Marine Surveyor CV Example


Your curriculum vitae is basically your calling card in the job hunt. It shows a hiring manager what experiences you have already gained and what skills you have acquired that make you a solid candidate for the open position. Understanding what an applicant can do is particularly important when it comes to professions that require specialized talents, such as marine surveyor. Luckily for you, a marine surveyor CV example is provided below to show you what goes into a great curriculum vitae. Learn even more from the tips that follow the example.

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Sally Holbrook

8368 Vine Avenue, Seattle, WA 11111

E: T: 555-378-2638

Professional Summary

Marine surveyor who has worked on over a dozen commercial vessels over the years. Proficient in inspecting ships and determining what repairs are necessary to make it seaworthy again. Exceptional leadership skills to lead a crew and ensure things are always progressing. Excellent communicator to make it clear to every team member what needs to be done and what tools are required to accomplish those tasks. Proactive personality to always check to make sure every part of a vessel is ready before a launch.

  • -Strong eye for detail to determine if a certain component of a vessel could be made even better. -Knowledge of mechanical operations, including knowing how to use, repair, and maintain equipment. -Quality control analyses capabilities to thoroughly test a ship to ensure it will continue to run for decades. -Familiarity with CAD software, including ShipConstructor. -Thorough understanding of safety protocols that need to be met when people are on the job.
Work Experience
Marine Surveyor
April 2012 – Present

  • Work with a variety of clients to repair damaged vessels, and over the course of employment repaired 12 ships that were then capable of going out to sea.
  • Generate reports to submit to employer that details what is wrong with a ship and how much needs to be spent to repair it.
  • Attend test runs of repaired vessels and create progress reports for how they hold up.
  • Approve vessels for going on voyages once again.
  • Conduct environment tests to ensure ships are fuel efficient and study their overall impact on the local ecosystem.

Marine Engineer
July 2009 – April 2012

  • Scheduled routine vessel checkups to see if anything needed to be repaired or replaced.

  • Created proposals for projects that entailed establishing bids.

  • Collaborated with other engineers to determine if design modifications needed to be made to a vessel.

  • Procured materials and equipment that was necessary in fixing ships.

Marine Architect
June 2004 – July 2009

  • Oversaw the construction of new ships, submarines, and barges.
  • Conducted tests on new ships to determine their stability.
  • Designed layouts of new ships to ensure ship could handle the maximum occupancy required.
  • Tested hulls to ensure durability and resilience.

Bachelor’s Degree in Marine Engineering

Gonzaga University
Spokane WA
Fully accredited under the Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors

Hobbies and Interests

I like remaining active even when I am not on the job site. I enjoy taking my own boat out on the open sea during my weekends. I have also recently begun learning how to surf, which has been a new but enriching experience so far.

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Marine Surveyor CV Must-Haves

What Does a Marine Surveyor Do?

Marine surveyors oversee the construction or repair of sea vessels. This involves leading a team to ensure everyone remains on task and that a project is completed in the time initially specified. This also entails ensuring a vessel meets all regulations, both national and international, concerning sea vessels. Surveyors are also expected to prepare design specifications, maintain records of all repair jobs performed, acquire materials needed to complete a job, and resolve issues that come up during the project. Marine surveyors generally act as the liaison between the company they work for and the owner of the ship. A surveyor may also need to be the one who provides the estimate before work begins. Surveyors need to do a lot to ensure vessel owners are satisfied, so highlight everything that makes you a viable candidate just like the marine surveyor CV example does.

Tips for Creating a Great Marine Surveyor CV

Remember these tips the next time you have a curriculum vitae to work on:

– Make sure each section comes in the order given in the above example: Summary, Professional Experience, Education, Skillset, and Hobbies.
– The Professional Summary only needs to be between four and six lines, but it needs to contain the most important skills and personality traits you have that make you best qualified for the job.
– Within the Work Experience section, mention specific ships you have worked on in the past if you are able to.
– Additionally, you should include any leadership experience, because marine surveyors typically have to be in charge of a group.
– Under Skills, you need to add some mention of your digital competence.