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Your curriculum vitae is basically your calling card in the job hunt. It shows a hiring manager what experiences you have already gained and what skills you have acquired that make you a solid candidate for the open position. Understanding what an applicant can do is particularly important when it comes to professions that require specialized talents, such as marine surveyor. Luckily for you, a marine surveyor CV example is provided below to show you what goes into a great curriculum vitae. Learn even more from the tips that follow the example.
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Amanda Nicholson

162 Burke Street, Boston, MA 11111

E: T: 555-423-7105

Professional Summary

Creative and capable marketing research analyst with more than 16 years of impressive results in the field. Intuitive ability to use information to predict accurate marketing forecast data. Able to provide information to companies to allow them to focus their sales and increase their customer reach. Strong background in marketing research methods, data collection, and demographics studies. Passion for the industry and constantly striving to learn more about promotions and business best practices.

    -Top-notch computer research skills and experience working with Minitab, SAS, SPSS, Stata, Google Analytics, and Oracle Darwin. -Strong knowledge of marketing, advertising, promotions, and public relations techniques and practices. -Capable critical thinker and able to solve tough problems by going through a logical thinking process and weighing all of the potential paths to success. -Demonstrated communication skills when writing reports, corresponding to others, or speaking in public about projects. -Incredible analysis skills when looking at data, spotting trends, and figuring out what it all means for the company’s interests.
Work Experience
Market Research Analyst
November 2015 – present

  • Create marketing research polls, data collection techniques, and consumer surveys, with feedback resulting in company changes that improved customer satisfaction 49 percent.
  • Predict sales and demographic marketing data based on forecasting tools and information from consumer research.
  • Determine the usefulness of marketing techniques and advertising campaigns by measuring attitudes and opinions of potential consumers.

Market Research Analyst
May 2007 – November 2015

  • Designed a widespread general populace opinion poll that helped fine tune a major national advertising campaign’s success.

  • Improved marketing research methods knowledge by regularly attending regional and national industry events and conferences.

  • Reported data collection information from marketing research, and summarized findings in detail to upper management.

Market Research Analyst
March 2001 – May 2007

  • Conducted a study about potential consumer buying habits to refocus a marketing plan, which resulted in a 57 percent sales increase.
  • Researched information to determine the specific position of the company among all of the competitors.
  • Developed an employee satisfaction and attitudes survey to discover staff concerns and help the company make the necessary changes.

Master of Science in Marketing

Boston College
Boston Massachusetts
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

University of Rhode Island
Providence Rhode Island
Hobbies and Interests

Besides being a successful marketing professional, I have also found success in my hobby as a comic book illustrator. I have been writing and illustrating comic books since I was in middle school. When I was in college, I first started submitting my comic book manuscripts to publishers, and I finally got published during my junior year. To date, I have created four different types of comic book series with hundreds of issues each. My comics focus on strong female characters who use their brains to solve problems.

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Market Research Analyst CV Must-Haves

What Does a Market Research Analyst Do?

Market research analysts work with companies to help determine the direction of a marketing, advertising, or promotions plan. As you can see in the market research analyst CV example, working in this field requires strong research skills. People in this role work to find information about potential customers to help boost the sales of a product. They may design or create different types of data-measuring tools to determine how the population feels about a product or the message in an advertisement or promotion. Then, market research analysts report this information to their supervisors to help the company make strategic decisions to be in a better position above the competition.

Tips for Creating a Great Market Research Analyst CV

Making your CV better than others going for the same job can help you land more interviews and potential job offers. Here are some ideas you could use to help improve your CV’s quality:

-Use parallel structure throughout your listing of work experiences by starting each job duty and accomplishment with a verb in the past or present tense.
-Start with your current job in your work history and go backward when you list the rest of your professional experience.
-Explain how some of your market research decisions have led to accurate forecasting about your company or the industry.
-List some of the computer technology programs you are familiar with when developing market research programs.
-Provide evidence of your ability to research and analyze data by giving examples of the ways the data has helped your previous employers.


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