Writing a curriculum vitae and attaching it to your application for a mechatronics engineer position is an essential part of pursuing the job you want and proving your qualifications. If you are wondering how to craft your CV, though, you are certainly not alone. Even the most experienced of professionals can benefit from a review of the conventions of a CV. Luckily, our mechatronics engineer CV example offers some helpful guidelines for understanding the conventions and content that should be included in your CV. Review it and the additional tips contained below for some inspiration in crafting a stellar CV.

Irina Kieslowski

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: email@email.com P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Professional mechatronics engineer with over five years of experience. Skilled in development of alignment procedures and electromechanical design initiatives. Prior experience supervising precision assembly processes and leading team in project completion. Successfully spearheaded engineering project with accelerated deadline of two months and limited budget of $400,000 and won clients’ repeat business. Highly skilled in both leading and working on designated teams dedicated to various mechatronic product development, engineering, and production initiatives.

  • Adept at innovatively solving problems
  • Thrive in high pressure situations
  • Excellent critical thinking skills
  • Superior written and spoken communications skills
  • Ability to work individually or in a group
Work Experience
Mechatronics Engineer
March 2016-Present



  • Analyze issues with equipment and develop solutions as well as continual improvements that can prevent malfunction in the future.
  • Design and plan new products by drafting mechanical functions and proposing strategic processes for production.
  • Implement company principles in engineering and production by maintaining corporate standards through design.

Mechanical Project Supervisor
January 2014-March 2016



  • Oversaw development of company’s mechanical products and identified strategies for improvement and production.
  • Partnered with team members to create innovative and effective mechanical project with real applications and appeal to clients.
  • Delegated tasks such as quality control, production scheduling, and automation control throughout project timeline.

Electrical Engineer
January 2012-January 2014




  • Developed and applied electronic technologies to create complex items such as sensors, alarms, and tracking systems.
  • Worked with the rest of the engineering staff to continually improve and innovate existing and new electrical items.
  • Responded to industry trends and client demands in conceptualizing new electrical applications that serve common needs.


Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering


University of Kansas
Master of Science in Electrical Engineering


University of Middle Arkansas
Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy applying my mechanical and electrical abilities to projects outside of work. This manifests in several hobbies, including amateur robot building and remote control building. The latter of these offers the opportunity to enter races and competitions where I enter my RC aircraft or cars and compete for prizes. I have been successful in several contests, but more importantly, I enjoy creating gadgets with my knowledge of mechanics. In addition to these hobbies, I regularly volunteer at the local animal shelter and offer general assistance with their daily operations. This includes caring for animals, contacting potential adoption candidates, and communicating with facility management.


Questions for Your Mechatronics Engineer CV

 How do you write an objective statement for a mechatronics engineer CV?

The opening paragraph of your CV can be an objective statement, a personal statement, or a professional statement. The distinction is simply what you choose to discuss to catch the reader’s attention. You can see that our mechatronics engineer CV sample uses a professional statement.Your CV is different from a resume in a number of ways, including the length of your opening statement. In a resume, it should be about three sentences, but in a CV, it should be a little bit longer. The sample professional statement is five sentences, which strikes a good balance between dense and accessible. This paragraph is also your chance to stand out, so include information that no other candidate can.

 How do you write the experience section of your mechatronics engineer CV?

The experience section of your CV is essentially the same as in any resume. List your previous jobs beginning with the most recent and going backward. Write in past tense, but use present tense for your current position.Include about three of your key responsibilities for each position. You can vary this amount slightly depending on how important each position is. Make sure you use a strong action verb for the first word of every bullet point. Remember that this portion is the most important in the document, so focus on making the section long and dense with strong information.

 How do you list schools in a mechatronics engineer CV?

The key to creating a strong education section is simplicity. Under normal circumstances, you should just list your schools, degree names, and dates of graduation or projected completion. This is the approach our mechatronics engineer CV sample takes. If you have more academic experience than working experience, however, you can expand on your education section and treat it as if it was your experience section.

 How do you describe achievements on your mechatronics engineer CV?

There are two ways you can include achievements on your mechatronics engineer CV. This kind of document is far more flexible than a resume. Many jobseekers choose to have an achievements section in their CV, and this is a perfectly acceptable and common solution.Alternatively, feel free to describe achievements in the experience section. You can simply list what happened, your actions, and the result under whichever position you held at the time. Doing so adds a great sense of credibility to your CV. Use our step-by-step CV builder to make the process of creating the achievements information simpler.

 What format should your mechatronics engineer CV be in?

While the file format of your CV is a question you must ask yourself, do not stress out about it too much. Occasionally, recruiters request a particular file format on the job description, but many employers have no preference about the type of file. This is actually a minor aspect of the document. You should primarily focus on improving the content of your CV, using our mechatronics engineer CV sample as a guide.

Mechatronics Engineer CV Must-Haves

What Does a Mechatronics Engineer Do?

A mechatronics engineer is tasked with a variety of engineering tasks, but as the name suggests, the position primarily entails a combination of mechanical and electronic work. You can expect to design, test, improve, and produce various items for a range of applications with your engineering expertise. In addition to initial design and fabrication responsibilities, the position may entail overseeing quality control and communicating with clients and senior staff to optimize the products that are created and tailor them to the eventual market.

A mechatronics engineer is tasked with a variety of engineering tasks, but as the name suggests, the position primarily entails a combination of mechanical and electronic work.

You will work with interface electronics, mechanical applications, and circuits, and with these tools, you will engineer innovative products. If you want to know how to convey your qualification for these tasks, you can review our mechatronics engineer CV example as well as the tips we have included to help you get started.

Tips for Creating a Great Mechatronics Engineer CV

You can create an incredible CV by highlighting your experience and demonstrating that you are qualified for the job. The example provided above offers a good idea of how to accomplish this, but the following tips are helpful, too:

  • Do outline knowledge of various engineering applications, including mechanical and electronic functionalities.
  • Don’t neglect to identify specific accomplishments rather than simply listing your prior work experience and responsibilities.
  • Do quantify your success by providing a context and details regarding the specific nature of the work you were responsible for.
  • Don’t include information about tangentially related skills or experiences that do not explicitly demonstrate your qualification for the position you are seeking.
  • Do maintain a simple format and design scheme throughout the text of your CV so that the focus is on your qualifications.
  • Don’t be verbose in describing prior experience when you can simply explain your accomplishments succinctly and effectively.

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