAD operation, and skilled producer of documentation and drawings associated with mechanical engineering. Recognized for a keen ability to improve design components, increase product and manufacturing efficiency, and decrease the constant need for re-engineering.

  • Software technical proficiencies include AutoCAD, Mathcad, Autodesk, LabVIEW, Rhino, Mathematica, MATLAB, MS Projects, and MS Office Suite.
  • Research and design proficiencies include Finite Element Analysis, Project/Quantification Planning, ISO & Safety Compliance, Statistical/Process Analysis, On-and Off-line Test Development, Manufacturing specifications, and Design & Validation.
  • Active listening and critical thinking skills for determining clients’ needs and implementing plans to make them a reality.
  • Excels in teamwork environments where engineers come together to gather information, problem solve, and implement a strategy.
  • Affinity for identifying the underlying principles affecting situations, which leads to less time brainstorming and more time actively building workable solutions.
Work Experience
Mechanical Engineer
May 2012 – present


  • Actively engage in and oversee all phases of product development, including conceptualization, creating models, developing designs, creating prototypes, performing tests, and producing the new product.
  • Expert in applied research, simulation, new content development, and validation.
  • Leads team with strong communication and presentation skills and the ability to coordinate with staff, management, and vendors to achieve maximum results.
  • Collaborate with engineers and developers to create and operationalize cutting-edge alternative power plant concepts with automotive applications.
  • Develop additional tooling techniques and concepts to increase production effectiveness.

Associate Mechanical Engineer
July 2008 – May 2012


  • Acted as technical support during the preparation and coordination of design used in industrial projects.
  • Completed and distributed documentation records with status reports, material requirement calculations, punch lists, and hydraulic calculations. All information shared with appropriate team members and supervisors.
  • Excelled in identifying stress points during stress analysis of piping systems, and worked with designers to choose appropriate support locations and supports.

Junior Mechanical Engineer
January 2005 – July 2008



  • Collaborated with other mechanical engineers and industrial designers to create and test product prototypes.
  • Developed drawing packages for assembly following fabrication.
  • Designed and modeled functions using pre-defined parameters and specifications on specialty machines.


Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering
May 2008


Brigham Young University
City, State
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
December 2004


University of Nevada Las Vegas
City, State
Hobbies and Interests

My free time is occupied largely with reading classic literature and biographies. When my nose isn’t in a book or in the shop at work, I can usually be found curled on the couch watching some of my favorite television programs with my wife. I also enjoy gardening and permaculture, golf, and board games.


Mechanical Engineer Job Overview and Tips

What Does a Mechanical Engineer Do?

Mechanical engineers are responsible for taking products from conceptualization to the marketplace with as little economic and material waste as possible. They are often tasked with planning and designing machines, engines, tools, and other mechanically important equipment. They must also ensure that their products are used properly and functioning well in their designed environment. They may work in offices or on worksites to help them achieve their goals. Mechanical engineering is both highly technical and creative, so your CV should include passages that highlight both these quality features. You can learn more about what to include in your CV from our mechanical engineer CV example.

Tips for Creating a Great Mechanical Engineer CV

When you are creating your own mechanical engineer CV, keep the following tips in mind to help your CV really stand out from the crowd:

  • Because the projects mechanical engineers engage in are so diverse, include some specific information about some of the most representative jobs you have completed while in each position.
  • When formatting your CV, reverse chronological combination should always be used to place the most relevant skills and information at the top of the CV. Functional formatting should only be used for jobseekers with repetitive job descriptions, career changes, and recent graduates without work experience.
  • Do not include any information on your CV which could be deemed controversial. This could include race, religion, or sexual orientation. Because these are protected classes, it places hiring managers in a difficult position they do not need to experience.

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