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Graphic and web designers work with visuals and infographics in a variety of media, including books, magazines, catalogs, newspapers, presentations, logos, apparel design, reports, clip-arts, marketing materials, visual identity products like business cards and letterheads, and more

Our resume examples and tips will help you create an ideal resume for a graphic or web design role, and identify the steps you need to take to advance in your career.

Top graphic & web design resume examples




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How to craft your resume for a graphic & web design career

Career Track: Web Design

Web design involves everything from coding web pages to gathering information, designing graphics and collaborating with clients to discuss design requirements. Positions in this career track include web designer, PHP web developer, UX designer, product manager and product design manager. Prospects in this profession are strong, with expected job growth of 24% by 2028.

Web Designer $52,691 Median Salary

Resume Format

Functional Resume

Web designer positions require great emphasis on skills, which makes the functional format an ideal choice for your resume. Make sure your skills section matches up with the employer’s requirements. Inspect the job posting carefully to find qualifications you should include, such as being well-versed in integrating multimedia with website designs.

Summary statement tip

Highlight your top relevant skills. For example: “Detail-oriented web designer with a good working knowledge of HTML, CSS, web analytics and SEO practices.” Add an accomplishment or milestone you’ve achieved through study or extracurricular/freelance work. For example: “Recognized as top graphic designer in college class of 35 specialists.”

Skills to feature

Break down your skills into subcategories: technical skills such as knowledge of JavaScript, proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite, or knowledge of content marketing processes, and soft skills such as a creative approach to design, superior communication and excellent presentation skills.

Get to the next level

To widen your horizons, work on gaining experience in the following, adding new achievements to your resume:

  • Certifications in user interface-friendly designs
  • Assuming roles involving a higher level of responsibility and leadership
  • Honing your skills with Adobe Creative Suite, Illustrator and wireframing

UX Designer $85,277 Median Salary

Resume Format

Combination Resume

A combination format offers a good mix of hands-on work experience, achievements and skills to create a well-rounded picture of your abilities, and how you’ve used them.

Summary statement tip

In three or four sentences, describe yourself in terms of your most important technical and soft skills such as “exceptional research skills,” or “knowledge of user interface design.” For example: “Dynamic UX designer with an exceptional working understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.”

Skills to feature

Refer to the job description of the position you are applying for and determine the skills the employer needs, such as “wireframing and prototyping,” “UX writing,” “coding, HTML and CSS,” and “web analytics.” Match these skills with as many of your own as possible, and include them here, along with any associated soft skills such as “expert verbal and written communication” or “exceptional collaboration skills.”

Get to the next level

To advance further in your career as a UX designer, improve your management and leadership skills by focusing on the following:

  • Taking the initiative to manage more projects, and take on more assignments that require leadership
  • Managing and mentoring new designers, and guiding them to success
  • Establishing strong working relations with clients, and completing major projects through collaboration

Product Design Manager $101,477 Median Salary

Resume Format

Chronological Resume

For this senior-level position, use the chronological format, which highlights your lengthy work experience. Focus on your achievements in previous organizations, e.g., “Headed successful project design projects for XYZ client, generating a revenue of $9 million.”

Summary statement tip

Highlight your overall work experience, combined with your top skills. For example: “High-achieving product design manager with over 13 years of experience with several corporate firms. Adept at UX design and providing cost-effecting, articulating design solutions.”

Skills to feature

Include a mix of intangible and technical skills, such as “UX design and prototyping,” “proficiency in Smartsheet,” “organizational and management abilities,” “familiarity with Invision, Adobe, Sketch and Figma,” “strong presentation skills,” and “keen eye for detail.”

Get to the next level

Add to your resume by accumulating more experience in the following:

  • Focus on getting involved with projects that require more leadership.
  • Take on projects that result in increased company revenue.
  • Continue training in areas of specialization, such as user experience research.

Career Track: Art Direction

From illustration to graphic design, and from artists to creative directors, art direction is focused on developing visual styles for websites, magazines, advertisement firms, product packaging and multimedia productions. Jobs in this profession are only expected to grow by 1% by 2028 according to BLS research statistics, so be sure to take advantage of these tips to stand out from the crowd.

Graphic Artist $45,060 Median Salary

Resume Format

Functional Resume

Use a functional format for this position, keep your skills at the forefront, along with any awards or recognitions you’ve received. Be sure to also mention any additional training you’ve had, such as certification in Adobe Creative Suite.

Skills to feature

Make sure your resume has both technical and intangible skills. Feature soft skills that show creativity and your ability to work effectively, such as, “excellent collaborative skills,” “creative outlook,” “calm and focused demeanor,” and “enthusiastic and proactive.” Technical skills can include proficiency in software programs such as Lightroom, and MS Office.

Get to the next level:

Focus on improving your management and leadership skills to ready yourself for a position like art director or creative director. Work on adding the following qualifications to your resume:

  • Emphasize on roles that you played that were outside your assigned job responsibilities such as heading a small team.
  • Taking on roles with more responsibilities, such as client management.
  • Continue to hone your imaging and coding skills, and train employees.
  • Score additional qualifications/certifications related to the field, e.g., a certification in web design.

Art Director $66,919 Median Salary

Resume Format

Combination Resume

For an intermediate level position like art director, go for a combination resume, which features robust skills and work experience sections. Highlight the most relevant achievements from your previous jobs and skills that best fit the job description.

Skills to feature

List technical skills that the employer is looking for. For example, proficiency in 2D and 3D imaging is a must if you’re applying to an art director position that utilizes CG. Don’t forget to include important intangible skills such as team management and leadership, problem-solving ability and efficiency at meeting deadlines.

Get to the next level

To move up to a senior art director or creative director position, gain the following experiences, and add them to your resume:

  • More collaborations with senior art directors or creative directors on production and project processes
  • More direct collaboration and management of stakeholders and clients that leads to successful results.
  • Find ways to contribute to the company bottom line, or finding more clients.

Creative Director$88,682 Median Salary

Resume Format

Chronological Resume

For this senior position, use a chronological format that brings attention to your extensive work history. Line up your work experience in a reverse-chronological format starting from your most recent position, and show how you’ve used your technical and intangible skills through your work experience.

Skills to feature

Include technical skills such as an understanding of design concepts and facility with graphics software, as well as key soft skills such as managing presentations, problem-solving abilities, and team management and mentorship.

Get to the next level:

Continue to ramp up your responsibilities and enhance your resume:

  • Take part not only in creative projects, but in overall business planning and decisions.
  • Look to nominate your team’s work for industry awards and recognitions.
  • Acquire a degree or certification in business management, leadership skills or marketing strategies.
  • Assume roles that require a more diverse range of responsibilities.

Recommended graphic & web design resume templates


This layout features a blend of colors and a dual-column design, making for a clean, professional look.


This template layers each section horizontally, topped with a shaded header which adds an extra touch of freshness.


This unique design uses contrasting colors for section headers and jobs titles, with a “connect the dots” design denoting each section.

Graphic & web design resume FAQ

How do you format your resume based on your career level?

To figure out the right format for your resume, follow these guidelines:

Functional resume: Entry-level and first-time job seekers should use this format. As you can see from our examples, the layout focuses on your skills, rather than your work experiences.

Combination resume: A combination format resume is ideal if you have a few years of relevant work experience, or have skills from other industries you can apply to a graphic/web design job.  This format offers a blend of your professional skills, technical skills and work experience.

Chronological resume: Senior-level positions favor applicants with plenty of experience, which is what this format showcases. The focus is on a detailed account of previous jobs, especially accomplishments that show you have the stuff to excel in your new position, while still making room to include some crucial skills and education credentials.

What are some qualities and skills to include in your graphic design resume?

Some important skills to feature in your resume include:

Technical skills:Soft skills:
Photo editing skillsAbility to handle multiple projects and work under pressure
Presentation skillsEfficient and timely in completing tasks
Exceptional knowledge of coding and programmingA keen eye for detail
Fluent in C++, JavaScript, CSS and other computer languagesExcellent communication skills
Infographic designFamiliarity with design processes and rules
Proficiency in computer languagesLeadership and team management
Familiarity with image software like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator
Turning complex data into easy-to-understand visuals
Knowledge of typography
Technical skills:
Photo editing skills
Presentation skills
Exceptional knowledge of coding and programming
Fluent in C++, JavaScript, CSS and other computer languages
Infographic design
Proficiency in computer languages
Familiarity with image software like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator
Turning complex data into easy-to-understand visuals
Knowledge of typography
Soft Skills:
Ability to handle multiple projects and work under pressure
Efficient and timely in completing tasks
A keen eye for detail
Excellent communication skills
Familiarity with design processes and rules
Leadership and team management

What are some useful certifications and training for graphic and web design jobs?

Generally, a degree in web or graphic design is the minimum requirement for nabbing an entry-level job in this field. Additional certificates and diplomas can also help you enhance your design and coding skills, and further develop your resume. Many schools offer courses and certificate programs to help you acquire specialized knowledge, such as the following:

  • Professional 2D Game Graphic Design in Photoshop
  • Photoshop for entrepreneurs
  • Adobe Illustrator: Mastering the Fundamentals
  • Illustrator CC Masterclass
  • Canva Graphic Design for Entrepreneurs
  • GIMP Beginner: Advanced Photoshop
  • Graphic Design Certification
  • A certificate program in Graphics and Multimedia
  • Certificate Program – 3D Basics
  • Certificate in Motion Design
  • Certification in HTML Emails
  • Web Page Design Certificate
  • Certificate in JavaScript Jumpstart
  • Certificate in CSS
  • WordPress
  • Business management graduate’s degree
  • Certificate training in customer service