One of the first steps in any job search is getting your application materials together, such as a cover letter and strong CV. If you aren’t sure what information is best to include in your CV or how to format it properly, take a look at our mechanical maintenance engineer CV example. You’ll see how to write an attractive Professional Summary and comprehensive Work History and Skills sections. Along with the CV example, there are several writing tips to help you fine-tune your own curriculum vitae for maximum impact.


Richard Bennett

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Licensed mechanical maintenance engineer with extensive practical experience working with diverse systems and equipment. Solid professional knowledge base built upon formal education and on-the-job training from master maintenance engineers. Creative problem-solving skills and decisiveness to develop effective repair solutions autonomously, reducing man-hours and improving efficiency. Confidence and friendly manner and ability to communicate well with customers and other technicians. Dedicated to high quality of work and customer satisfaction.

  • Excellent work ethic and time management skills to complete jobs efficiently with minimal oversight.
  • Strong critical thinking ability to assess and diagnose issues and create effective repair solutions.
  • Flexibility to work non-traditional hours when required.
  • Maintain active and current professional knowledge base by reading trade publications and networking with colleagues.
  • Proficient with Autodesk AutoCAD, SAP, CMMS, and Microsoft Office.
Work Experience
Mechanical Maintenance Engineer


  • Install new equipment according to customer requirements, and perform initial testing and optimization procedures to ensure correct and efficient operation.
  • Disassemble malfunctioning equipment when necessary to locate broken parts, and complete repairs using specialized tools.
  • Manage whole-building mechanical systems, including completing routine maintenance, performing efficiency tests, repairing broken machines, and recommending upgrades when necessary.
  • Coordinate with other equipment technicians to improve integration of multiple systems within large buildings.
  • Assist with apprenticeship program by mentoring new technicians and providing constructive feedback to improve quality of work.

Equipment Engineering Technician


  • Responded to customer repair requests for individual machines and entire building systems in a timely manner.
  • Tested malfunctioning equipment using diagnostic tools to isolate problem areas and create repair plan.
  • Completed repairs, upgrades, and routine maintenance procedures according to customer needs and standard maintenance schedules.
  • Earned excellent feedback from customers including high marks for efficient work and courteous manner.

Apprentice Maintenance Mechanic



  • Assisted senior mechanics and technicians in repairing, testing, and updating mechanical and plumbing equipment as needed.
  • Participated in intensive on-the-job training program, including reading technical manuals, studying schematics, and completing installations and repairs under supervision.
  • Helped conduct thorough inventory of company equipment and record losses and acquisitions as necessary.
  • Graduated training program one month early and scored in top 5 percent on final exam.


Mechanical Maintenance Engineer License


State of Colorado
Mechanical Maintenance Engineering Apprenticeship


Kearney & Sons
City, State
Hobbies and Interests

Restore classic cars and attend annual automotive shows around the state. Volunteer at local high school, helping teach vocational school preparation courses. Enjoy mountain biking and snowboarding.


Mechanical Maintenance Engineer Job Overview and Tips

What Does a Mechanical Maintenance Engineer Do?

A mechanical maintenance engineer generally works with several different types of machines and equipment and may be responsible for installing, repairing, maintaining, and upgrading items according to operational requirements. In many cases, technical expertise is the most important aspect of the job, so it should be the primary focus of your CV. You may be required to work with a wide variety of tools and incorporate new technology throughout your career, so quick learning ability is essential as well. As you can see in the mechanical maintenance engineer CV example, your Education section should include relevant on-the-job training as well as formal degrees. Employers may expect you to work autonomously and perform your tasks correctly without immediate supervision, so include self-motivation, time management, decision making, and similar skills in your CV as well.

Tips for Creating a Great Mechanical Maintenance Engineer CV

Use these tips to improve the writing in your CV and increase your chances of catching a recruiter’s attention.

  • Market yourself and your unique qualifications in the Professional Summary. Use keywords from the job description to discuss your career achievements and include examples of positive results.
  • Start each point in strong action word rather than the phrase responsible for or an adverb. Good word choices for a mechanical maintenance engineer include repaired, inspected, operated, and tested.
  •  Add personality to your CV by including a brief Hobbies and Interests section. Avoid mentioning topics that could be controversial, such as religious and political affiliations.
  • Make sure your CV is easy to read by choosing a standard font at least 10pt in size and formatting for A4 paper. Convert your final copy to a PDF and make sure page breaks don’t leave single lines of text at the top or bottom of the page.

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