Animal Care Worker Resume Example

Nilda Melissa Diaz, CPRW
By Nilda Melissa Diaz, CPRW, Career Advice Expert Last Updated: March 13, 2023
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Animal Care Worker Resume Example


Animal Care Worker Resume Questions

1. How many skills should you put on an animal care worker resume?

While there is no limit to the number of skills you can illuminate on your resume, there are rules for how and where you should list those qualifications. Use the qualifications section to draw attention to no more than six to eight skills that the employer values most. You can get an idea of what these are by referring to the job description. This is also a great way to optimize your resume for an ATS, or Application Tracking System. An ATS scans resumes and applications for relevant keywords, and to screen candidates.

If you possess other skill sets that you believe are valuable to the position at hand, discuss those in your experience summary. Talk about them in forms of achievements, that way, you can give potential employers an idea of how capabilities they may not have considered can contribute to their bottom line. Use this animal care worker resume sample as an example of how to list your skills.

2. How do you highlight soft skills on an animal care worker resume?

When discussing soft skills, do so in the form of accomplishments. Anyone can say that they’re “compassionate and caring,” but can they show it? Create a visual for hiring managers by spinning standard soft-skill phrases into stories of accomplishments. For instance, instead of saying that you’re passionate about animals, discuss how your passion led you to form a successful animal advocacy group that raised X amount of dollars for homeless animals.

3. How should you structure your animal care worker resume?

Every employer claims to look for one-of-a-kind individuals, but that does not mean that they want to see one-of-a-kind resumes. Stick with the standard submission format like the one used in this animal care worker resume sample. Put a header at the top, followed by a brief professional summary, followed by a qualifications section. Include your work history in either chronological or functional order. Close with a list of any relevant education, training, and certifications. This format may be simple and boring, but it works.

4. What can you do to make your animal care worker resume stand out?

Though you don’t want to get creative with your format, it is possible to create a document that stands out. Use industry keywords and lingo where appropriate. Don’t overdo it, or you’ll come off as phony. Tailor your resume to the job for which you want to apply. Back up your skills with examples, as discussed in point two. Finally, proofread. Errors will make you stand out, but in a bad way. An error-free resume, however, is sure to impress hiring managers, who undoubtedly see their fair share of spelling and grammar faux-pas.

5. How long should an animal care worker resume be?

The length of your resume is dependent on the years of professional experience you have. A good rule of thumb to follow is one page for 10 years or fewer of experience, two pages for professionals with any more than that. Though a person with 25 to 30 years of professional experience can get away with using three pages, it is not recommended. Use the resume builder to create the perfect document and for industry-specific text examples, or refer to the animal care worker resume sample for guidance.

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Resume Text


John Smith 123 Fake Street

City, State, Zip Code

Cell: 000-000-0000




Animal Care Worker who has experience providing support services for animals in a range of settings. Capable of feeding, watering and bathing animals and exercising both large and small animals. Specialize in checking animals for signs of illnesses, training pets and providing help with unique diets.




  • Passionate advocate for animals
  • Detail oriented
  • Time management
  • Multitasker
  • Independent
  • Physical strength




Work Experience

January 2010 to January 2014 New Cityland Zoo – City, State Animal Care Worker

  • Assisted in the cleaning and maintaining of habitats designed for larger animals and smaller animals
  • Created new dietary plans and programs for the animals and monitored feeding patterns to determine the best foods October 2007 to January 2010 New Cityland Animal Hospita – City, State Animal Care Worker
  • Implemented a new program that assisted pet owners with choosing services for their pets
  • Provided non
    • crucial medical care for animals outside of regular working hours
  • Kept animals feeling comfortable during regular appointments March 2004 to September 2007 New Cityland Animal Rescue – City, State Animal Care Worker
  • Cleaned cages, provided exercise and fed several hundred animals
  • Screened potential adopters and found homes for more than 100 animals
  • Provided transportation of rescued dogs and cats to local veterinarians and back to the shelter


    2004 Company Name, City, State High school diploma